The walled garden in June.

While I was away, we had a severe thunderstorm in the village. According to the husband it was the worst he has ever experienced here - and that says a lot. It took part of a walnut tree on our lot and flooded our vegetable garden, again (what the what). The walled garden, however, is doing fine. It´s a miracle, but I´ll take it.

The delphiniums are in full bloom now and oh I love them so. 

A neighbor gifted us this little rose and it has multipled its size since last year. Well done, you pretty thing.

More delphinium... and that purple lythrum is another favorite of mine.

Here´s another variety in the background, and I currently have no idea what these white flowers are. Some kind of shadow plant I bought as a package. Anyway, they are so pretty!

Hollyhocks! About to bloom for the first time! The only problem is they´ve gotten so huge that you can barely see my wonderful rambler rose which is doing so well. It has tiny white blossoms which smell like heaven. 

The lupins are almost done by now (this is a picture from the beginning of June). They´ve delivered a good show this year.

This has got to be my favorite plant in the walled garden. That blue, I love it so much. I would love to plant more of these... need to look up which kind of delphinium this is.

Ah, poppies. One of the things that didn´t do anything last year and I kind of forgot they were there. Silly me, look at these beauties. 

This violet delphinium is huge and very impressive but it can´t stand even a drop of rain. No matter how much you support it, it will snap in two. Needless to say that this is one of the plants that didn´t take the storm well.

This is the door to the basement (which will soon be painted... a dark blue I think). I planted hydrangeas here which don´t get any sun but seem to do just fine (which yes, is one of the nice things about hydrangeas but I was still sceptical.)

White malva.. these have gotten totally out of control this year! 

Not a fan of astilbe in general, but it sure is pretty here. 

That´s all. Can´t wait to see what July brings.

PS: The walled garden in May.


Dear London.

Dear London: You´re still one of my favorite cities. But your crowds make me feel anxious, your tube claustrophobic, your trendy venues inadequate and your noise gives me a headache. It´s not you, it´s me though: I have become a boring old country mouse. 

Anyway, nice roses. 

Your views aren´t so terrible either.

You have a pretty little flower market. 

And I still love your afternoon tea

See you soonish. 


Summer evenings.

Summer evenings are the best. I love those late dinners on the deck, with the sun casting its last rays of the day on the walled garden. (Cats are usually not allowed on the dinner table, but they tend to ignore that rule).

The deck is about to get a railing and stairs to the garden - one of the many big and small projects we are working on these days. Summer is always so busy! But good busy.

Ludwig, however, is not busy enough. Oh to keep this dog entertained, it´s a full time job. He is impossible these days and I keep repeating in my head that this is just a phase, just a phase, oh please let this just be a phase. It´s a good thing he is so cute.


London bound.

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I am happy to report that things are much better now. The water´s mostly gone. I think we lost a good deal of the tomatoes and all of my pumpkins but everything else seems to be more or less ok. Phew.

So, I need your help! I will be flying to London next week to spend a long weekend with my mom and my brother, who happens to live there (it still blows my mind that my little brother is a banker who lives in London... when exactly did he grow up?). Anyway I´ve been to London numerous times, so I am not going to do any of the usual sightseeing stuff, but on the other hand have no idea WHAT to do. Do you have any recommendations? Where should we go, what should we see? Any secret gardens we should check out? Great shops we should visit? Hidden gems where we should eat? Also I would love to do a day trip to the seaside - is Brighton really that nice or should we go elsewhere? If you know anything, please leave a comment and I´ll be forever grateful.


The vegetable garden, May edition. 

I took these pictures of my vegetable garden on Wednesday last week. Sadly, it doesn´t look like this any more. We (and many parts of Germany) had huge amounts of rain for the past few days and my garden is partly flooded. Thankfully, the walled garden is mostly fine, except for a few storm damages. Everything else is a swamp though. 

They say the rain will most likely stop on Tuesday. I haven´t been able to check on the garden since Friday when I returned with tears in my eyes. There´s nothing I can do anyway. Such is life. 

I know it´s silly to be so attached to a piece of land, especially when there are so many people here in Germany who have it much worse with flooded basements and houses etc., but still. So much work, for nothing. 

40 tomato plants. This corner is particularly bad... it´s been flooded since Thursday.

Do you think carrots, onions and garlic like to swim? If so, they´re having fun right now.

Now here´s something that´s doing well, the raised bed. I think this corner will be ok. 

Lesson learned, we will only do raised beds next year.

My strawberries. Sigh. 

I will post an update once the water has retreated. Keep your fingers crossed for my little garden.