It´s the weekend.

Well, almost. I´ll be headed to the train station in a few hours and then spend 4,5 hours going to Munich, and on Sunday it´s the same trip back to Vienna. Sigh. I hate sitting in trains for hours. Or planes. Or anywhere, except my sofa.

So. I won´t do the five senses anymore because as much as I like the idea, it´s hard to find anything decent to write if you don´t do much all week except sitting in an office chair in an ugly industrial area of the town. No food for your senses, you know? Maybe the five senses will return when I have my time off this summer (only a few weeks to go, can´t wait).

For now, I´ll leave you with some links to things that I liked this week. Here goes:

* If you can read German, please read this book. It´s so so lovely. (Yes I forgot to switch it out in the right column. I enjoyed Nick Hornby as well for the record). I don´t think there´s an English translation yet sadly.

* This is my favorite small cool home so far. I´m in love with the bedroom.

* I always thought my wedding would look like this. Turns out it didn´t and there even was snow involved. Oh well.

* Did you know that it´s really hard to get a nice shower curtain around these parts? It´s a very good thing that Anthropologie now ships to Europe because this one is superlovely.

* Speaking of Anthropologie, can I please have this dress and this cardigan (in blue). Thanks.

* The best springy picture. I still wish I´d live on the US westcoast (double sigh) and please can it at least be spring in Vienna already. This rain thing really is annoying, no? And did you hear that because of this volcano in Iceland there might be no real summer this year? Real meaning hot and sunny? Please send antidepressants my way.

(Picture by this humble abode on Flickr.)


English Muffin.

I know there are some moms and moms to be out there, so I thought I´d share some decoration ideas for kids over the next weeks. The thing with me is that I don´t want kids (yes, really) but I´d love to decorate a kid´s room. Now I will never do this for my own children but I can give you some ideas for yours. Fair enough, right?

Let´s start with a personal favorite, English Muffin. The owner Bess lives in Vienna but will return to her home country Canada in less than two weeks. So hurry up, order some of her beautiful prints she sells in her Etsy shop before she leaves the continent. I love her alphabet poster - is it ridiculous that I want one myself? And one of her custom name designs would make a cute gift for a new mom, no?

Bess also writes a blog, check it out.

(Designs by English Muffin.)



I am going to spend this weekend in Munich. For those of you who don´t know, Munich is my home town where my parents still live. I actually have love-hate relationship with Munich. I have lived there for 26 years and as long as I know I wanted to leave (I think I mentioned this to my parents for the first time when I was six years old). My friends used to say that I´m a Northern girl at heart and that might be true. I can´t speak a word in the Bavarian dialect and I don´t drink beer at all and I hate the Oktoberfest and don´t like the traditional Bavarian style.

Having said that, I´ve made my peace with Munichs since I left. I obviously enjoy meeting up with my family when going back and I have to admit that Munich is a pretty decent place in summer what with the lakes and the beergardens and the mountains. And I do miss the Isar, the river that runs through the city (picture above). I just can´t imagine to live there any more. But you know, never say never.

I came across a great blog today, "Waking up in Bavaria" - about an American family who lives in Bavaria for a while. Read about their Munich experiences here. And Ivy from Flickr visited Munich a few weeks back and took lots of pretty pictures. Strangely I think I´d like Munich too if I was a tourist.



I just realized that Iittala has launched a new color in its Teema range: pearl grey. I´m obsessed both with the color grey and Teema, so this is true perfection. Love, love, love. I think I need at least a few plates. Apparently this is some kind of winter special so God knows how long they are available.

The husband and I started collecting Teema plates and mugs a few years back, you can see them here in parts. We are adding to our collection whenever we have some money, besides it´s the only thing we wish for from our family in terms of christmas/birthday presents.

On a unrelated note, AT is doing their Small Cool Contest again. For those of you who don´t know, I participated last year and came second (in the international department only though). Check it out!

PS: I desparately need a garden shed! (via Die Frau im Haus).


Another One.

So let´s talk about this thing that had me busy all last week, shall we? I accidentally came across a job advertisement on the interwebs last week. A job that would have been perfect for me, and the best part: It was based in the UK. Like, near London. Like, somewhere I´d really love to live. Because, remember, there is this dream I have.

I thought I was the perfect match for this job, and the headhunter lady thought so too. She made me prepare all sorts of documents and soon enough I had an appointment for a job interview over the phone. This took place on Tuesday, and it want really well. Feedback was good, the headhunter lady was told that they really liked me and that I should prepare to fly over early next week for a second interview. And then, on Wednesday, the headhunter lady called and told me that the company had someone over for a second interview and that he/she got the job.

Now, this was close. Again. Needless to say that I was, well, disappointed? A bit more than disappointed I guess. And then on my commute home from work I slipped on the stairs to the subway and fell hard and nearly cracked ony of my ribs. Lovely. One of the few times I cried in public. Sometimes life really sucks.

But now it´s the weekend! Have a really nice one. We´re going to Ikea for some retail therapy tomorrow. Yay!