I think I have finally convinced the husband that we need to get sheep next spring. I want sheep for three main reasons:

1. I am not going to mow the lawn for three hours each and every weekend again next year, and the husband isn´t either. Life´s too short.
2. We´re not going to get one of these ridiculous ride-on mowers. No really, we won´t, dear husband.
3. Sheep are cute.

I did some research and I think we´ll get an old German breed, the "Skudde". They are tough and smallish and wooly (see picture above). Everything I expect from a sheep. I am thinking two girls? Yes? Yes.

Photo via here.


Thinking ahead.

It´s starting to look a lot like autumn around here, if you don´t count the unusual high temperatures (not complaining!). The husband started to extend the vegetable garden this weekend. I´m so excited for next summer. It might be crazy but our goal - not necessarily for next year, but long term - is to grow enough produce to feed us two over the winter (with the help of many canning sessions, our scary root cellar and a shiny new freezer). I´m ready for the challenge!

But that´s next year.. for now, I´ve been putting away the garden furniture and making sure everything´s ready for winter in the walled garden. I have to admit I got really sad when taking the hammock down - we have not spent enough quality time together this summer. Must do better next year.

(Also, do you see my crazy daisies? They seem to like autumn!?)


House portrait. 

Here it is, my house portrait by Rebekka Seale! I love it.

Ah, the exterior of this house. We didn´t get as much done as I would have liked it over the summer. We had planned to have the gable painted, but then it turned out that the whole thing is rotten and needs to be replaced. Which is not an option right now because we just can´t afford it. Same thing for the big wooden gate which needs to be replaced soonish. Next summer hopefully. Baby steps...

Also I was going to re-paint the blue door but looking at the portrait I think it needs to stay... at least until spring! All these decisions.. I have a hard life.


A visit to Dresden.

So, Dresden! Wow! What a beautiful city. I loved it there.

I have to admit that until this past weekend, my only connection to Dresden was Erich Kästner, my favorite children´s book author, who used to live here when he was young. I meant to visit the museum but since the weather was so beautiful, my mom and I rather strolled around the city.

The other thing I knew about Dresden is that large parts of it were destroyed the second world war. However I didn´t know that so much of the inner city has been re-built in the meantime. I´m usually not a big fan of re-building old structures (what is gone, is gone), but in this case I think the result is beautiful. The inner city reminded me of Vienna a lot.

It also helped that my mom (and I) stayed in Loschwitz, a very fancy part of Dresden full of the most gorgeous old villas. I wouldn´t mind having a second home there. Just one of the smaller villas, you know.

There´s even an old funicular railway which goes down to the Elbe river. Of course I had to try this one.

Crossing the bridge, you´ll have this view. Not bad, eh?

Dresden, it´s a good thing I only live 1.5 hours away from you. I will be back for sure!


Happy Weekend.

A while ago I found this old postcard in one of our moving boxes. I love Pippi Longstocking. I´m thinking of blowing this up in some way and using it in my kitchen? Maybe?

I´ll be spending the weekend in Dresden, where my Mom is holiday-ing right now. I hope there will be some sunshine and lots of relaxing, because this week has been tiring. Have a good one!

(PS: As for the source of this picture, I have no idea. I think it´s a still picture from the movie?)