I just realized that Iittala has launched a new color in its Teema range: pearl grey. I´m obsessed both with the color grey and Teema, so this is true perfection. Love, love, love. I think I need at least a few plates. Apparently this is some kind of winter special so God knows how long they are available.

The husband and I started collecting Teema plates and mugs a few years back, you can see them here in parts. We are adding to our collection whenever we have some money, besides it´s the only thing we wish for from our family in terms of christmas/birthday presents.

On a unrelated note, AT is doing their Small Cool Contest again. For those of you who don´t know, I participated last year and came second (in the international department only though). Check it out!

PS: I desparately need a garden shed! (via Die Frau im Haus).


Another One.

So let´s talk about this thing that had me busy all last week, shall we? I accidentally came across a job advertisement on the interwebs last week. A job that would have been perfect for me, and the best part: It was based in the UK. Like, near London. Like, somewhere I´d really love to live. Because, remember, there is this dream I have.

I thought I was the perfect match for this job, and the headhunter lady thought so too. She made me prepare all sorts of documents and soon enough I had an appointment for a job interview over the phone. This took place on Tuesday, and it want really well. Feedback was good, the headhunter lady was told that they really liked me and that I should prepare to fly over early next week for a second interview. And then, on Wednesday, the headhunter lady called and told me that the company had someone over for a second interview and that he/she got the job.

Now, this was close. Again. Needless to say that I was, well, disappointed? A bit more than disappointed I guess. And then on my commute home from work I slipped on the stairs to the subway and fell hard and nearly cracked ony of my ribs. Lovely. One of the few times I cried in public. Sometimes life really sucks.

But now it´s the weekend! Have a really nice one. We´re going to Ikea for some retail therapy tomorrow. Yay!


Green and Blue.

I thought I´d tell you the story behind this picture as it got so much love over on Flickr (thank you!). The chairs you see here have moved with us three times now and are still going strong. I saved them from the garbage truck seven years ago (picked them up from the street). They were dirty yellow and at one point I decided to paint them in vibrant aqua and green. Later they got a little companion aka a cheap table from Ikea which I painted a bright blue.

The tiles on this side of the house are a love/hate thing of mine. I used to hate how they look when we moved in, besides they contain asbestos. We begged our landlord to get them removed but no such luck. Enter the chairs and table! A perfect match. What was once a rather dull space turned out to be one of the prettiest area outdoors. It´s the only place in the garden that gets evening sun so this is where I sit when I return from work to catch the last sun rays of the day.

A funny side story: When we had the Ikea Family Live team over for the shoot, they took loads of pictures of this area. With us, without us, with candles and plants and drinks and son on. And then, at the end of the second day, they desparately needed a possible cover shot and wanted to use this area but with a little more action. So they made me jump from the chairs, again and again and again. Jumping from a chair and smiling in the camera at the same time is not an easy task, I tell you. I felt like one of the aspiring supermodels on TV. I´m not a supermodel at all though so it´s no surprise that these pictures did not end up in the feature...



I´m currently obsessed with all things Emersonmade. This is one stylish lady! And I love the flowers she makes. I really need to buy some as soon as I´m not so broke anymore. Take a look at her recent house tour on d*s, too. I´m green with envy. Everything looks so perfect. Perfect looks, perfect house, perfect flowers, sigh. I need more perfection in my life for sure.

(Pictures by Emersonmade.)



I hope you all had a very nice Easter holiday! I did. We had friends over for an extended brunch yesterday and the weather actually cooperated and we got to sit on on the patio for the first time this year. Oh the glory. I´m sunburnt now, but it was totally worth it. We ate lots of good food, among other things (like my famous Easter bread) these eggs.

They are dyed naturally with onion skin (ironically, red onions make brown eggs and brown onions make red eggs) and curcuma (yellow). I much prefer the colors over the chemical dye you can get in the supermarkets and I also like the process of it. You can read how to dye eggs with onion skin here. For the curcuma version, just mix plenty of curcuma with hot water and some vinegar. Let cool and place this mix and the boiled eggs in the fridge until the color of the eggs is pretty. I actually tried green eggs this year, too, with a dye of green tea. Not good. Not green. Will try spinach next year.

Speaking of eggs I need to get something off my chest. Please people, don´t buy the cheapest ones where the hens live under terrible conditions. If you could see those animals and how they live you would never ever eat something they actually produce, trust me. Please buy organic or at least free range eggs. You will do yourself a favor.

So, have a happy week! And if you could send some good vibes my way tomorrow around noon that would be super (more on that later).