Marimekko Fabric.

Speaking of curtains! I cleaned out my fabric stash last weekend and I came across this Marimekko fabric I bought some years ago (it´s called Elokuu and has since been discontinued I think). I wanted to make kitchen curtains out of it but in the end I never did because the Mr. didn´t like the idea at all.

The fabric is lovely and was quite expensive, but I don´t think I can put it to good use in the near future. So does anyone want to buy some of it? I have four meters and will sell it for 20 Euro per meter (it was 35 Euro when I bought it). The colors are much more vibrant in reality and it is a sturdy good quality.

Have a good weekend!



I *think* whatever happens this year, we´ll be moving sooner or later. Emphasis on *think* because this year has so far really teached me that you can´t be sure of anything. However IF we move, I´ll be sad to leave our little house but at the same time excited to decorate a new space. 

So I´ve been thinking a lot about which criteria a new space should fit. On top of all is a larger bathroom with a tub (we only have a shower right now) because right now our bathroom is so small that only one person can be in there and this has proved to be a real problem in the mornings. Second on the list is a larger bedroom. I love our bedroom because of the light it gets - and I know it looks larger in pictures - but in reality it´s a really crammed space and sometimes I feel slightly claustrophobic. So I´d love to have a nice large bedroom, please. A girl can dream, right?

PS: I really like this picture. And short curtains again! Another thing to try in a new space.

(Picture by Gudrun Sjöden.)




This is so very fitting for my current life situation. Well said! I hope there will be some real possibilities soon. Love the whole thank-you-cards project.


Anthro Style. 

Anthropologie has some very nice things on sale now. Which means they´re still expensive but one can at least consider buying them. I already got the cardigan on the right in the vibrant blue (yes it´s the one I´ve alreay written about here, I couldn´t believe my luck when it went on sale) but I love it so much that I actually want it in another color, and grey is always good in my humble opinion. And the cardigan on the left, oh my. I just love it. I just wonder whether it will look nice on me.

I´m feeling a bit frustrated on the style front as I bought so many nice things to wear for summer and I just can´t wear them yet. It has rained for days now in Vienna and it is COLD and you don´t want to know about the forecast. Sigh.


Julie Morstad.

I went through some of my bookmarks and found the shop of Julie Morstad. I adore this print. I don´t know much about her but she seems to be a quite well known illustrator. Here is her professional website.