While we were hiking.

So, Madeira. It´s a lovely island, really lovely - green and lush and dramatic and the views, oh the views. The people are nice, the food is good, the weather is mild. However, you should like to hike when you go there. Because, you know, there´s really not much else to do.

I should´ve known when we boarded the flight and I kid you not, we were among the youngest and everyone except us wore hiking boots. Oops.

So we hiked! And it was great! You can do so many different tours on Madeira, from easy walks to difficult mountain hikes. We didn´t do the really difficult ones because we´re not really experienced hikers, but still our walks were spectacular. Also, I discovered that walking is somewhat therapeutic and is in fact very relaxing.

I also sunbathed and read (6 books in 12 days!) and cooked (oh those tiny and underequipped holiday cottage kitchens!) and watched way too much Food Network on TV (Paula Deen, really?) and it was a great holiday all in all. Just what we needed.

Back at home though, things weren´t going so great. Our brave houssitters had to face some challenges and we ended up flying home 4 days early to help them out. Which wasn´t so bad because we had the loveliest autumn weather and got to explore our region a bit (something we really only do when we have visitors, duh).

As of next weekend, the renovation craziness will continue. I´ve alreay ordered some Farrow & Ball paint for the upstairs doors. Exciting, right? I actually do think so.


Leaving on a jetplane.

(I am sorry. You don´t like that song? I totally do.)

So, on Thursday morning the husband and I are off to Madeira to spend 17 delicious days there. We will not be staying in one of the typical houses above (I wish!), but in a small holiday cottage with sea views and an owner who is a massage therapist. This comes in handy as my back has been killing me lately.

This is indeed a greatly needed holiday for both of us. As much as we love the new house, we really need to take a break from renovating and decorating and gardening. We´ve been crazy busy to an extent that we go to bed around 8pm on Sunday because we´re just so exhausted from the weekend.

However, I´m happy to report that, even by my standards, the house looks nice enough to welcome house guests. The living room is actually quite cozy. I´ll give you a tour once we´ll back. 

But now, excuse me while I will be doing nothing on an island in the Atlantic. Talk soon.

(Picture from here.)


A good weekend.


I had such a good weekend. I was supposed to be away with the husband but got sick and stayed at home alone. It was heaven! Being sick meant there was a good excuse to do nothing but sleep, cuddle with the cats, read and sleep some more. Just what I needed.

Also (because I can´t really do nothing), I decorated the living room a bit. As I couldn´t decide on a wall color, I just painted the room white last weekend, and I really like it. Somehow, in this house, I don´t feel the urge to have colorful walls? Yet. I got a new cupboard as well which has been painted the same blue-ish grey as the front door. Oh and my new pillows? I love them. I recently re-discovered H&M Home and oh what nice things they have (they don´t pay me for writing this).

That´s all for now. Go and have a good week!


Front of the house progress.

So let´s talk about the front of the house a bit. Remember the house came with a screaming blue door. Which is fine, I love a statement door, but maybe not with this house. The house itself is a statement with the gigantic proportions and all that very red brick, so the blue had to go.

It is ridiculous how much time I´ve spent figuring out what color to paint that door. I ordered paint samples, I googled images of brick houses, my mother sent me magazine spreads with inspirational pictures and wherever I saw a door in a nice color I took a picture of it. Alas, I couldn´t decide on a color. The choices!

And then, yesterday morning, I came across a can of paint which I had bought some weeks ago for another project and thought... hmmmm.... what the heck, let´s get it over with. Some gazillion hours later, the door of the house is no longer screaming blue. Now it is smurf blue!

Seriously though, I´m not sure whether I like it? It´s supposed to be grey and not blue. Maybe it will get a bit darker over time. It´s definitely better than before, yes? But is it good? You tell me. By the way, we plan to have the wooden gable painted white next spring. Yay or nay? Oh and as for the path, we´ll replace the existing ugly stones with gravel some day.

Here´s a close-up for your enjoyment.

PS: The grass is really that green. We had to resow it due to the construction work done to the house earlier this summer.  Oh and yes there´s a step missing. Oh well. Who needs a step.


Baby steps.

I´m a bit of a mess these days. And so is the house! Ha!

No, seriously. We´ll be leaving for our big "summer" holiday in three weeks time (yay!). But before that, we´ll be out of town for one weekend, which leaves us two weekends to finish the aproximately 134 house projects that have to be finished before the first snow falls (which we have been told will happen somewhen early November). All of these projects concern the exterior of the house and the garden, so there has not been much time to tackle the inside.

Which bothers me especially as we´ll have house sitters at our place for the three weeks we´ll be on holiday. See, before I can welcome any guests to my house, it needs to be perfect. I´ll clean and re-decorate for the plumber (well not really, but you get the idea). To leave the house in its current state to longer-term guests completely freaks me out.

Also, this blog. I always thought "when we buy a house I´ll document every step of the renovation". Internet, I was stupid. By the time we get home in the evening from our looong commute it´s dark and I want to go to bed. On the weekends I get up extra early so that I can fit in as much work as possible in the day. And guess what, while working nonstop, I don´t really feel like picking up the camera or writing blog posts.

Things will get better though... I knew the first time would be hard for me, and now it is. It will pass, and eventually I will get around to painting the living room, or, uhm, buying the paint for the living room or even making a decision which color the living room should be (anyone?). Baby steps, people. Baby steps.