Highs and Lows.

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great. Mine actually was. We had an anniversary to celebrate on Saturday, M. and I are seven years together now. Seven years, can you believe? Time is flying. We had a fancy dinner on Friday night already as we had other plans for Saturday and it was lovely. So here´s to another 7 years with my big love!

As a surprise gift M. gave me plane tickets to Paris. Yay! I´m so so excited! I haven´t been to Paris for about 10 years and it´s time to go back. I´m on the hunt for a nice apartment or hotel which is reasonably priced. And ideas?

On another note, I have been struggling hard with this decision lately. I guess you could also say I´m in full blown panic mode. I know it´s the right decision to leave this particular job, it´s just that I´m so unsure of what comes after. Plus, all of my friends seem to leave Vienna all of a sudden and I´m a bit overwhelmed. We were supposed to be in San Francisco by now, you know? And now we´re kind of stuck here without a clue what to do next.

But there will be better days, right? Like the holiday in Paris I´m sure. We´re going in early September for three days. Please share any recommendations you have, will you?


Five Senses. 

Seeing: Some "hip" people around the city. Since when is Vienna hip?

Hearing: Traffic noise in the office all day as the windows are open again.

Tasting: Yoghurt and mashed fruit mostly due to a stomach flu.

Touching: The grass patch in front of my office - the only green in miles.

Smelling: Yummy food which I couldn´t eat. Bummer!

Happy Friday, Internets! I´m so glad this week is over.

PS: I clearly need a yellow piano.


(Picture by Ms Cupcake on Flickr.)


The Honeymoon Diaries, Part 2. 

On our second day in San Francisco, we had a big American breakfast in a rather greasy restaurant (it was still quite good, loved the pancakes) and then went shopping as it was still grey and foggy (we were told it´s a SF thing - foggy until noon). I got to see my first Anthropologie store which was amazing. I have to tell you though that I didn´t find anything there for me, except for a hat. A cute hat I might add (and more or less the only thing in there that was affordable, ahem).

However, as promised around noon the skies cleared up and we traveled down to Fishermans Wharf where we rented bikes and cruised along the seaside in the direction of the famous bridge. If you are in San Francisco for the first time, I totally recommend this. It´s a lovely ride and quite magical to see the bridge coming closer and closer. We crossed the bridge snapping pictures like mad (above is one of the results) and I was so happy. There´s something about this bridge, I tell you.

We explored the Exploratorium a bit on our way back to the city and then returned our bikes. After that we did some food shopping at Trader Joe´s (another "landmark" for me, and everything I expected!) and had a picnic in our hotel room. It was the perfect way to spend a day in San Francisco and sadly, it was our last one there since the next day, we went to Seattle - coming up in the third installment!

Honeymoon Diaries, Part 1.


Cupcake Kits. 


I adore these cupcake kits by Meri Meri. If it wasn´t completely ridiculous to send a cupcake kit on a travel around the world, I would totally order one or two. So cute.

(Pictures by Meri Meri).


Where I Live. 


I met my lovely elderly neighbor today and she told me she had just been on a long walk around the settlement in which we live. We had a wonderful warm spring day so she enjoyed her walk a lot. "Aren´t we so lucky to live here", she said. And yes we truly are.

We live in a settlement from the 1950ies in the outskirts of Vienna. This area used to be wood and is basically protected from new developments, but they made an exception after the second world war due to the housing shortage. They sold only rather small lots of land - each about 500 sq. meters and the people built all sorts of houses on them: Big ones and small ones, ugly and nice ones, whatever they could afford at that time. Nowadays these houses are *old* so a good percentage has been demolished and we have some modern houses in the mix, too. As a result this is a rather funny looking place especially if you´re used to the quite similar looking houses in German settlements (they have stricter building regulations there).

The people who live here are a good mix, too. There are some old inhabitants left who live in the houses they´ve built in the 50ies here. But there are also lots of families and increasingly young people, especially environmentally aware ones. We even have a transvestite! And we´re lucky to have extra lovely neighbors - some old, some young - with whom we get along very well. They take care of your cats when we´re away and give garden harvest to us over the fence. We even made friends with some of them.

But what makes the living here so good is actually the location. Our settlement is completely surrounded by wood. From our house you can see it from every window and I walk about 3 mins to get there. This is something I really love. In summer, I go for a short walk after work almost every day  even if it´s almost dark. It´s magical and smells so so good. When you exit the bus from the city, it´s a different air really, pure and full of flavors. And it´s quiet, oh so quiet. Sometimes I ask myself whether I´m growing old since I enjoy these things so much. But then, I like to think I only grow wiser. Because it´s a pretty good place to live.