A garden throughout the season.

This summer has not been what I expected in a few ways. I am trying to be okay with that. The concept of summer is probably a bit like the concept of birthdays, one does look forward to them but in the end they often disappoint. Anyway. I took pictures of my late summer garden and I am going to post them here even if they are probably mighty repetitive by now. However I somehow like that my garden is being documented here throughout the season. 

I still like this pot of pelargoniums. And Lulu I like too.

There´s this late summer light again that I love so much.

This is the year of almost zero apples and almost zero plums. My little boscop tree however is a fine exception.

The roses are back! I got two additional ones along the fence this year. 

I don´t know how many people have asked me what plant this is. It´s called Succisella inflexa 'Frosted Pearls' and it´s absolutely my new favorite. So happy and weird at the same time. 

Yesterday I looked at the dahlias and thought "I really should take a few pictures, they are so nice" and that´s how this blog post came to pass.

Quite pretty if I may say so myself. Next year I´ll even plant more and I think I´ll skip the very big and heavy ones - they sure are pretty but aren´t conducive to what I am trying to achieve here.

The very first ripe pumpkin. Soup tomorrow.

Never enough sunflowers.

No I couldn´t bring myself to kill the zinnias. They are still doing so well. We´re going to have to buy brussels sprouts in the super market this winter. Not a terrible trade-off if I can look at this beauty a little while longer. 


Late summer. 

What a wet and cold summer this has been around here, and now when I wake up early and open the windows, there´s definitely an autumnal chill in the air. Sigh. I am not ready. However in the garden, there´s still lots of goodness to enjoy, and I plan on doing so as much as I possibly can!

Those were the last snapdragons, but not the last blackberries (so many blackberries this year... I love it). And yes I still have strawberries thanks to a variety that produces all year (I think it´s called Ostara).

So many tomatoes, and I love that I have so many varieties this year. I mentioned in my last post that the plants did catch the blight, but I´ve removed all the affected leaves immediately which seems to have done the trick (the disease starts on the leaves and then moves on to the fruit). They are ripening beautifully and I think it will be one of the best tomato years yet! Yay for tomato houses!

I´m not terribly happy with the walled garden this year. It´s a little tired I think 5 years after the initial planting. The asters (and the bishopsweed ugh) have taken over most of the beds and I don´t love the color scheme any more. I´ve talked to my husband that I want to do a major "regrouping" this autumn and we are determined to make it happen. I know this means we have to live with a not-mature garden for a few years once again, but I don´t really mind. What´s a little tired too are the gates in here, so I´ve prepped everything for a new coat (it looks very classy now, I know). If you look very closely you can see a sneak peek at the new color I´ve chosen. Excited to see how it will turn out!

The lavender finally did get its haircut and looks a little shabby now, but it will grow back in autumn and look beautiful again in spring.

These hydrangeas are very beautiful this year. Hydrangeas like a lot of water so it´s not surprising that they´re thriving! This is the variety "Unique", planted 4 years ago and fully grown in now.

A few years back we planted a hedge of Rudbeckia nitida along the fence to our neighbors and they apparently love it there (the plants, not the neighbors... although the neighbors love the plants too). These are over two meters high! They are my husband´s favorite perennials, to be honest I don´t care for them all that much, but a girl´s got to make compromises and I have to admit that they are a joy to look at right now (that cutting back business though... it takes days).

More hydrangeas just on the opposite side of our garden, along the fence to our other neigbor. These are "Limelight", planted almost two years ago now, and growing in nicely.

I´ve always loved that "green door" to our veggie garden but I think I´ve never taken a picture of it?

These sunflowers were only supposed to grow one meter tall or so, but they seem to have not gotten that memo. Anyway I think they look like dancers on ther tippy toes, yes?

I´ve deliberately planted my chard in the shadow of the green beans so that it only would thrive once the beans are gone. This was very smart I must say. Overall I´ve gotten so much better at only planting what we can eat. I haven´t felt overwhelmed by the harvest even once this year. It´s a nice and steady supply of veggies, but nothing we can´t deal with.

I think I´ll have to take the zinnias out this weekend (because I need the brussel sprout plants behind them to receive more light!) so one last picture of the color explosion.

I love this border. What can I say.

Bonus picture! Something red in my garden, can you believe it? (If you are a long time reader you´ll know that I don´t really have red or orange flowers in my garden except one dark red rambler rose. I just really dislike the color red.) These were left over from a project outside my garden and for some reason, I do love them.

Have a very happy weekend!


Hello August.

Hello August! Summer is flying by so quickly. Here are some picture of my garden, taken yesterday in the evening. (The picture above is a strong contender for "best garden picture of 2017", I´d say).

I was so hesistant to create this new border at first, but I am so glad I decided to go for it. It needs a bit of tweaking but it is so pretty already in its second year! (I need to give the lavender a haircut).

Blue is my favorite color.

Into the veggie garden.

Apparently I planted a black chili plant (huh).

My gorgeous dog.

Zinnias still going strong.

This is all looking exactly like I imagined. Very happy.

Except the tomatoes did catch the blight, but I hope they´ll ripen fast enough now to have a decent harvest still.

That´s it for today. I hope you are enjoying summer!



One day I´ll have proper time for this blog again and then I´ll post about all the things that are on my mind these days, like baking bread, and growing a veggie garden (my approach), and maybe even some personal stuff that I wanted to write down for ages (mostly why I struggle with social media at the moment). But right now, it feels like I am stumbling through a very busy summer, and all I really have time for is quickly snapping pictures of my garden before or after work, hastily edit them and throw them on up my blog, because first things first, priorities etc. So here goes.

Someone remind me that I need to get more of that blue phlox (it´s "Blue Paradise" I think) in autumn, it´s so lovely, thank you very much. Also the echinacea is very happy this year.

Hydrangeas! Getting there!

We are having a very wet and cold-ish summer, which I´m sort of ok with, because it makes growing things a lot easier. Everything is so lush! And the pumpinks couldn´t be happier.

I get asked what flowers these are all the time, they are Clarkia unguiculata - Mandelröschen in German. Very pretty, not suitable for cutting, but did I mention very pretty.

My sweet peas are totally out of control, they seem to love this weather as well - not complaining!

My artichokes are doing so well, I don´t know why I thought one couldn´t grow them in Germany, it seems to be no problem at all?

Zucchini - I have only one plant this year which is more than enough.

So I planted bush beans instead of runner beans on that trellis to the left, can you tell? Me so smart. 

We are growing a new-to-us potatoe variety this year (Daifla) - huge plants with exceptionally pretty flowers!

I hope I´m not jinxing anything by saying that the tomatoe houses have (so far) been a great success. The plants seem to be doing really well and no signs of blight just yet. And I´m loving the dahlias in between the houses!

Look at that larkspur! It´s hard to photograph but trust me, absolutely gorgeous in person. I´m so happy that I gave it another try after many fails in the past years. I grew this for cutting but can´t bring myself to do it, it´s just so pretty where it is!

That´s it for today. I hope you are having a great summer!
PS: Is there anything you want me to add to the list of things I should blog about?


Mostly flowers.

It´s mostly flowers from here on it seems. Although I swear there are actually veggies coming out of my garden, a whole lot actually! But just look at those zinnias, they make me so happy although it´s not exactly a color combination I´d use in a flower bed.

But with the anuuals in my veggie garden, it somehow can´t be colorful enough for me. 

Although the perennials look pretty good too. 

And since it is July the walled garden is becoming more and more colorful as well. 
Happy almost-weekend!