Great expectations. 

When we bought our house, one of the things I could picture most vividly is how we would celebrate Christmas here. Which is weird, because I´m not really a Christmas gal. But the thing about a big old house in the country, with enough space for visiting family members, a huge christmas tree and fancy dinners... it just screams Christmas, right?

All of this to say, we had a really nice one. My brother got lost on the way from the airport, we totally burned the poor innocent goose, and after 5 days I was more than ready to get my life back, but other than that: Lovely. I´m hoping for snow next year, and the funds to buy a piano - because you see, my Christmas fantasies also include singing carols around the piano. And then it will be perfect. Or maybe not, and that´s ok too.

So. I´m ready for a new year. Bring it on!


Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

The house is clean and warm, the fridge is full, we got a huge tree, my mom arrived yesterday, my brother is on his way from the UK, and the husband is down with the flu (you can´t have everything, right?).

Merry christmas! Try to stay warm, and sane...

PS: Last year´s christmas dining room shot. I think I´ll make this a tradition!


Baking bread.

I have started to bake my own sourdough bread again. I used to do this all the time when we lived in Vienna, but I abandoned my starter when we moved and never got back on the train somehow. So we ate the mediocre offerings of Berlin´s bakeries and occasionally splurged on organic bread... which can cost you up to 5 EUR for half of a tiny loaf (yes, I am happy to pay more for organic stuff, but this is just ridiculous).

I´ve been thinking a lot about food lately. I´ve struggled with unexplained stomach problems since the beginning of this year. At times it isn´t easy to find anything I can tolerate. I found out though that industrial bread and anything that contains preservatives are very bad for me indeed. (Here are some insights on what is wrong with German industrial bread - sorry the video is only in German).

Anyway, all of this to say: Homemade bread is a good thing, and it´s not as difficult to make as it seems. Here´s a good introduction.

Also, Emma says hi. I love this little furball.


Winter is here.

It snowed! Actually, since these pictures were taken, we had even more snow - I think we are at 20-30 cm now (in the country.. not in the city).

All of last year´s winter I´ve been waiting for snow so that I could take pictures of our wintery house, and the village, but no such luck. So when we woke up to snow and sun on Saturday morning, I was delighted. I dragged the husband out of the bed and off we went to a winter walk. It was very cold and very beautiful.


 Happy Tuesday. Only 4 days to go until my christmas break, I can´t wait.


Christmas market, and a note.

The weekend was sunny but cold. Perfect weather to visit the christmas market in the nearby artist´s village. I´ve written before about how much I love this place... however to be honest, I was disappointed in the market.
I really don´t think they should allow commercial sellers of tacky plastic stuff there. It kind of ruined the whole thing for me. It was a beautiful day though so no real harm done.

A few more impressions below... now that I look at the pictures they don´t really feel christmassy but that´s ok because I´m not in a real christmas mood either. Yet.

Also, thank you for all your comments and emails lately. I´ve been struggling with this blog for a while now and was wondering whether I should stop writing for good. Your messages made me think otherwise. I know many of you come here for home decoration stories and there will be some content for you to enjoy very soon. Thank you for reading.