Happy Weekend.

I think it´s almost time to harvest our little apple tree. Also we need to pick our potatoes this weekend (yay!) and the plums are looking good, too. That means it´s almost the end of the summer, yes? Yikes.

Here are a few things I liked this week:
- This Swedish home. I love the blue dining table. (via)
- I keep coming back to this Design*Sponge Sneak Peek. Rebekka Seale can do now wrong.
- The Boden fall collection. I want this skirt and this cardigan and a million more things.

Have a good one!


A summer party. 

On Saturday we had a barbecue for all the neighbours who helped us build our backporch (which I still have to show you!). We had really mixed weather all day so we decided to set the tables in our huge doorway (gateway? entry? Dear English natives please tell me what the right term is for this, thank you).

I remember when we first viewed the house our real estate agent was all about the *possiblities* of this space, and how we would throw parties here, protected from the weather and still outside, yadda yadda yadda. In fact, this space needs a lot of love. Usually it houses our fire wood, our garbage cans and the car if we aren´t too lazy to bring it in.

Having said that, after hours of cleaning the space, and after I brought in my vast collections of lanterns as well as some flowers from the garden, it looked kind of rustic and cozy.

And romantic, after we lit all the lanterns and candles.

But I don´t have any pictures of that because I was busy having a great time. It was a lovely summer party. The End.


Happy weekend.

So turns out we have a new neighbor! The tiny little white house to our left just sold. I have to say I´m part delighted and part terrified. I always say that in this village, we basically live in historic row houses... and while our lots certainly are more than spacious, it still is important to get along with each other. So far, we really lucked out  - let´s hope it stays that way. The new owner is a young woman who seems to be really nice, and apparently she owns several ponies! How nice will it be to have ponies looking over the (not yet existing) fence! The sad thing is that we now really have to fence in our property... I kind of liked the feeling of undisturbed space like in the picture above (I am standing on our meadow but most of what you see here is our neighbor´s land).

Anyway, speaking of neighbors, we´ll have a big summer party on Saturday for everyone who helped us build our back porch (which is more or less the entire village). Fingers crossed for good weather.

I also plan to cuddle my little Emma girl a lot over the weekend. She is still sick and it breaks my heart.

Happy weekend! Enjoy the summer while it lasts.

PS: As you might have noticed, I gave the blog a small facelift. It was about time after two years!


Evening in the walled garden. 

I love how the walled garden is developing. There are still some gaps in the beds and I´ll definitely do some regrouping in the autumn (there is one corner that is all blue and another that is all pink, not what I am trying to achieve!). Isn´t the baby´s breath pretty here? I´ll definitely get some more of these.

I have to say I wasn´t an avid gardener before we moved here, but I am sure turning into one these days. I am constantly clipping and watering and replanting and reconsidering and reading seed catalogues like the bible. I think the husband is quite amused. Also I´ve started to collect garden books. Do you have any recommendations? I´m not looking for the basic stuff  but for gorgeous photography of gorgeous gardens. Inspiration material for the remaining 2,000 square feet of garden we still need to landscape!

Look at my delphinium. It has the greatest color, yes? I got it as a tiny plant and it seemed to die off in the first weeks, but then suddenly it went crazy. That´s why I have a very late delphinium in my garden!

Unrelated, a little summer story: Yesterday when I arrived at home, there was no power. In the entire village. The outage lasted until 11pm and for some reasons at dusk,  our neighbours started to gather on the village street. There was beer and laughter and many mosquitos, and it was all quite romantic. I loved it. The End.

PS: I decided this blog needs bigger pictures. Do you like? I assume it makes my archives look funny...


In and around the village.

I love taking walks around the village in the evening, especially after a long work day. Life here in the village is so very different to my work life in the city... alas, I wish I could just stay here all week. I´m always amazed how beautiful this place is. We´re lucky people to get to live here.

Hello cows!

Hello village church!

Hello clouds, and fields, and forest!

Hello overgrown path! See you all today in the evening.