Kitchen plans. 

I meant to write about this kitchen of mine, and I will do so now even if I have this stomach thing going on and the last place I want to be right now is the kitchen.

The kitchen is the one room in the house that needs the most love. The existing kitchen is an old Ikea thing that is ugly and poorly planned. A glimpse of it is here. Then there´s this old kitchen stove in the one corner which yes, is so very charming but also so very useless and to be honest I hate it (sorry). However the plan is to rip everything out and get a shiny new kitchen which is already planned and looking really good in my head. Sadly, we don´t have the funds for this option yet.

The second problem with this kitchen is that it´s dark. Its facing North/East and boasts a view of an brick wall, so yeah. Lately I remembered that mirrors can help in dark rooms and we still had this large mirror from the old apartment so I thought I will give it a try in the kitchen. So far, I love it! I know a kitchen is an odd place for a mirror but it really brightens up the space. I also like our make-do kitchen island situation here, even if I plan to replace it with a big old wooden table someday.

Another quick fix is the floor - I plan to paint it white or grey soon. The kitchen is the only room downstairs that no longer has the old wooden floors but a cheap knotty pine version so paint it is.

Also! Next summer, we´re going to build a patio/terrace between the house and the brick wall that belongs to the barn. The plan is to replace the window to the left with a door to this patio which should also brighten things up. I´m so excited about the patio! We´ll have morning sun there in the summer - perfect for long breakfasts and a little potted herb garden. Yay for spring. And plans.



"Mom, I met this guy. His name is M., he has curly red hair*, and I think I really like him."
"Oh damn, I knew this would happen. Now you´ll never come back to Munich."

9 years ago, pretty much around this time, the agency I worked with at that time transferred me from Munich to Düsseldorf. I went only with great reluctance and planned to return to Munich as soon as I would find a new job. On my first day at work, I was greeted by a handsome guy who was supposed to set up my new computer and wasn´t all that friendly.

Two months later, this guy moved in with me. Two years ago today, I married him.

Happy anniversary, love. You´re my favorite person in the whole wide world.

(This was important information because in my family, we all adore redheads. Although M. would never admit that he has red hair, because he really is "strawberry blonde"...)

(Picture by Budiono).


Happy Weekend.

It´s been a few shitty days for me.. so I´m very very glad that it´s almost the weekend.

Also, can we please have spring already? For me, January is the worst ... no Christmas sparkles anymore, just grey and cold. Bring on the tulips I say.

Stay warm and cozy and have a good one, my friends. See you next week.

PS: I have updated my blogroll with many amazing new to me blogs. Happy reading!


Vintage Wallpaper Love. 

I´m sorry that if you follow me on Flickr, you´ve seen most of the pictures I am posting here these days. I´ll try to time things better in the future, but anyway here you get the bonus of the incredibly exciting background stories!

So, I meant to write about this vintage wallpaper in my hall. It´s one of the projects I have been tackling over the Christmas holidays. The hallway itself is pretty cute - we have this lovely original staircase and the two wooden doors (one to the kitchen, and the one you see here leads to the library). There´s also a horrible, horrible newish plastic door that leads to the garden which needs to be replaced very soon.

But back to the wallpaper. I bought it when we moved into the Berlin apartment. It´s from here (mind  their vintage wallpaper is really vintage=old, no reproductions!). I didn´t really have a place to hang it back then but I liked it so much, so I bought a roll. And then never used it and completely forgot about it. And then one day we unpacked boxes in the new house and I found this wallpaper and lightning striked and I knew it belonged in the hallway.

I think it is pretty much perfect, if I do say so myself. It was a very messy, tedious job putting it up, but it was worth every temper tantrum (not sure whether the husband agrees though). Things fall into place. I do like that.


Yes, we´re crazy for junk.

My mother has a former colleague who inherited a small old house in Munich some time ago. The house will be demolished soon and my mom asked her colleague whether we could take some plants from the lovely overgrown garden. We could, and while we did so back in autumn, we also took a peek into the large workshop at the back of the house.

Jackpot. Old, massive workbenches, wooden cupboards and dressers, tools, garden stuff, large ladders, shelves, lamps.... you name it. So last weekend, we flew to Munich, rented a huge van, filled it with all the goodies and hauled the stuff back to our house. It was quite an ordeal but definitely worth it. This will all go in our barn at the back of the house... the husband will have a very nice workshop indeed.

Fun story: We had a student helping us on Saturday who at one point sighed and asked: "But why in the world are you taking all that junk with you?". Hehe.

PS: The pictures show the "soon to be demolished" workshop in Munich AFTER we took the good stuff out! I´ll show you our loot in a separate post soon. And I wish this was our space... to be honest our barn is cute and spacious but needs a lot of work. I´ll show you that one too.