First Advent. 

I am not sure I could be in a less christmassy mood these days. Life is a bit too busy for my taste and when I think about all the things that need to get done in the next few weeks, I do not feel festive but overwhelmed. I didn´t even think we´d have an advent wreath this year but then again, that´s just sad. So I went on a walk with Ludwig and brought my scissors. And here it is. 

The temperatures have dropped quite a bit over the past week and now it´s cold outside. Which I don´t mind one bit actually. It´s a good excuse to have the wood stoves running all day long. 

I don´t need to tell you that these cookies are store-bought. I haven´t managed to bake any christmas cookies yet. Also, this plate? It was my favorite. Was, because after I took this picture Lutz managed to destroy it. So, farewell pretty blue plate. It´s a good thing I took one last picture of you. (Sob.)

I have decided I needed more silly colorful hats in my life so I bought this one. Technically I guess almost-40-year-olds shouldn´t wear silly hats any more, but who cares? Not me. 

So, enough with the whining. As I said life is busy so things will probably be quiet around here for a while. Happy December! 


Fog and sun. 

We´ve been away for a long weekend so not a lot of pictures on my camera. The past week has been very very grey, but one morning the fog lifted and...magic. I am such a sucker for that kind of light. 

I love this church, it´s so special and beautiful. 

Practically all trees are bare now. 

Bonus picture of a very sleepy Ludwig. I love you, redhead. 


Ready for winter.

The golden days, they didn´t last; and now Novemer is showing its darker side. I don´t think it ever got light outside for, oh, the whole last week? Anyway that was to be expected so we´re making the best of it. Fire in the stove, candles lit... and lots of naps. Like Miss Emma illustrates above. 

Yesterday there were some milky rays of sun pushing through the clouds so I got all excited and ran out with the camera. The garden at this time is still somewhat beautiful in a way, yes? All the texture and colors. It´s all packed up now and ready for winter. It feels good to step back and let nature do her thing for the next few months. 

The only thing left to do now is to take care of the fire wood, but no problem with Ludwig helping. Every single year our lovely, generous neighbor dumps a truck load of wood in our garden. He owns many acres of woodland so not a big deal for him, but this saves us a lot of money every year. Ah, the people in this village - we really, really lucked out. 

PS: Ludwig looks terribly thin here but be assured he isn´t. Actually he gained 10 pounds over the past few months! Hooray! 


Golden hour. 

Last week I had so many pictures on my camera, and this week... none. But here are some that I took yesterday evening on my iPhone. I recently started running again after almost 1.5 years (yikes). Now that I am doing it again I am reminded how much I love it and that I need to make time for exercising, no matter how busy I am. Anyway a neighbor who is a fellow runner told me about his favorite route which was completely new to me. I claim to know my immediate surroundings pretty well but this route includes crossing both a road and rail tracks so that explains why I had never been there. I am glad he told me because this area is truly beautiful. And lonely. I guess nobody wants to climb over those rail tracks, ha! 

If you follow me on Instagram you already know these pictures. But it´s pretty nice to see them large like this, I think. I only recently found out that you can take pictures on your regular iPhone camera and then upload them to Instagram which results in high(er) resolution pictures. Duh. I am probably the last one to know, right? And here I was wondering why people managed to take such great pictures with Instagram. 

In other news, I am so enjoying this wonderful autumn we are having. November around here is usually grey, wet and foggy so those light filled days have been such a gift. Let´s hope this continues. Have a great week! 


This week on my camera. 

My "editorial calendar" for the blog works in the way that I download a week´s worth of pictures and then I try to craft a post around them. Whenever there are a lot of pictures (not often), there will be outtakes. This week however there were so many favorites on my camera that I decided that to share them all. Ready? 

Above: Fog in the fields and some colorful trees in our garden.

More fog in the fields. Today, very early in the morning, taken from my bathroom window upstairs. These are the days where I get up and run for the camera.

Yesterday, shortly before the sun went down. 

Wednesday (?) morning, after the night brought the first frost of the season. 

Kasimir, the silly cat that lives on our deck. 

Still enjoying the light in the kitchen. My husband made the lady who holds the garlic when he was a child. I adore her.

We´ve been having the nicest weather and I just can´t bring myself to take down the hammock.

The husband is working on the cold frames again. Please let them be ready by next spring.

A walk with Ludwig. 

Sometimes nice things happen when you think "ah this will never work but let´s try anyway."

Happy November!