Kitchen progress.

So we surely have taken our sweet time installing this new kitchen... I think it´s been a month now since everything has been delivered and we´re still not done. Which on the one hand is nice because it makes such a huge task much more doable, but on the other hand it seems like this is taking forever. Anyway, we´re making good progress now so I thought I´d share a sneak peek. 

Above is my pride and joy, the kitchen island with a made to measure oak counter top (one of the things we splurged on) and a gas hob for which one tiny little thing is missing so it´s not functional yet (which means I´ve been eating sandwiches only for days now which leaves me hungry and cranky). 

Here´s said kitchen island and a glimpse of the painted cabinets. The sun is casting weird shadows here, but I think the cabinets turned out really lovely. I´ve been toying with the idea of doing something like this to make them a little more shaker style, but have I mentioned this is already taking forever? Maybe in a few years when I have to repaint anyway. For now, nice enough.

The opposite row of cabinets is painted F&B Slipper Satin which is a creamy white without being too yellow, just how I like it. Oh and see this board on top of the counter top? It´s painted Charleston Gray for experimental purposes, and I think I am going to be daring and paint the whole wall this color. Yes, this kitchen is already dark, but all color experts say to embrace it, so this is what I am going to do. And it´s going to look fabulous, you just wait and see. 

So! We´re still missing lamps and shelves and so much more stuff, but we´re getting there! I´ll keep you updated. 

PS: Someone has nominated me for the Apartment Therapy Homies. You are lovely people, thank you so much. 


Front door, painted.

Here´s one from the series "it looked really good on Pinterest". I kind of fell in love with the blue and white doors in this apartment and thought I´d try something like this in our hallway. I figured this would be an easy enough project. Ha! One gazillion hours and a terrible mess later, I was ready to delete my Pinterest account. It looks good though I think. Maybe the contrast is a bit too stark... a lighter blue would probably have been better. 

Also, I think I have never showed you our hallway. It´s actually quite lovely with two little (well, tall but narrow!) windows, and it´s quite spacious. It is diffcult to decorate though because there are four huge doors! And it´s even harder to take pictures of it for some reason. Oh well, here you go! 

PS: This cabinet is in the hallway, too! 


A DIY silk lamp. 

I`ve been lusting after these Tine K silk pendants ever since I first laid eyes on them. I always thought they would be a good match for the living room... but seriously, that price tag is a little hefty. One day when I once again complained that I neeeeded that lamp but oh sooo much moooneeey, the husband took one look at the picture and said "well do it yourself then". 

So that´s what I did. I bought a piece of ivory doupion silk (3 meters for about 60 euro) and used a basic white lamp shade from Ikea as the base (with a diameter of 40 cm). I hemmed the upper edge with my sewing machine. For the bottom edge I simply used double sided tape. Yeah, I know, but it totally works. It may not be the most beautiful solution but not too terrible either! 

So what´s your verdict? I am pretty pleased I have to say. It´s certainly not as perfect as the Tine K version but for a third of the price I won´t complain. Plus I have still plenty of that silk left... more lamps!?


Three years. 

Three years ago today, we had a little winter wedding in snowy, very cold Vienna. It is snowy and very cold today as well, so I´ll look at the pictures again and remember the great time we had. 

PS: The one big regret I have about this wedding? We didn´t hire a professional photographer (because the budget was tight). What was I thinking? I like this picture though.



Hi! I am still here. It´s just that so far, 2013 and I, we have a complicated relationship. I´ve been quite sick - turns out, there is an explanation for my never ending stomach problems after all, and it isn´t quite pretty. On top of that, I am so sick of winter, or specifically, of this winter which is just nothing but cold and wet and grey. Someone recently said on the radio that so far in 2013, there has been a total amount of 7 minutes of sun in our region, which maybe explains my grumpiness. 

So! I´ve been trying up to rest and cuddle up in front of our wood stove, and if I feel well enough, slap some paint on things. Like, on the only "new" door downstairs (which opens to a little powder room). It´s now green (pictured on the bottom right). The color is called "Lichen" (by F&B) and I think it´s pretty awful. Must repaint soon. Oh well. 

Also, do you see a glimpse of what will become our kitchen island? Yay! The first coat of, you guessed it, Down Pipe, is on and it´s already looking mighty fine if you ask me. The kitchen´s been delivered for quite some time now, but between my sickness and a busy husband, we did not manage to do very much with it. Anyway, our old kitchen just sold on Ebay, so there better be some progress soon! 

Happy weekend!