Polka Dots.

I may have an addiction to polka dots these days. Lovely bag from Ikabags - another Euro Etsy seller from Paris, yay! Oh, and I also love this one. Stripes! The second best thing after polkas.


Decisions, Decisions.

Hello, friends. How was your weekend? Mine was very good. I made my second sourdough bread and this time, it turned out great (the first one was, uhm, not so great). Even the husband loved it so it must have been really good. And we did a lot of garden work. The lilac is blooming like crazy so our place smells like heaven right now.

Also, this year? It´s crazy. Opportunities come and go (sadly, they always seem to go sooner or later) and we just don´t know what will happen next. Right now, just about everything is possible - which is good, but also really stressful at times. We have so many decisions to make and it is just SO HARD. How do I know what is the best thing to do? Sometimes this whole being adult thing sucks big time.

Anyhow. It´s May! It´s my last month in this very nice job of mine, at least this is for sure. You bet I´m looking forward to June.


Happy weekend.

I´m so in love with these two pics from the portfolio of photographer Holly Jolliffe (I came across her via this post from Anita). I have been looking for a colorful bedspread like this for years but no such luck yet. Also, I like the short-ish curtains. And the grey clawfoot tub in the second picture is pure perfection to me.

So, with this I say happy weekend to you. Over here, there will be lots of gardening and bread baking going on. I´m so looking forward to it. I hope you do, too.


Laura Amiss.

I´m always on the lookout for Etsy sellers from Europe because it´s not really eco-conscious to have things shipped from the US or even Australia (yes I know that Dawanda exists, but I still like Etsy better). So I was thrilled to discover Laura Amiss from Amsterdam, a city I dearly love. We used to go there on weekend trips back when we lived on the Dutch-German border, and I miss it. However, now I can bring a little Amsterdam in my home with this lovely little print! I also love this print, I totally agree!


Wallpaper Animals. 

Look, animals on the walls! Cute ones, made from vintage wallpapers! I think this is so great for a kid´s room. You can check them out here.

(Pictures by Raumgerecht.)