My House in a Magazine.

So, yes. As one of you lovely readers pointed out yesterday, the Ikea Family Live issue in which my house is featured is online. I´d totally copy paste the spread here but I´ve been told not do so and as I´m a nice person I´ll stick to the rules. But you can check the German version out here, we´re on pages 20-27. If you can´t read German you can just check out the pics and cross the fingers that the story will be available soon here. You can´t wait, can you? Right.

So, let´s discuss. Here are some of my thoughts on this, and also to answer some questions: 

First off, yes this was really shot in November. If you look closely in the very first pic that shows us on the porch you´ll see some bare branches in the upper left corner. We had superlovely weather which helped and then they brought all kind of green plants so make the outdoors look summery. I think it somewhat worked. (It was still freezing at times, I tell you).

Yes there´s some sausage on my plate despite the fact that I claimed here on this blog to be a vegetarian. Be assured though that I did not eat this. The stylist put this on the plate for the shoot. We did not actually have lunch on the porch in November, we just pretended to do so. Like, for 3 minutes. (Still, you will be shocked to hear, I´m not a strict vegetarian and will eat organic meat from time to time).

Yes, I think I look kind of OK in the pics but I´m quite positive that they photoshopped my nose for the pic in which I wear the green top. If it looks better or worse in reality I´m not sure.

The German/Austrian translation is quite good this time which makes me happy. Still, I think our landlord is going to evict us for the "alt und heruntergekommen" part. I do hope he´ll never read this.

I think the feature starting on page 40 is beyond adorable. I want to live there. (And yes I totally realise that this feature got 8 pages and we only have 6! No I don´t think I´m neurotic, really not thank you).

Lastly, can you tell which items they brought to my house for the shoot? Find the mistake!

PS: Does my husband look handsome in these pics or what??



I remember when I moved into my very first own flat, I bought a very old fashioned oilcloth for my kitchen table. It was white with pink-ish flowers on it and I loved it. It looked so nice in my little Altbau kitchen in Munich. I really wish I had known how to take a decent picture back then. I have almost no pictures from this flat although I lived in it for almost 6 years. So sad.

Back to the oilcloths. These are really handy for outdoor spaces. I have one by Danish designer Susanne Schjerning for my outdoor table and it´s one of the better investments I have made for my house. The lovely one above is by her, too. It´s available here.


Marimekko Fabric.

Speaking of curtains! I cleaned out my fabric stash last weekend and I came across this Marimekko fabric I bought some years ago (it´s called Elokuu and has since been discontinued I think). I wanted to make kitchen curtains out of it but in the end I never did because the Mr. didn´t like the idea at all.

The fabric is lovely and was quite expensive, but I don´t think I can put it to good use in the near future. So does anyone want to buy some of it? I have four meters and will sell it for 20 Euro per meter (it was 35 Euro when I bought it). The colors are much more vibrant in reality and it is a sturdy good quality.

Have a good weekend!



I *think* whatever happens this year, we´ll be moving sooner or later. Emphasis on *think* because this year has so far really teached me that you can´t be sure of anything. However IF we move, I´ll be sad to leave our little house but at the same time excited to decorate a new space. 

So I´ve been thinking a lot about which criteria a new space should fit. On top of all is a larger bathroom with a tub (we only have a shower right now) because right now our bathroom is so small that only one person can be in there and this has proved to be a real problem in the mornings. Second on the list is a larger bedroom. I love our bedroom because of the light it gets - and I know it looks larger in pictures - but in reality it´s a really crammed space and sometimes I feel slightly claustrophobic. So I´d love to have a nice large bedroom, please. A girl can dream, right?

PS: I really like this picture. And short curtains again! Another thing to try in a new space.

(Picture by Gudrun Sjöden.)




This is so very fitting for my current life situation. Well said! I hope there will be some real possibilities soon. Love the whole thank-you-cards project.