The library. 

When we first considered buying the house, there were a few things I was concerned about. Among other things, there was this huge, awkward room we actually didn´t need. It didn´t help that it was, uhm, rather ugly back then. See picture above.

No I did not enhance anything in this picture. I have no idea what the previous owners did with the floors, I guess they sealed them with some red tinted wax? I just know that I hated the color right from the start. Oh and I also hated the green wall color. It was the very first room that I painted.

Two weeks ago, the husband spent a weekend sanding the floors of what we now call "the library". We figured it would make sense to get that done before we would actually assemble any bookshelves. We then decided to finish them with lye and Swedish soap, something we had seen and loved in a holiday apartment a few years ago. The room now looks like this:

The floors are in a pretty bad shape, thanks to the woodworm, so it is a bit spotty in places (See the darker areas? That´s where someone had a feast). However that shold go away over time. All and all I think this is a great improvement. Now to decide on a wall color and bring in the shelves... I can´t wait to have my books back in place!


Color, color, color.

Happy Tuesday! So yes, I took pictures over the weekend, but that´s for later. Right now, I need your advice. Lately all I can think of is color. Walls, floors, furniture. I am trying to come up with a color scheme for the house and it´s hard. I don´t want it to be too colorful this time around but I also don´t want it to be bland. That´s  only inside, and then there´s also the exterior which is almost as difficult.

Above is what it looks like now. Remember I painted the door a blueish grey recently.

This is what it used to look like. Also in this picture you see that on the left, we have this giant gate (is that the right English word?) which used to be painted brown and needs some love urgently. Same goes for the gable of the house (again not sure whether this is the right term). Come spring we plan to have the gable painted (there are limits to DIY) and I am going to tackle the gate.

Now, what color to paint the door/gateway/gable? In my opinion, there are two options:

1) Leave the door as it is and paint the gable and gateway white to match the windows and entryway area. I just wonder whether it will look too cutesy and a white gable is not really typical for the area...

2) Choose another color to paint door, gate and gable. But what color? Maybe go dark? Down Pipe?  Or even Railings? Or a definite and not-so-blueish grey?

All I know is that I don´t want to go back to brown, even if it would match the roof. And I don´t think a strong color would go well here. Opinions? Help! 


Happy weekend.

(Picture is not mine but by Amy Johnson on Flickr. I love it.).

I really, really need to take pictures of the house and what we´re up to renovation-wise (it involves sanding floors, ugh). Last weekend was so insanely busy that I didn´t pick up my camera once. I´ll try to do better this weekend and report back.

Are you in a Christmas mood yet? Me, not so much. This weekend though will be all about baking cookies and making the house a bit more christmassy. I´m usually not big in seasonal decorating but this time around I decided to make some effort. I even bought a ton of vintage Christmas ornaments off Ebay this week. It will, after all, be our very first Christmas in our new house.

Before you go, you should all be reading Sanctuary. I think I pinterested (of course that´s a word) about 80 percent of this blog´s content over the last few days. It is more or less the lookbook for my house.

Oh and you should also check out Lundagard. It´s pure magic. I discovered Lundagard via Designskool, which is also a must read. Hop over for some serious eye candy, and then have a wonderful weekend.


Let me take you on a walk.

So I finally took some decent pictures of the village! Let´s go on a walk together, shall we. This what you first see when you enter the village. It´s an old barn and I love the brick "1905" on it. Most houses in the village have been built around that time (our house is from 1909).

The street that leads to our village ends here. You can go in a circle around the village but no further. That is quite rare to find in Brandenburg and we love it.

Oh, and see the message bord on the old barn? It has messages on it which are 3 years old. Yeah, we live in a fast-paced environment.

We enter the village and there´s our house! Hello, house! See the tiny old house on the left? It´s for sale. It´s one of the oldest houses in the village and needs a lot of work. On the plus side, it´s really cheap and has a huge garden. Want to be my neighbour? This is your chance. I´ll bring you cookies when you move in.

Looking a bit further down the street. We have a few half-timbered houses in the village. And a very pretty church.

Here´s your second chance to be my neighbour! I love this one. It´s the old village pub. It´s huge and lovely and needs a lot of work, too. But remember, cookies.

(Seriously, if you´re interested send me an email and I´ll send you the link to the listing.)

That´s basically it with the historic "centre". As you can see, there are a few more modern houses on this street leading to the woods nearby. The street turns into a dirt track once you´ve passed the last house. With lots of cows right and left. Moo.



Instead of joining the cows, we´re turning right. Here´s the old village green with the obligatory pond. Also, sheep! (Or goats? Hmm.)

The back of one of the old houses. Love this one. 1905 again. This could be in a historic movie, yes?

The path leading out of the village. See the hut on the left? It´s an old bakehouse which is still working. I need to find a way to make money with the bread I could bake there. If anything I would save some decent time on the commute. Ha! 

That´s about it. I´m so happy that I get to live here.


A visit from Miss Potter.

Yes I am still alive. There´s just not much to tell you... we´ve been busy working on the house but I need to take proper pictures to show you. It´s also the season of christmas madness already... ugh. I´m not ready for this.

However, I´ve been watching "Miss Potter" with Renee Zellweger recently and I loved it. Loooved it. That´s all.

Talk soon.