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I thought I´d steal this idea from other blogs (please don´t hate me) and introduce it as a Sunday feature here. This week, it´s all about greens.

1. SUNdries, 2. Frames and fresh flowers II, 3. 63::365 green, 4. Lazy Sunday!


A Favorite. 

I got the new issue of the Ikea Family Live magazine this week and must share this feature with you. As some of you may know my house has been photographed last November to be featured in the summer issue of this magazine (out in May/June, can´t wait) and their lovely writer (hello Sarah!) told me they had just been in Berlin to photograph an amazing home there. 

And amazing it is indeed. Being a lamp maniac I dig all the great lamps in this home, but what I really really love are the tables/benches here. I just adore the solution they did in their kitchen with the benches and the small table and I´m thinking hard whether this could work in our kitchen, too. It looks so cozy! Also, this dining table is just perfect. What a great idea to use this bench which gives additional storage, and all the different chairs? Perfection. Well done, Prime Lee and Luise!

A word about Ikea Family Live. No matter whether you like Ikea or not (I happen to love their stuff), it´s a great magazine. Yes, obviously they feature homes with Ikea furniture in them, after all it´s a customer magazine, but it is not overwhelming (for example, there´s not a lot Ikea in this feature). And what I like best is that they feature REAL homes. As much as I love my LivingEtc., I know that I probably never can afford the stuff they feature there. The homes are lovely, yes, but completely out of reach for me. Ikea Family Live on the other hand shows lovely, creative, affordable ideas for people who are on a budget but want to live well nevertheless. Just needed to get that out.

A question for my US readers: Is there anything like this magazine in the US? I know that they distribute the magazine all over Europe, but I don´t think overseas?


Five Senses. 

Seeing: Snow, again, unfortunately (go away winter!!).

Hearing: Our wedding "dance" list on my iPod whenever I go for a run (love it).

Tasting: Cinammon rolls. 

Touching: My soft furry friends whenever I can get hold of them. I need more cats.

Smelling: Lavender oil, I´m addicted to it. It makes soft hands and sweet dreams.


(The lovely picture above is from Catmil on Flickr.)


Vikings. Cute ones.

I so love Sandra´s vikings, don´t you? Check them out. Sandra writes a lovely blog, too.


The Big Dream, Part 1. 

It´s time to share with you what´s been going on in my life for the past half year. But first of all, I must tell you that I always wanted to live abroad (abroad = a country where people speak a different language. Austria does not count, even if the language is not quite the same). I wanted to do a college year in the US, then I wanted to do an au pair year in England, then I was going to study in Italy, then once I thought about quitting my job to do an MBA in New York, then my company wanted me to work from London for six months, and so on and so forth... you get the idea. It never worked out because I had fallen in love recently, or the circumstances weren´t quite right, or I got a job offer, or I didn´t have the guts in the end.

Still, this was one of my big big dreams and when I met M., this was something he shared. We always talked about that we´d jump on any opportunity that would arise. And then, in October last year, M. came home and said his company wanted him to go to the US to establish a branch there. To the west coast, San Francisco or Seattle. And yes, we jumped on that opportunity. Big time. We even married in a rush to make it possible for me to get a visa (don´t get me wrong, I don´t regret having married that man, and we had a lovely wedding, so no harm done - but still). I read all the relevant forums on the interwebs from tip to toe and I bought several hundred books and we went on a honeymoon to decide where we wanted to live.

Alas, there´s no happy end to this story. I can´t get into details about this (and I don´t want to either, I get too upset every time), but it´s most probably not going to happen. Not. As simple and devastating as that. I lived four months preparing for "the big adventure" to come. I thought I was really close to my big dream this time. Do you know how hard it is to just stop dreaming? I think maybe it´s not meant to be. I´ll give up on that one.

So. What are my plans now? Stay tuned for part 2 of this story... you´ll be surprised.