House hunting.

So all the blogging I was going to do over Easter somehow didn´t happen. The weather was just too nice to sit in front of a computer. We spent a lot of time in the garden, relaxing but also working. A big garden is a lot of work, people. I´m sore from all the planting and weeding. But it´s coming along nicely and I love being out there. I think this apartment was the right choice for us after all.

However, we are quite busy on the house hunting front. We viewed two houses over the weekend, one super lovely and one... ahem.. awful. I was going to post pictures but I have decided that it´s not fair to do so if people actually still live in there. And especially not if we didn´t like the house. Let´s just say that with each house we see, we get more of a feeling what we want and what we don´t want. We´re also re-thinking what is realistically doable for two people with full time jobs in terms of renovations and commuting times. We don´t have super powers and we also don´t want to risk our marriage...

We´re going back to the super lovely house this weekend (not with very high hopes as the location isn´t ideal) and we´ll also have a look at another house on Friday. It´s so exciting to finally be on the hunt for our very own house and I can hardly think of anything else. Yay!


Time to play.

Oftentimes when I look at our cats, I think that I´d love to live a cat´s life (or, at least, our cats´life). They can do whatever they want all day - in Marlene´s case that means sleeping 22 hours out of 24, while Lu is in the garden most of the time, hunting everything she can get hold of.

By the way, have I told you that we have lots of mice in the garden? The cutest ones, very small, and they appear not to be very smart, because otherwise Lu won´t bring one home every other day. There have been quite a few nightly "oh god the cat brought a mouse in AGAIN" emergency rescue operations lately in our house. 

Anyway, that´s not what I meant to tell you. Guys, the Easter holidays are finally upon us! That means I´ll have four glorious days off! Easter is my favorite holiday because it celebrates spring in my opinion and that´s something I can relate to. The weather is supposed to be wonderful and I can´t wait to spend a lot of time in the garden, just like Lu, only without any hunting. Well maybe Easter eggs. Ha!

I am planning to post a bit over the next few days, so stay tuned!


An old farm.

Yesterday, we drove 1,5 hrs eastwards from Berlin and viewed an old farm that is for sale. Before you get too excited, we have no idea whether we will buy a farm, buy anything for that matter, or even stay in Berlin. But we´re weighing our options, and this is one of them.

Having said that, we almost bought it on the spot. We both loved it from the first moment on. You know spaces where you feel instantly at home? It needs a lot of work obviously, but that´s part of why I liked it so much. Everything was original to the house, and it is over 100 years old. There was a big wild garden surrounding the buildings, with huge apple and walnut trees. There were colorful garlands floating in the wind, a golden mirror over a bench outside, and a chair on the porch. Be still my heart.

Still, it is not ideal for us for a couple of reasons, and we´re still weighing our options, remember? So I don´t think we´ll ever live here - but it´s nice to know that places like this exist.

PS: If you know someone who knows someone etc. who sells an old (farm) house near Berlin, we´d love to hear from you!


Happy Weekend.

Thank God it´s Friday indeed. The weather should be nice on the weekend so we plan to go on a little trip to the country on Sunday. Maybe even a picnic will be involved?

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(Picture via Design*Sponge.)


Apartments of the past, Part I.

Part one of the series "Apartments I have lived in", in non chronological order as I still need to scan pictures of some homes of the non-digital era.

You must know that we have moved five times in the past eight years, not counting sublets. I still don´t know how that happened. But yeah, we moved quite a bit. You know our previous house in Vienna and you know our current home in Berlin.

We lived in the apartment you can see here from mid 2004 until the end of 2005. It was the second home we lived in as a couple. We had decided we needed more space so we rented this place in Mönchengladbach with 120 square meters - one giant living room, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a fancy bathroom. You should know that rents are very affordable in Mönchengladbach.

So we were able to pay the rent but we forgot that you actually need some furniture for such a huge apartment, and we couldn´t afford any of this. Also we thought being minimalistic was the way to go back then. That´s why the place was mostly empty and Ikea. And I still liked yellow and dark red feature walls back then (now another pet peeve of mine). Yikes. What were we thinking?

Looking back, this apartment could have been gorgeous with some more money and ambition. Unfortunately we had neither so it never felt right to me. Also, I had a very tough time while living there, so these aren´t the fondest memories.

Next up: The apartment in wich we lived before we came to Mönchengladbach. It was cute and cozy and we should have stayed there in the first place. Older and wiser, right?