Where I work.

When I blogged about the sitting room part of the library, I also promised to show you the other half of the room, aka my work space. I´ve been working from home since March this year and for me, it works great. I never want to go back to a regular office job.

We bought these Ikea Billy shelves as a semi-temporary solution until we have the money to do a custom wall of shelves in here. We made a few adjustments so that they look more like built-ins and I really like them now.

I also really like my view of our garden. Not that I´d see much of it once I am in front of my giant desktop. Ha!

PS: What people wear when working from home. Read the comments, hilarious. I made a verdict never to work in pajamas and so far, I am sticking to it.


Wallpaper for the bedroom.

(I´m sorry for this blurry and terrible picture. I need a wide angle lense. Seriously.)

So the bedroom. The sofa has been delivered and I´ve assembled the new dresser over the weekend. Everything else is on hold until I´ve made up my mind about the wallpaper. I´ve decided I want to wallpaper the area behind our bed. It´s a 3x4 m piece of wall that is framed by old beames. I´ve seen great examples lately for this look, like this one, and I think it could definitely work in our space. Here are the contenders:

I love this one. It´s pretty and calm. The brown tones would correspond well with the beames and would add some warmth to the room. The thing is I´ve ordered swatches and in real life it is way darker than in the picture. As the bedroom isn´t exactly a bright room I wonder whether it would get too gloomy in there. Then again, it´s a bedroom. It could be cozy actually.

I have loved this wallpaper for a long time. I still do! It´s so sweet and cheerful and I love lily of the valley, so. The colors would go well with everything else in the room and, well, there actually are colors as opposed to the one above. I want the upstairs to be a bit more colorful than the downstairs so while option #1 would be my favorite downstairs, I think option #2 is the stronger contender for upstairs. I´m a bit concerned that it might be too busy though. I found a picture of this wallpaper in a bedroom setting and yes, well, busy indeed. 

What do you think? Which one is your favorite and why? 

(Bottom two pictures are from Tapetenagentur.)


How I painted my kitchen floor and nearly lost my mind.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I spent a good portion of the past two weeks on my knees, painting my kitchen floor. You see, I had always envisioned a diamond patterned floor for this kitchen. However, it just seemed to be a whole lot of work so I just put it off again and again. Well, unsurprisingly, it actually WAS a crazy amount of work, but I couldn´t love the outcome more. The patterned floors add so much warmth and interest to this room. I love it. Did I already say I love it? Well I do. 

In case you´re interested what the process is, here´s a good tutorial. You´ll need to do a whole lot of this. It´s fun for the first row or so and then it gets tedious. As for how long it took me to do the prep work: SIX HOURS. I do not want to talk about it. The painting itself is actually the fun part. You know what´s not fun though? If your base coat comes off with the freaking painter´s tape. Which it did. It was a nightmare and I totally cried. Don´t buy cheap painter´s tape is what I am telling you. And let your base coat dry for at least three days. Learn from my mistakes! 

Subsequently I spent a few nights touching up the parts that came off. And then! Then! Just when I thought I was finished, there was a thunderstorm one evening and we had a blackout that lasted a few hours. Since there wasn´t much else to do, I thought it was totally clever to warm up some soup in the dark. And what do you know, I stumbled over the dog and suddenly there was carrot soup all over my precious floors. The thing about carrot soup? It´s very orange and it stains. Really, I don´t want to talk about it.

But it´s the outcome that counts, right? And the outcome is very good. Now, let´s talk paint: The floors in here used to be Farrow & Ball´s Cornforth White, which I never really loved (it looks fine upstairs, but really cold in this darkish kitchen). So I decided to try Elephant´s Breath as a base coat, which is slightly darker and a lot warmer. The other color is Charleston Grey, the same color as on the feature wall and the old bench. I was a bit worried things could become too matchy-matchy, but as it isn´t a solid block of color I think it works great. Also, once I was happy with the pattern, I sealed everything with two coats of matte polyurethane. Just to make sure this labor of love lasts for a good long while.

PS: More kitchen posts/pics: 
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Good bye October.

Today is the last day of October. People, including me, are talking about their Christmas plans. It is blowing my mind. Anyway! Here´s Ludwig. He doesn´t really mind that time passes as long as he still fits in his favorite chair in the dining room. Which however might not be the case much longer. Stop growing, redhead! 

We´ve had an amazing October weatherwise. Mild temperatures, sunny days. I love how the front rooms of our house are filled with light around this time, what with the sun being so low. Everything seems to glow.

Ponies! Scottish highland ponies, to be exact. They belong to a farm in the neighbor village and I hear they want to sell them all. This is very tempting. Look at them, they are gorgeous. One day I´ll get myself a horse, that´s for sure. Once things in the house and garden slow down. Oh yes. 

Ludwig again. He has one of his impossible phases right now. Waaay to much energy, which in the grand scheme of things (aka his heart condition) is certainly a good sign, but oh my God please send help. The other day my mother very cautiously suggested that it may be time to get serious with his training. Which, uuhhm, might be a good idea. I´m totally one of the dog owners I never wanted to become. You know, the ones who are always apologizing for all the mischief their disobdient dogs are making. Yikes.

There are still things blooming in the garden. I´ve packed away the last of the garden furniture today and planted lots of spring bulbs. Everything is pretty much ready for winter, and it feels good to step away from the garden for some time. Remind me of this in January when I can´t wait to get my hands dirty again. 

Let´s do this, November.


Planning a little bedroom redo.

I have never once showed you our bedroom on this blog, and for a good reason: It´s not nice. When we just had moved into the house two years ago, a friend came to visit us, and she was singing high praises about how put together the house already looked etc. Then I showed her our bedroom, and she said "Oh! Well ok this room still needs a little work." The sad things is, she was right, and even sadder, the situation hasn´t improved much since. Well - a little, actually. I did paint the nighstands and our old Ikea bed and DIYed these silly little lampshades and got a bedspread that I love. So the corner above looks pretty OK in fact.

Like the entire upper floor, our bedroom is actually a former attic space that the previous owners of our house converted. This is why we have these beautiful old beames everywhere. Here is a picture of the empty space if you want to get a better sense of the room. 

Here´s where things get not-so-nice. I bought this daybed from Ebay and I think it is very much a mispurchase. It is not long and high enough to cover the ugly huge radiator behind it which bugs me every time I look at it. Also this metal mosquito net thingy on the window needs to come down, it´s kaput anyway. Also some kind of storage in this room would be nice. 

So, here are my plans: I ordered a basic Ikea sofa to go under the window. I toyed with the idea of a vintage sofa but I´m allergic to dust mites so maybe not here and now. I plan to get a nice Bemz linen cover for the sofa once I have the moneys to do so. Then, I´ll get some dressers that will go opposite the bed. These will also have to be Ikea due to budget reasons but I plan to do something cool with them. The room needs to be painted too - we didn´t do this when we moved in and the walls are filthy. I am thinking white again but am open for suggestions. So! Let´s see where this is going. I´ll keep you posted! 

PS: Thank you for all the comments about the cabinet! We´ll talk about this soon.