Vienna waits for you.

We had planned a trip to Vienna for this weekend, to revisit our old stomping grounds. We both haven´t been to Vienna since we moved to Berlin two years ago, and it´s time to go back. I was looking forward to seeing our old house again, admire the meadow, eat at all of our favorite restaurants and just generally spend some quality time in my favorite city with my favorite husband.

Unfortunately, with four of four cats being sick, we had to cancel the trip. It´s like a veterinary hospital at our house these days, and we can´t possibly expect a sitter to handle the craziness. (By the way, universe, what´s the point of sick cats nonstop? It´s like a curse? Please stop it?)

So no Vienna this weekend. Sigh. Better luck next time, yes? But as Billy Joel, and the Vienna tourist board, say - Vienna waits for you.


Josef Frank wallpaper.

I love this wallpaper. Thing is just I´m not sure where in my house it would be a good fit. Also, the husband hates it. But a girl can dream, right?

Picture via here.


Kittens and pink flowers.

The kittens discovered their love for hydrangeas over the weekend. I just could not get them off this windowsill. So I gave up and documented the mischief once again.

Cats, hydrangeas and pretty light. Overkill you say?



Evening bike ride. 


Yesterday we went home a little early, took care of our little monsters and then went on a little bike ride before the sun went down.

I love this time of the day - the light is so pretty, and everything smells so good.

Pretty wildflowers everywhere.

Time to go home!



Hello. Not much to write about really. Marlene got sick again over the weekend... it seems we catched it early enough this time around but still I had a fun weekend travelling back and forth to and from the veterinary clinic. Oh well. She is feeling better now it seems.

Also. The mini tigers are doing swell. We now have a back porch (the BEST - more soon). I can´t cope with the fact that it is July already. I need to start taking pictures again.

The picture above has nothing to do with anything except that I really love it. All the greens! It´s from here.