Christmas market, and a note.

The weekend was sunny but cold. Perfect weather to visit the christmas market in the nearby artist´s village. I´ve written before about how much I love this place... however to be honest, I was disappointed in the market.
I really don´t think they should allow commercial sellers of tacky plastic stuff there. It kind of ruined the whole thing for me. It was a beautiful day though so no real harm done.

A few more impressions below... now that I look at the pictures they don´t really feel christmassy but that´s ok because I´m not in a real christmas mood either. Yet.

Also, thank you for all your comments and emails lately. I´ve been struggling with this blog for a while now and was wondering whether I should stop writing for good. Your messages made me think otherwise. I know many of you come here for home decoration stories and there will be some content for you to enjoy very soon. Thank you for reading.


Happy Weekend.

The other day I was talking to my mom and told her that with the unforeseen expense of a new car, we would be in serious trouble if the roof of the house took off or something like that. Guess what? Yesterday night I entered my bathroom and there was water pouring from the ceiling. I guess part of the roof took off? Haha? Hahahahaha?! We´ll only know tomorrow when we can assess the damage in daylight.

Whatever is wrong with this November, I´m glad it will be over soon.

Anyway. The room above? Big love. Actually the entire house is beautiful, go on a tour here. And see the painted floors in the dining room? A little hint of what I might be doing over the weekend. Also on my to-do list: Bake a cake, make homemade pizza and chicken soup (to fight off this stupid cold of mine). Visit the christmas market in this village. Break out the christmas stuff and deck the halls. Clean the house from tip to toe. Sleep. Sleep some more.

Oh and yeah, find out why there´s water coming from my bathroom ceiling. No biggie.

Happy weekend! 


The light, it returned.

We bought a new old car, the cats are healthy again, and the light returned. Things are looking up.

Also, I painted one living room wall grey. At first I really liked it and now I am not sure any more.

Lutz couldn´t care less. He is only interested in eating (and it shows a little, yes?). Things this little monster has stolen and eaten over the last few months: Flour, cabbage, banana, dried figs, beetroot, a pot of mashed potatoes, raisins, flower bouquets, any sort of bread and toast, a button (crunchy, this one!).

Back to grey walls. I painted the dining room a soft grey. At first I wasn´t so sure about it, now I kind of love it. You win some, you lose some, right?

Happy Wednesday.


Still, thankful.

Last week brought a car accident, which left our car totaled but thankfully all humans more or less intact, and more (seemingly never ending) health issues for both us and the cats. Quite fittingly, the landscape has been covered in deep fog lately, which makes me feel claustrophobic and desperate for light.

I keep waiting for this year to get easier, but no luck so far. Which, yes, is depressing. But then I watch the news or even just look around me and oh boy, there´s some perspective. Buying a new car will leave us broke for years, but it could have been much worse. There´s health insurance and capable doctors to help with health issues, and vets that knock on my door on Sunday night to check on the fur balls. And the thing about fog? It makes you appreciate the sun even more.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate.


Happy Weekend.

Hello. I am sorry it is so quiet on this here blog. It seems the annual pre-winter depression has been sucking every bit of creavity out of me lately... I just can´t get myself to pick up my camera or write anything about my life (which isn´t so very happy right now anyway).

However, I have two things to share today. One, I discovered the wonderful shop Anna Emilia and you all should have a look at it. I love the print above. And the one with the bear.. oh all right, all of them.

Two, I just came across the blog Letters of Note and oh my. So, so good. Go and read and write a letter to someone you love. And have a very happy weekend.

(PS: Yay for Obama! Here´s one of his letters.)