It´s still cold out there.

I would really like this picture if it was taken in December. At the end of March, not so much. 

I kind of hate when people complain about the weather all the time. But still I have to say, this winter really wore me out. Still is, actually. This morning I checked the weather report online, and it said the we´d have a "relatively mild Easter" but we´re "still not done with winter" because "there will be another cold front after Easter". And then, my dear readers, I totally lost it. I started sobbing uncontrollably and only stopped because a very concerned cat hopped on my lap. Congratulations winter of 2012/13, because of you I am now a crazy woman sobbing over the weather report.

Anyway. The good thing about this weather is, we´re getting things done. This weekend and the one before, the husband cleared out all the old and sick trees we have in the garden. Today, he felled the fir tree in our walled garden. We never really liked it, and it is blocking the view from the kitchen and the library. We´ll get something not as tall to replace it, most likely a cherry tree. (Other suggestions?).

Lutz supervised the scene. He was not happy about one tree less in our garden. 

And this was my weekend project. I painted the front part of the library. The color is Dove Tale by Farrow & Ball and I love it. The library is a kind of weird large room at the back of our house. It used to be two separate rooms and is really hard to photograph, but you can get an idea of the layout here. The library part of the room is painted Down Pipe, and the other half of the room needed a color that is strong enough to complement that but something not as dark. I think Dove Tale does the trick. We´ll have a little sitting room in here soon. Unless we all freeze to death that is...


A new chair in the living room.

Hi. How are you? Let´s not talk about how I am, because 3 words: Lots. of. snow. So sick of it.

Anyway! If spring will never come, I´ll have at least something cozy to sit on. I bought this wingback chair on Ebay ages ago. Somewhen in summer last year? It was 50 bucks including delivery. I think that´s a pretty good deal for a very cute green velvet wingback chair in pristine condition. I was going to find him a chair friend and then use the both of them in my library. Thing is just, it isn´t easy to find a chair in a similar style for not a lot of money. Seems like this was a once in a lifetime thing. So I decided to try this one in the living room since we always run out of seats when having company over.

The rocker is now on the other side and I think it looks so fabulous here! I´m not a fan of overcrowding rooms, but it doesn´t feel like that at all, just more "complete" if that makes sense.

Here´s adorable chair again. These four buttons are killing me! The cushion is only temporary until I find something as adorable as chair. Suggestions?

So having chair here in here means we need to source two more (affordable) chairs for the library. We´ll hopefully have a new wood stove in there soon but as of yet, nothing to sit on. I´ve been searching around like crazy but it´s not easy to find something that both the husband and I like. We need to make a decision soon tough because who wants to get a divorce because they "couldn´t agree on chairs?". Not me.

Happy snowy week. That´s an oxymoron, right? I have a university degree in literature so I know these things.


A weekend project.

I promised to share my project from last weekend with you, and here it is: the pantry shelf in the kitchen!

So this is the corner where the old stove used to be. We had it ripped out in late summer last year, and then I very badly plastered over the mess, and subsequently I avoided eye contact with this corner. The original plan was to build a massive wood shelf here, but time and budget just did not allow this. So we bought two Ikea Besta shelves and the husband did some serious sawing to make them fit into the space.

And then this happened. See the "Before" picture on the upper left? The whole arrangement looked kind of sad. But! There´s nothing paint couldn´t make better. I had some "Down Pipe" left and I thought a nice dark background could be nice.

And I think it is! I really like it now. Do you?

Happy weekend!


Bread, and snow.

So it´s back to winter again around here and I am trying my best to stay positive. Like, so much time to tackle projects indoors! And bake bread! (By the way this recipe makes the most delicious bread in my opinion.)

But also, this. Ugh.

Stay tuned for an actual project I tackled over the weekend which I am going to share tomorrow or Thursday! I am sure you wouldn´t have guessed it, but it involves paint.


Waiting for spring.

I took these pictures at dusk the other day. We had a few lovely, sunny days this week that felt almost like spring - but now it´s back to grey skies and freezing temperatures with a forecast of lots of snow and -20 degrees for Sunday night. Minus. Twenty. I almost cried when they said that. Mostly because I started cleaning the flower beds last weekend despite knowing it was too early, and now I am terrified that everything might freeze to death. Stupid, stupid me.

In other news, we decided on a fence this week which will be delivered in April. All 90 meters of it. God help us. We made a pact with one of our neighbors though that we´ll help them with their fence and they´ll help us with ours, so I guess we´ll make a fencing party out of it and it will not be half as bad as I expect. Hopefully. Ah, the joys of living in the country.

Happy weekend! Stay warm!

PS: I do not even have words for this house tour. Swoon.