Yeah, about that house.

So that was sort of a cliffhanger, yes? I´m sorry. Turns out buying a house means a lot of work (and stress, and worries), and if you add quite a lot of work-work to that, and travelling for work, and a lingering cold, you´ll find yourself in a position where you just don´t want to log into your blog at 11pm when the day is finally, finally over.

Having said that, here we are. With a few more pictures, but not really of the house. Because you know what? I really only have a few very bad snapshots of the interior which I took during the viewings. Good thing we have the keys to the house now which means we don´t need to traipse around it and act like burglars any more! We can legally enter the house! So yesterday, we went. And when I turned on my camera, I realized I had forgotten to bring my memory card.

So that was that.

By the way, this is the view of the church of the village. The pretty, pretty church that is standing across from our house basically.

This is the view from our balcony. See, the house is located right at the village square and all the houses there form kind of a circle around the church (which is hidden behind the trees in this picture). Isn´t this pretty? At first we were looking for a free standing house with no neighbours at all, but this? I can take it.

This is part of the garden and the backside of the house. You´ll notice that we´ll have a lot of work to do in this garden. It´s pretty, ahem, wild? But then again, it has four plum trees, so all is good. This is a dream come true for me. I always imagined myself making jam with plums from my own garden. Also, we have a small walled-in garden. With a sizeable barn in it! Ha.

And a stream! Running through our garden! I can´t even begin to tell you how much I love this. (Until it floods our basement.)

Right, and here is a sneak peek at the interior of the house. What you see here is the living room and behind that the hallway and behind that the dining room. (A dining room! Hyperventilation.) It´s the only ok-ish picture I have and the one I kept staring for hours during this whole buying process, because, you know: Old wood floors. Crazy-beautiful old wooden doors. A wood stove. 3,50 meter high ceilings. It will all be worth it in the end.


In a very big house in the country

So, we are buying a house. This house. It´s an old farm in the country from 1909. My mom says two of my grandparents were born in 1909 and that this is a good sign.

And yes, it is as big as it looks. So big that I´m embarrassed to tell you how big exactly and that we´ll rent out a holiday apartment. Y´all come visit?

Also, it has a huge (huge!) garden with lots of old trees. And with a little stream running through it. No I´m not kidding you. However, you know what a big garden means, right? Chickens! A dog!

What is more, it´s in the cutest village. The cutest I have ever seen, I swear. We fell in love with the village first and then with the house (which does not mean that we are not in love with the house. We totally are).

There´s even a secret lake in the woods nearby! (Supposedly. We haven´t found the lake yet. I guess that´s what "secret" is about.)

We´ll sign the contract next week if everything goes well (fingers crossed!). I´ll show you more pics soon. 

You guys, we´re actually buying a house! I still can´t believe it.

PS: This caused a bit of confusion: We´re not leaving Berlin. Or at least not the area. The house is in the south of Berlin near the Spreewald area. We´ll commute to our jobs. Until we find that gold pot.


I am still here. Are you? 

Hi! I´m sorry for the radio silence. Things got a bit out of hand here, in many ways.

BUT. I promise I´m back for good. I have a lot to tell you, Internet. Good things. Big things. Things that will provide a lot of content. Watch this space next week for the big announcement.

In the meantime, please enjoy these two pictures from my recent short trip to the Cotswolds. This is a rather lovely spot, guys. I really liked it there. Except I was so exhausted that I slept almost all the time. They do have comfy beds in the Cotswolds!

I´ll be back. Next week. For reals.


Busy times.

Item 35 on my list - check. I know it isn´t the cutest picture but look! They are only half a meter apart! That almost never happens. Since we have moved, they dislike each other even more than before, and I don´t even know why. There´s a lot of hissing and fighting these days. Little monsters.

Unrelated, sorry that I have gone missing last week. I am having a few busy weeks, well probably months, and I don´t think I´ll be here as regularly as I want to. If you miss me, remember to hop over to Flickr which I´ll still be updating.

Also, check out two lovely blogs I only recently discovered: Raining Sheep and The Marion House Book.

See you soon-ish friends!


Happy Weekend.

Happy weekend guys. I have a few days off next week so I´ll have an extra long weekend, which is super nice!I plan to do some fun things and also rest a lot to be able to pull through the upcoming busy weeks.

Here are some fun links for you:

* Seriously the best picture from the royal wedding. (Did you like her dress? Me, not so much, but I loved her simple bridal bouquet.)
* The best house tour I have seen in a while.
* Abandoned theaters from around the USA (fantastic!).
* Scary picture of clouds gathering over NYC.

(Picture from Apartment Therapy).