Five Senses.

Seeing: Plenty of sun. Heaven!

Hearing: This everywhere since this musical is now being performed in Vienna. Drives me nuts.

Tasting: Homemade pesto. It´s a staple around here.

Touching: The first small tomato seedlings.

Smelling: The woods again (I can tell the soil de-frosts right now...)

Happy Friday, folks!

(Picture by queencashmere on Flickr.)


Tales of the City. 

I looked at the weather application of my iPhone today on the bus and it said 20 degrees Celsius and sun today in San Francisco. This had me weeping all my way to the office (and I exaggerate only a little bit here). I want to go back. I want to live there. Bummer! However, I thought I´d tell you some stories about our honeymoon to San Francisco and Seattle in the next few days/weeks. Deal? Deal.

Let´s start with someting cheesy, shall we. Do you know the houses above? No? Think twice... Ok here we go: The one on the left side is the house from the TV series Party of Five (which is one of my all time favorites). The other one is from Tales of the City - the fictional "Barbary Lane" house owned by landlady Anna Madrigal. If you don´t know Tales of the City, go ahead and read the books, you won´t regret it. It´s partly because of them that I want to live in SF.

Now to set the record straight, I´m not typically someone who goes on the hunt for famous houses first thing in a strange city. But, as we only had two days in SF and wanted to make the most of it, we went on a fantastic guided tour on the first day. It was only the two of us on that day so we could pretty much do whatever we wanted, and since we were in the respective neighborhoods anyway, I asked whether we could take a look a the houses. We could. And it was fun! I got to see Barbary Lane! It totally made my day.

PS: Part 2 of the "Big Dream" post coming up tomorrow.


Blogging the Blues Away.

In case you wonder how my weekend was, I have to tell you it was quite busy and unfortunately not all about pretty flowers and tired cats as it may seem over on Flickr. We rented a transporter to haul all our garden waste away on Saturday and it was time-consuming and most of all, cold. Winter is back in these parts, complete with snow storms and everything. It´s supposed to get better as of tomorrow, though.

I have been a very grumpy girl for the past two weeks and I don´t know why really. I am annoyed by everything. I don´t like my clothes anymore, I don´t like my furniture anymore, I don´t like the city and country I´m living in any more - in short, I want everything to change. Maybe it´s some remaining winter blues? I just hope it goes away soon. I know that I´m not a fun person to be with right now...

However, one thing I like is blogging these days. It gives me so much joy to write about things I like and to see how things are evolving here. I have a growing list of things I want to write about and I want to introduce some fun features in the next week. And I LOVE reading comments from you, so don´t be shy and share your thoughts with me! Have a happy week!


Line Juhl Hansen.

Holly from Decor8 featured Danish artist Line Juhl Hansen a while ago (actually she featured her apartment and studio) and I´m completely in love with Line´s paintings. One day I´ll move into a big modern house with large rooms and lots of space for art like this. For which I´ll have plenty of money, of course. A girl can dream, right? Until then I am going to drool over the gorgeousness and check out her etsy store, where she sells affordable little paintings which would suit my tiny house very well, don´t you think?

(All pictures by Line Juhl Hansen.)


Flickr Favorites.

I thought I´d steal this idea from other blogs (please don´t hate me) and introduce it as a Sunday feature here. This week, it´s all about greens.

1. SUNdries, 2. Frames and fresh flowers II, 3. 63::365 green, 4. Lazy Sunday!