One year ago.

One year ago today, we viewed our house-to-be for the first time! I have to admit it wasn´t exactly love at first sight on my part... I liked the house but thought it really was too big for us.
I looved the village though. Here are some shots from May last year. Can you blame me?!


It´s funny to look back at this time. Our crazy but dedicated real estate agent, the previous owner who wouldn´t talk to us personally, a completely useless house inspector, many weekend visits to the village including sneaking around the property, so much anticipation and even more doubts and worries. Buying a house really is something.

Happy anniversary of sorts, house. We are so glad we found you.


Getting there. 

I took this yesterday in the evening after a weekend full of hard work. Seriously our workload these days is insane. We´re trying to get everything ready for the next big project which is building our back porch. And there´s always the garden...

Yesterday we removed the scaffolding on the back of the house... quite pleased with how my paint job turned out. We´re planning to get rid of the hideous plastic back door as soon as possible... I want to get a nice wooden door which I´ll paint in a darker color. I think the contrast with the white will be nice.

Also look at my flower beds! I planted 120 little plants (all perennials) in the walled garden over the weekend (there are two more beds on the side which you can´t see in this pic). Quite a lot but still I do think we´ll need more. The beds look a bit sparse but then again I´ll have to wait and see how the plants will grow in.

By the way here´s the plan for the walled garden if you want to revisit. The patio´s ready, too but we still need some furniture for it. I´ll show you soon. 

Happy Monday!


Happy weekend.

I know my blog is a bit lame these days. I apologize. It´s just that life in general is still stressful and I can´t carve out enough time for this little space although I´d love to.

Time seems to fly by and like every spring, it seems I haven´t cherished the beauty surrounding me enough. Do you know that feeling? Also I´m so consumed with my worries and the house and the garden that I don´t even seem to notice things anymore.

Like last weekend, when the husband asked whether I had seen the crazy blooming trees behind our garden. Uhm, no? We went there and what the what. I´ve never seen anything like this in my life before. I don´t even know what kind of trees these are - I assume some kind of fruit though? Apples maybe? (EDIT: Yes, apples.) Anyhow, oh the beauty.

Have a happy weekend! And try to savour the beauty around you.


Progress in the walled garden.

I´m playing catch-up but I still wanted to say hi and share this picture of the walled garden. I finally decided on a color for the barn doors - it´s the same grey/blue I used on the front door of house. It is quite a funny color that can be a definite grey or a bright smurfy blue, depending on the light. I thought it would be nice to have some consistency with exterior colors, and I really like it so far. Also, some weeks ago I spent a weekend on my knees to scrape a layer of dirt and weeds off this very old brick path. I am so happy with how it turned out.

More progress is going to happen soon: I received a huge shipment of plants yesterday, all for the walled garden... stay tuned!


Happy Weekend.

This week has been difficult. Again. But! My weekend will bring some more gardening, some more painting, an overdue visit to the hairdresser and on Sunday evening, I´ll board a flight to Munich to see my family and friends for a few days. This shall be nice, yes? Yes.

Have a good weekend!

(Picture by the wonderful Natalie).