The weekend.

I know it´s already Wednesday (how in the world did that happen), but here are some pics from the weekend. It was a lovely sunny wonderful one. The husband took a trip to Germany so I had lots of "me-time" wich is very good every now an then. I did lots of gardening and the garden is coming along so nicely this year. I don´t think we´ve ever accomplished so much in the garden at this time of the year. We´ll have lots of veggies and fruit in summer hopefully!

On another note, I decided I need to learn how to bake bread. Like, for real. Not the bread baking machine ones (we have one but never use it), and not only with yeast but with sour dough. I started with the famous no knead bread and it was a great success. And yesterday in the evening I made my first whole wheat sour dough bread and it´s quite good! I´m so proud. The baking adventure will continue on the weekend, I´ll share pics with you.

By the way, does anyone have recommendations for a good bread baking book?


Be a Rockstar.

Hello, friends. I´m sorry it´s so quiet around here, but my job is driving me crazy again this week. I´m counting down the days until the "big easy", 23 days to go as of today. Can´t wait.

Anyhow. I discovered a new-to-me blog these days, the Rockstar Diaries. My god. Can you believe there are people out there like Naomi - creative, kind, with seemingly perfect looks and lifes? I´m experiencing a serious attack of self-hate these days and this perfection is not helping.

I also love the headbands she sells in her shop. I wish I was bold enough to wear something like this. Maybe one day. I wonder what the lovely people around here would say if I´d wear one of these to work. Then again, I´m the strange PR lady already, so maybe this won´t change a thing. I should order one or two presto.


A Moment.

And then you are running in the woods which are so incredibly green all of a sudden and a thunderstorm is coming and the light is surreal and the air is warm and Lykke Li is singing in your ears and suddenly you´re at peace with the world for the first time in weeks, or months, and you´re so filled with a wild joy that you nearly burst.


It´s the weekend.

Well, almost. I´ll be headed to the train station in a few hours and then spend 4,5 hours going to Munich, and on Sunday it´s the same trip back to Vienna. Sigh. I hate sitting in trains for hours. Or planes. Or anywhere, except my sofa.

So. I won´t do the five senses anymore because as much as I like the idea, it´s hard to find anything decent to write if you don´t do much all week except sitting in an office chair in an ugly industrial area of the town. No food for your senses, you know? Maybe the five senses will return when I have my time off this summer (only a few weeks to go, can´t wait).

For now, I´ll leave you with some links to things that I liked this week. Here goes:

* If you can read German, please read this book. It´s so so lovely. (Yes I forgot to switch it out in the right column. I enjoyed Nick Hornby as well for the record). I don´t think there´s an English translation yet sadly.

* This is my favorite small cool home so far. I´m in love with the bedroom.

* I always thought my wedding would look like this. Turns out it didn´t and there even was snow involved. Oh well.

* Did you know that it´s really hard to get a nice shower curtain around these parts? It´s a very good thing that Anthropologie now ships to Europe because this one is superlovely.

* Speaking of Anthropologie, can I please have this dress and this cardigan (in blue). Thanks.

* The best springy picture. I still wish I´d live on the US westcoast (double sigh) and please can it at least be spring in Vienna already. This rain thing really is annoying, no? And did you hear that because of this volcano in Iceland there might be no real summer this year? Real meaning hot and sunny? Please send antidepressants my way.

(Picture by this humble abode on Flickr.)


English Muffin.

I know there are some moms and moms to be out there, so I thought I´d share some decoration ideas for kids over the next weeks. The thing with me is that I don´t want kids (yes, really) but I´d love to decorate a kid´s room. Now I will never do this for my own children but I can give you some ideas for yours. Fair enough, right?

Let´s start with a personal favorite, English Muffin. The owner Bess lives in Vienna but will return to her home country Canada in less than two weeks. So hurry up, order some of her beautiful prints she sells in her Etsy shop before she leaves the continent. I love her alphabet poster - is it ridiculous that I want one myself? And one of her custom name designs would make a cute gift for a new mom, no?

Bess also writes a blog, check it out.

(Designs by English Muffin.)