Baby steps.

I´m a bit of a mess these days. And so is the house! Ha!

No, seriously. We´ll be leaving for our big "summer" holiday in three weeks time (yay!). But before that, we´ll be out of town for one weekend, which leaves us two weekends to finish the aproximately 134 house projects that have to be finished before the first snow falls (which we have been told will happen somewhen early November). All of these projects concern the exterior of the house and the garden, so there has not been much time to tackle the inside.

Which bothers me especially as we´ll have house sitters at our place for the three weeks we´ll be on holiday. See, before I can welcome any guests to my house, it needs to be perfect. I´ll clean and re-decorate for the plumber (well not really, but you get the idea). To leave the house in its current state to longer-term guests completely freaks me out.

Also, this blog. I always thought "when we buy a house I´ll document every step of the renovation". Internet, I was stupid. By the time we get home in the evening from our looong commute it´s dark and I want to go to bed. On the weekends I get up extra early so that I can fit in as much work as possible in the day. And guess what, while working nonstop, I don´t really feel like picking up the camera or writing blog posts.

Things will get better though... I knew the first time would be hard for me, and now it is. It will pass, and eventually I will get around to painting the living room, or, uhm, buying the paint for the living room or even making a decision which color the living room should be (anyone?). Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


The first few weeks.

Here´s what I did since I last posted, in no particular order:

- Moved house on the hottest day of the year.

- Cleaned the house house like a crazy lady. (This kitchen stove, people. Disgusting. I would never move out of a house leaving such a mess.)

- Picked blackberries, plums and elderberries from the garden and made delicious jam.

- Met many new neighbors. All lovely, except everybody comments on how many kids we´ll need to have to fill this house. Ha!

- Witnessed two terrifying thunderstorms, one of which damaged our roof. Both included power outages.

- Bought a flashlight and lots of candles. Added "have the lightning rod checked asap" to the neverending list of things to do.

- Witnessed a wedding in the village chapel. Considered re-joining the church to be able to get married there.

- Marvelled at the amount of light this house gets. Huge windows are a great thing.

- Wondered if we, after all, should get some kind of curtains for said windows to have *some* privacy.

- Discovered a wonderful nearby lake in the woods and went swimming there as often as I could.

- Painted floors. Painted walls. Painted doors. Painted the staircase. Had bad dreams about painting stuff.

- Was on the verge of several nervous breakdowns whenever I thought about how much work there is still do to.

- Discovered several "issues" about the house the old owner decided not to tell us. Accidentally, I am quite sure.

- Planted a front garden.

- Got the house successfully connected to the internets via satellite. Who would have thought?

- Survived the first week commuting from and to the house. (So far, so good.)

- Picked flowers from the nearby fields.

- Did not miss television one single moment.

- Took road trips with the husband in the evenings to discover the surrounding villages. (Incredible villages. Like out of a movie villages. Our area is so pretty!)

- Felt overwhelmed, a lot. And overjoyed, just as much.

More to come. Maybe I´ll even pick up my camera again soon... maybe.



I´ve been so very tired lately. Except for a few days off, I did not yet have a holiday this year, and it certainly shows (literally). I had so many plans for summer and it´s sad to realize that I have realized none. I have worked so hard and accomplished a lot, professionally. And now I simply need a break and get back some of my life.

In less than two weeks we move to the new house and I´ll have two weeks off. Moving house will no doubt be stressful, but I´m so looking forward to settling in afterwards. I promised myself to take it easy. We have zero money to do anything about the house except maybe paint some more... so I plan to just enjoy it. Sit in the lovely rooms we have no furniture for and just be happy that I live there, and that it´s ours.

When I look back in 20 years, I hope I will not remember this time as the summer that didn´t happen because I worked so much but as the summer we bought the house that would become our beloved home. Let´s be happy together, house.


On color.

Let´s talk about color a bit, shall we. Don´t get me wrong, I do love colorful interiors. But there is good color, and there is bad color. See that kitchen above? Isn´t it beautiful all white?

Yeah. Before, it looked like this:

I honestly believe this is the worst paint color I have ever witnessed. Like one commenter on Flickr said, this yellow is screaming at you. See, I get the point the former owner was trying to make here. This kitchen faces North, and the windows go out to a brick wall, so it´s not the brightest room. And they figured if the painted it yellow, it would be all sunny and happy. Except that didn´t happen. Because yellow in a dark room = dirty ugly gloomy. Not good!

Also, the library. Green, really? I love green, but this shade? Really? I don´t think so.

Aaah. Much better.

Next time, we´ll talk about the pale violet office. And the screaming pink walk-in closet. And the dark purple bathroom maybe? God, this woman sure loved her colors.


Should this stay or should it go? 

I realized today that my last blog entry is 3 weeks old. Oops! I had no idea! I thought.. a week maybe? Time is flying, and not in a good way. Or maybe in a good way, because in 3 more weeks, I will finally have a summer break. Or at least a break, we´ll see whether there´s much summer left by then.

Anyway. What have we been up to? Well, first of all, the house is now officially ours. Yay! Also, the previous owner has finally moved all her things out of the house and we have started to paint all walls white (we´ll get to that in another post). Oh, and we started working on the garden (yeah... we´ll get to that as well).

I would really like to show you some pictures of the progress, but I can´t. You see, I took a gazillion pictures over the last weekend, and then I left my camera at the house. Duh. So that will have to wait.

In the meantime, I´d like to ask you for your opinion. See this thing in the picture above? It sits in our kitchen which on a sidenote is not an acidic yellow anymore. Oh, and ignore all the stuff on top, it´s not ours and it´s gone by now. Back to the thing. It is an old kitchen stove which is unfortunately not working anymore. 

So, should we get rid of it? What do you think? I don´t think it´s very pretty, is it? But then again, it´s old? And you shouldn´t get rid of old things, yes? But it´s not working anyway? And yes we have lots of space in the house but the kitchen is the one room where I´ll take all the space I possibly can get? So should we get rid of it? Do tell.