Five Senses. 

Dou you know Abby? You should! She takes the bestest pictures. I need to buy one (or two, or three) of her lovely photo prints real soon, if only I could decide which one I want. However, she does something called "Five Senses Friday" on her blog, here she explains where it came from. I love the idea and thought I´d play along. So here goes!

Seeing: A different kind of light.

Hearing: The wind howling around the house (it´s been stormy lately).

Tasting: A defrosted apple pie I baked back in summer.

Touching: My new summer dresses whenever I see them in the closet.

Smelling: The first earthy, springy smells in the garden.


Thinking of Summer.

It looks like I will have some time off this summer. Some time meaning some months. No work, all play. I´ll write in details about this soon, it´s just that all my plans have been shattered lately and I´m very careful now about sharing anything until it´s set in stone.

However, if I happen to have some time off this summer I would really really like this (surprise). I want to do a lot of things, like truly enjoying the summer in Vienna. It is a beautiful city in summer. I´m going to to pretend I´m a tourist and explore the city again. There´s so much I still haven´t done in the four years we´ve been living here. I think I´m going to make a list. Yep, that sounds good. I´m a big fan of lists.

Besides that, I want to travel a bit. Actually I would love to travel a lot, but it´s not in the budget. We´re going to do a camping trip to Croatia and Slovenia in June, and lately I´ve been thinking about going somewhere on my own for a few weeks. Like England for example, I´ve only been to London so far and I´d really like to explore the countryside. Or Scandinavia, I´d love to see Norway. I´ve never travelled alone so this would be a good experience I think.

What would you do if you had some time off in summer?

(The pictures show my favorite public outdoor pool in Vienna, the "Neuwaldegger Bad".)


Garden Inspiration. 

This summer I really want to transform my outdoor living spaces into some magical places. I´m thinking many many lanterns and beautiful colorful fabrics so when I flipped through Gudrun Sjödens new spring catalogue yesterday it was the perfect inspiration. I´m headed into town this evening to get some new lanterns - it´s never too early, right?

PS: While the clothing is a bit too bold for me, I really like almost everything in Gudrun Sjödens home line. For example this bedding and I want some of these towels please. Sadly the website is a navigation nightmare...

(Pictures by Gudrun Sjöden.)


The Cats.

Now that the weather is warming up slowly but surely I get picked up from the bus stop again. By who you ask? Why, it´s our cat Marlene! I don´t know how she does it, but apparently she hears me coming up the street and meets me halfway. I know she´s partly excited because she is hungry, but it´s still nice to see her joy.

Marlene is a very kind soul. We got her from the animal shelter five years ago when she was about one year old. She was very skinny and apparently almost scared to death by the circumstances in the shelter. She got better soon thankfully and I think she´s very happy to be with us. She is kind of special looking - every vet we take her to says she looks like a lynx. I think she´s just beautiful. We named her Marlene because she is a real lady - sweet and kind, but very capricious at times!

Lulu (bottom picture) is our second cat. We got here because we thought it would be nice for Marlene to have a companion. We were wrong about that though - it turned out Marlene hated that tiny furry competitor we brought in her home (today they get along but aren´t really close). We got Lulu as a kitten from a farm, she was the last one from the litter - for a reason, because she looked really funny back then. She had a looong nose which has since grown out.

Lulu is our adventure cat. She is always outdoors* and if a cat really has seven lives, then she has used up four at least. Lulu had an awful eye accident when she was small, and she has been hit by a car once and broke her hip joints, and she has been shot (yes it´s true, there are charming people in this world. If you don´t want a cat to visit your garden, just shoot her, right?!). Oh and last summer she had a bad pneumonia (that happens when you rather sleep under trees than in the house, even if it rains). If don´t know how many hours (or euros, for that matter) we have spent on her vet visits. But you know what, it´s all worth it. This is the sweetest cat EVER. Sometimes I wake up at night because she is giving us eskimo kisses - one for me, one for M., then one for me again and so forth. She can be very affectionate especially with M. whom she loves (yes I´m jealous sometimes).

Can you tell I love our cats? Looking forward to getting picked up from the bus stop today.

*Yes our cats can go outside whenever they want. We live in a very quiet garden settlement and while it´s still dangerous obviously I do think life is so much better for them this way.


Pretty Stamps. 

I´m in the process of cleaning out my favorites on my computer and there are many lovely things I want to share with you. Like this stamp kit from Yellow Owl Workshop which I love. There are so many great things you could do with these stamps! We used custom made stamps for our wedding invitation.

(Pictures by Yellow Owl.)