Golden hour. 

Last week I had so many pictures on my camera, and this week... none. But here are some that I took yesterday evening on my iPhone. I recently started running again after almost 1.5 years (yikes). Now that I am doing it again I am reminded how much I love it and that I need to make time for exercising, no matter how busy I am. Anyway a neighbor who is a fellow runner told me about his favorite route which was completely new to me. I claim to know my immediate surroundings pretty well but this route includes crossing both a road and rail tracks so that explains why I had never been there. I am glad he told me because this area is truly beautiful. And lonely. I guess nobody wants to climb over those rail tracks, ha! 

If you follow me on Instagram you already know these pictures. But it´s pretty nice to see them large like this, I think. I only recently found out that you can take pictures on your regular iPhone camera and then upload them to Instagram which results in high(er) resolution pictures. Duh. I am probably the last one to know, right? And here I was wondering why people managed to take such great pictures with Instagram. 

In other news, I am so enjoying this wonderful autumn we are having. November around here is usually grey, wet and foggy so those light filled days have been such a gift. Let´s hope this continues. Have a great week! 


This week on my camera. 

My "editorial calendar" for the blog works in the way that I download a week´s worth of pictures and then I try to craft a post around them. Whenever there are a lot of pictures (not often), there will be outtakes. This week however there were so many favorites on my camera that I decided that to share them all. Ready? 

Above: Fog in the fields and some colorful trees in our garden.

More fog in the fields. Today, very early in the morning, taken from my bathroom window upstairs. These are the days where I get up and run for the camera.

Yesterday, shortly before the sun went down. 

Wednesday (?) morning, after the night brought the first frost of the season. 

Kasimir, the silly cat that lives on our deck. 

Still enjoying the light in the kitchen. My husband made the lady who holds the garlic when he was a child. I adore her.

We´ve been having the nicest weather and I just can´t bring myself to take down the hammock.

The husband is working on the cold frames again. Please let them be ready by next spring.

A walk with Ludwig. 

Sometimes nice things happen when you think "ah this will never work but let´s try anyway."

Happy November! 


Chasing the light.

Can we all agree that autumn light is the best? It floods our house with light and since the sun is so low, even the (North facing) kitchen gets her fair share via the dining room. 

(Btw I have always loved this view. Even when we still had the old kitchen. I can´t really explain why.)

So much light that one actually needs to squint! Oh Lutz. 

I just love those windows. We recently learned that the windows, doors and even the wooden floor planks all came from demolished houses in Berlin and were re-used when building this house in 1909. I find this quite fascinating. Large windows aren´t very common in the countryside around Berlin. I had always wondered why our house, and two more in the village which were built at the same time, are different.

(Sadly, the windows aren´t original anymore, but the design is still the same. I have a picture of the house with the old windows still intact. They basically look the same.)

Yes, Ludwig, you are a very well-behaved dog. Not. I swear he posed for the picture.

Let´s hope for many more sun-filled days this autumn and winter. 


New rugs in the house.

Here´s the thing: During summer, I rarely even think about any interior design projects. There are enough projects in the garden to keep me busy. But now that we spend a lot more time inside the house, I feel the urge to change and improve things again! I have a few projects lined up already but I think the front rooms of our house (living and dining room) will mostly remain untouched. I love them just as they are. 

There was one thing we needed to do something about though: The rugs. They were filthy. With twenty paws in the house, that happens. I don´t spend too much money on rugs in the first place because I know that sooner or later, we will need to replace them. I am aware there are people out there who clean rugs professionally, and that other solutions and remedies exist, but believe me: After a few years in our house, a rug is beyond cleaning. So, long story short, we got new rugs for the dining and living room. And since I loved our jute rug in the dining room so much (you can read all about it here), I replaced it like for like. I know, adventurous! 

I was a leeetle more adventurous in the living room, but not much. You may remember that we had a gray "knitted" wool number in here (this one), which we both really liked... but the woven structure was impossible to keep clean. So I got this one which is really lovely too. I mean, it´s not that it looks wildly different, but I think it´s a little harder-wearing. Both rugs are from Urbanara by the way (no this is not a sponsored post, I just happen to like their stuff).

So essentially this is a post about how I paid a lot of money and things still look the same. Ha! But it´s so much cleaner looking around here. You´ll have to believe me. 



We´re back from Cyprus and we need to talk about the hotel we stayed in. It´s called Aprokryfo and I think it is the nicest hotel... ever? It is situated in a small mountain village, about half an hour from the coast by car, so there´s a safe distance to the super touristy areas which we try to avoid wherever possible. 

Fun side note: My husband found this hotel as he didn´t like the option I had researched. He wanted a "nice hotel". I have clearly created a monster. 

It is a small hotel with only a few rooms, studios and three full houses which are all grouped around a very private courtyard that features a pool. The structure as such is apparently old and has been refurbished by an architect husband/interior designer wife team. And may I say that the interior design is impeccable. It feels very "Greece" without being too traditional or kitschy.

There´s also an adorable restaurant that is open to the public. They serve the best food there. In the evenings there is a "mezze" menu which means that you get countless small dishes which are all delicious and there´s no way not to overeat. However you´re on holiday so who cares. 

I don´t have pictures of our room but we stayed in the "Lavender" room and absolutely loved it. It has a small kitchenette and a sunny balcony that overlooks the pool and is overall very cute. 

The courtyard is so lovely and you get to have breakfast by the pool. I mean, if this isn´t dreamy then I don´t know what is. Also the staff has been incredible. Case in point: When we left we got hugs from everyone. And ouzo on the house. Sigh. I am so glad we decided to stay there even if it is a bit above our usual price range. It made our short stay so very peaceful and relaxing.