The Easter fire.

I have said it before, and I´ll say it again: We totally hit the jackpot with this village. We love living here and we love the traditions. Like the annual Easter fire. It happens on a plot just outside the village. Above is what it looks like there.


These are the supervisors.

Here we go! It takes almost a day to prepare this. It´s a piece of art, don´t you think? Also, it is giant.

Everybody brings food and drinks to share, but there´s also solyanka for everyone (of course). I ate way too much good stuff.

Burn, baby, burn!


The End. Happy Easter to you and yours!


Library plans.

Here is a pretty picture of my library that I took for the location agency. By the way please book my house for your shoot please? Please? It doesn´t exactly look like this will be a reliable source of income. Bummer.

Anyway, the library. We never go in there. Shame! At least we don´t use it as a dumping ground anymore. I have big plans for it though... I want to have a desk in front of that window because it has the best views of the garden. And an old piano... and two comfy chairs and a new wood burning stove. I am sure as soon as we have all this we´ll love to spend time in there. We just need to win the lottery first. Ha!

Happy Easter! I´ll share pictures of the Easter fire in our village one of these days...


A lazy weekend and Easter plans.

This weekend was slow. The weather has been cold and wet again so no gardening, sigh. Instead, many naps and cuddling my poor sick Marlene was in order. Not too bad either!

See that frame in the first picture? It has changed its color 3 times since I got it. It used to be dark red, and for some reason I thought pink would be a good choice. Pink. For an ornate baroque frame. What was I thinking? Guess what, it looked hideous. And I tried two different hues of pink! Because I don´t give up that easily! In the end, I painted it my trusty Cornforth White, and that was that.

Also, Marlene! I´m so happy to report she is so much better. I don´t want to jinx anything but recovery is going much better than expected so far. Yay for tough little furballs.

With all that´s going on I kind of forgot about Easter, which is my very favorite holiday. I guess there will be some late night egg coloring soon. On Thursday, there will be an Easter fire in the village! I am so excited about this, it sounds like out of a fairy tale. This past Sunday, all the menfolk of the village gathered and collected wood for the fire. It will be super giant! I hope they won´t burn the whole village down.. I´ll be sure to take pictures!


A refurbished cabinet.

Just a little something to show you what paint can do. I bought this old cabinet from Ebay for 50 Euro, it was the very first thing I got for the house. It sits in my front hallway and holds all the hallway stuff like shoes, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas and whatnot. Before I got to work, it looked like this:

Ok it looked a little better because a) this picture is terrible and b) I had already sanded the thing when I took the photo. Anyway, you get the idea. Paint is F&B Cornforth White and some cheap cream white from the hardware store which I actually rather like.


Sick kitty, again.

Remember this? We were overjoyed to learn that Marlene´s tumor was actually benign. She quickly recovered from the surgery and we thought all was good until yesterday, when we had to rush her to the veterinary hospital after a terrible night. I have never seen an animal in such pain. It seems she has a serious case of pancreatitis and there may be cancer involved. Back to square one. WTF. Also when they took x-rays they detected she has a serious hip damage which seems to be older and must have caused her constant pain. So weird considering she is the happiest (if not most active) cat. 

Anyway! She is still at the hospital and while her condition has improved a little, she´s not out of the woods. Please think good thoughts for her, will you? I couldn´t manage losing my favorite little fur ball especially with all the other s**t that´s going on in my life.

When it rains, it pours. Dear Universe, PLEASE STOP IT.