Little owl goes to Denmark.

The winner of my little owl give-away is Mette Camilla. Congratulations! Please email me your address and little owl will be on its way to Denmark soon.

Thank you to all of you who participated.


We like junk, part 2. 

Remember this? Here´s a picture of maybe one third of our loot. Actually what you see here are the heavy things which we barely managed to get out of the van. They´ve been standing in our entryway ever since. I´ll show you what we do with it once we get to renovating the barn! Isn´t that little dresser perfect?


The walled garden. 

I took some pictures of the walled garden this weekend. It was sunny but sooo cold! Around minus 15C on Sunday, brrr.

Anyhow, back to the walled garden. The plan is to start with this little space and then take the garden from there. Here´s a little sketch of our plans (excuse my non existing graphic design skills):

Remember the porch in front of the kitchen that I was talking about? There it is. Unusual shape but I think it will look mighty fine. We´ll also have a patio by the wall which should have sun all day. And a rather formal set up for some flower beds - I usually don´t like formal gardens much but I think it makes sense here.

We have had a very mild winter so far (except for the past two weeks which have been freezing) and the husband has already done some serious digging as you can see here. It´s rather hard work as it seems the whole space has cobble stones under that grass. We obviously need to take them out where we want to have flower beds. We briefly considered to uncover the pavement in all other areas but I rather like the grass here.. enough old stones in that space already!

Now, brace yourself...

So this is where the porch will go. It will be raised so that we can directly access it from the back door (and eventually from the kitchen door!). We´ll store firewood underneath and maybe we´ll also have a doghouse here for the dog we do not yet have.

Now isn´t that space hideous. Previously there has been a crumbling concrete staircase which we had removed while a contractor insulated the basement last year. Now there´s only this plank for the cats to reach their kitty door.  Oh and this fantastic looking rainwater pipe? It will go subsurface very very soon. Also, the back of our house has been plastered because the brick wall was too damaged. Sadly they forgot to paint over it, so this is what I´ll do come spring. Ugh.

Last but not least, I think there´s some confusion about our garden. The walled garden is only a very small part of our garden! Beyond these walls we have another 2,000 square meters of wilderness. Right now, it looks like this:

In case you wondered what we´ll do over summer. Want to come help? Free room and board? Yes?


I like owls. Maybe you do, too. 

It´s Friday. You would not believe how glad I am. We´ll try to have a slow weekend because next weekend will be not so slow. I finally convinved the husband to refinish our old wooden floors in the dining room, living room and hall. The sander is booked and I am beyond excited already.

Anyway, dou you like owls? Yes? Then today is your lucky day, because I am giving away this cute owl from Etsy seller Robin & Mould. I got it quite some time ago and was going to give it to a new mom as a gift, but then this never happened for some reason and now it needs a new home.

To enter just leave a comment. Mind I will only ship to EU-countries. Winner will be announced on Wednesday next week, because I think we all need a little pick-me-up on Wednesdays, yes?

Have a nice weekend.


Go and swoon.

I came across these great pictures of Jane Cumberbatch´s amazing London home. It. is. perfection. There was a sneak peek of her home on Design*Sponge a few months back and it´s one of my all time favorites. How nice to see additional pictures.