The attic room question.

So there is this huge attic room in my house (see floor plan here). It´s almost 70 square meters big and a lovely space with the old wooden beams, the open ceiling (I think it must be nearly 5 meters high) and lots of light. This is a picture from when we first viewed the house but the space hasn´t really changed - we even acquired the bed from the previous owner and it´s the one room upstairs where I have not (yet) painted the floor. 

As it has an en suite bathroom the original plan was to turn this space into a separate holiday apartment which we could rent out in summer. The tricky part is that we would need to add an external staircase for it to have a separate access and after several discussions with our architect it became clear that this is not going to happen, mostly for structural reasons.

While this isn´t a tragedy per se - we still can use it as a space for visiting family and friends and right now, we don´t depend on the money - I find it a bit weird to leave such a huge space unused.

We´ve gone back and forth whether we still can rent it out without a separate access. I know that such spaces exist, but I am not sure how comfortable I would be as a guest. What do you think? Have you ever stayed in a holiday home like this? And do you have any further ideas on how we could use the space if we decide not to rent it out? A gym? A home cinema? Put a giant trampoline in it? Do tell.


The living room.

We´re back in the living room, floors finished and all. I am so glad! It´s such a cozy room, and I love the new blonde floors in here. It looks so much brighter and fresher.

A few remarks... The sofa (Ikea) faces our little wood stove which you can´t see here. To make this possible, the sofa stands right in the middle of the room which works really well here I think. You already know the cabinet - it´s an Ebay find which I painted a blue-ish gray. Pillows and throw are H&M.

The little table is another Ebay find, I love it! I made the cloud lamp along the directions from Lena Corwin´s wonderful book "Printing by Hand". You can´t buy or make the cute cat, sorry.

The view back to the hallway and dining room. I think the new floors look so pretty! I always wanted to have a rocking chair like this and was so happy when I scored this beauty on Ebay. The pretty crocheted rug in the hallway is from le souk.

Happy Monday!


Speaking of floors.

Don´t you just love the striped floors in this beautiful home? I am seriously considering painting my kitchen floors stripey. The husband is not so fond of the idea, but you know, I´m pretty good at lobbying. Happy Valentine´s Day!



This was not a fun weekend. We sanded our old wooden floors in the dining room, the hallway and the living room. By "we" I mean the husband - he won´t let me use the sander (he is not concerned about me but the floors). However I am responsible for the finish. We are doing the lye/soap treatment again so that means scrubbing the floor 1x with lye and 3x with soap. All in all I spent a good deal of the weekend on my knees. Ouch.

So far I have managed to finish the floors in the dining room, see above. While it is technically the same treatment as in the library, the finished floors look a whole lot different. Better, if you ask me - not as spotty. This may be due to the fact that the floors in the dining room are in much better shape but also I think I got the hang of the treatment. I think most of you would be bored by a "how to" post, but if you consider finishing your floors with lye and Swedish soap email me, I do have some recommendations for you.

I have Thursday off this week and I hope I´ll be able to finish both the living room and the hallway so that we can "move back in" on Saturday. I miss my living room so much! I realized it is my favorite room in the house. Especially now when it´s super cold and we can´t use the wood stove. Perfect timing, eh?

PS: Now that the floors are "blonde", the doors look very orange, no? Is that a bad thing? (Don´t say yes.)


Inspiration Thursday. 

This is very lovely and actually the style I am going for in my house. If you must put a tag on it I guess it would be "Swedish Country".  A little old, a little modern, a little color but still peaceful. Lots of wood, whimsical details, painted furniture. Very lovely indeed.

I am signing off for this week... let the floor sanding frenzy begin. Wish us luck.

(Picture via here.)