The other house.

Before we bought our house, we viewed maybe a dozen other houses, some of them only from the outside.
I realize that by most people´s standards, this is not much. Thing is, we knew what we wanted. We had made a list with all the things we expected from our new home, and when we found something that ticked literally all boxes (okay, except for highspeed internet, ahem) we just went for it. And never looked back.

Well, almost. The week before we closed on our house, there was this real estate listing.. for the house above. It´s in one of our very lovely villages nearby, and people, that house is cute. It´s old and large and has a wonderful garden, and above all, it looks out over the picturesque village pond. I must admit I suddenly had doubts...but not enough to let go of what became our house.

Funny enough, the listing disappeared after one week. I have no idea whether someone bought it that quickly? I doubt it as this is not a region where houses sell after one week. Anyway... I come by this house quite often on my runs, and I sometimes I can´t help to play the "what if" game. If we had bought the other house, what would our lifes look like? Would we be as happy as we are?

Do you sometimes play the "what if" game? With houses, or ex-boyfriends, or whatever? I think it´s kind of fun, no? Oh, and would you like to see some of the houses we viewed back then?


A long post about our Deck. 

So turns out being sick at home gives you the opportunity to finally snap a few pictures of the finished deck. I`ve been holding this off for quite some time because it isn´t quite finished yet, but then again it won´t be this summer.. so let´s see what we have so far.

What you see above is the space between the kitchen and the barn. Go here to see the original plan and also a hideous picture of what the space looked like before. We have sun here in the mornings here so it is a lovely place to have breakfast. The husband built the wooden table, I am so proud of him - I think it´s gorgeous. I still need to find some nice chairs that won´t break the bank (seriously what is is with super expensive outdoor furniture?). And I need to find a nice little bench to replace the makeshift solution we have to the left.

My little herb garden. The wooden stairs are one of the items we rescued back in January. I always thought I´d find some good use for them! Oh and don´t you love this derelict brick wall? I totally do.

The other side. Rockers are from Ikea, I knew I had to have them as soon as I saw them. I painted them grey of course. Stripey cushions also from Ikea. Oh and that ladder? Well we don´t have stairs to the garden yet! Minor details.

And, uhhm, there´s no railing yet. Yikes. Like I said, minor details.

Also, the decking. The boards are Siberian larch and looked like this when we got them. I loved the color. And then the incompetent clerk who sold them to us insisted that we needed to seal them with some oil. Which made the wood look all redish and ugly. Later we learned that it is not necessary to treat Siberian larch. Duh. Oh well, the wood will turn grey sooner than later.

One of the best things about our deck? The view! We sit here for hours in the evenings, often until it´s dark.

So what is the overall verdict you ask? This year, we could either have done the kitchen renovation or the deck (unfortunately we can´t afford both). We chose the deck and I am very happy we did. We are always out there! I think we´ve maybe eaten twice in our dining room since we finished the deck. Having said that, this was a hell lot of work. The planning alone took ages and there were times I felt we couldn´t possibly do this on our own. But with a lot of help from the village folks, we (well mostly the husband) did it! Yay! Drinks on my fancy deck anyone?

PS: If you´d like to learn more about what building a deck is like, head over here.

PPS: What is the right term for this? Porch? Deck? Help! (I need a native speaker who proofreads my posts.) Apparenly it´s a deck. Thank you!


An update on the littles. 

I´ve mentioned before that the kitties are sick. I`ll spare you the details but they have parasites (they were sick already when we got them, we just didn´t know back then). And as Giardia are super contagious, all four of our cats now have parasites. FUN. Again, I´ll spare you the details. Let´s just say that I´ve been washing and cleaning a lot lately and that my house smells like a hospital. Unfortunately, this is a condition which is difficult to treat and alas, we had no luck so far in doing so. On a happier note, the older cats don´t seem to be affected much and the littles are kind of doing fine. They grow, the are energetic, they are still the masters of mischief.

Also, we are so in love with them. I have never seen sweeter cats. My Emma girl basically lives on my lap, and Lutz has his daily 10 minutes where he snuggles up to me and can´t get enough love. It´s lovely to see them slowly exploring the garden. By now, they´re even getting along with the older cats - this week, they actually started playing together! Now we only need to get them healthy.

Speaking of health, I´ve been down with the flu the entire weekend. Not fair. I even missed a wedding in the village yesterday! Not fair at all. Also we´re expecting visitors this week and my house is in a shamble. I´m still too sick to even look at a broom so this should be interesting.

All of this to say: Don´t expect to hear from me very soon. Send good vibes. Catch you on the flip side.


Colorful houses. 

My mother is visiting so on Sunday we did something we almost never do - we went sightseeing! There are many supposedly beautiful small towns nearby which we have yet to explore. Yesterday we went here and here.

Of course, as soon as we arrived it started to rain. Bummer.

It was still nice to wander around a bit.

The husband kept pointing out beautiful wooden doors. I liked this one a lot.

We even found a spot that served a decent little lunch (not a given around these parts, unfortunately).

Happy Monday!


Happy Weekend.

I think it´s almost time to harvest our little apple tree. Also we need to pick our potatoes this weekend (yay!) and the plums are looking good, too. That means it´s almost the end of the summer, yes? Yikes.

Here are a few things I liked this week:
- This Swedish home. I love the blue dining table. (via)
- I keep coming back to this Design*Sponge Sneak Peek. Rebekka Seale can do now wrong.
- The Boden fall collection. I want this skirt and this cardigan and a million more things.

Have a good one!