A weekend project.

I promised to share my project from last weekend with you, and here it is: the pantry shelf in the kitchen!

So this is the corner where the old stove used to be. We had it ripped out in late summer last year, and then I very badly plastered over the mess, and subsequently I avoided eye contact with this corner. The original plan was to build a massive wood shelf here, but time and budget just did not allow this. So we bought two Ikea Besta shelves and the husband did some serious sawing to make them fit into the space.

And then this happened. See the "Before" picture on the upper left? The whole arrangement looked kind of sad. But! There´s nothing paint couldn´t make better. I had some "Down Pipe" left and I thought a nice dark background could be nice.

And I think it is! I really like it now. Do you?

Happy weekend!


Bread, and snow.

So it´s back to winter again around here and I am trying my best to stay positive. Like, so much time to tackle projects indoors! And bake bread! (By the way this recipe makes the most delicious bread in my opinion.)

But also, this. Ugh.

Stay tuned for an actual project I tackled over the weekend which I am going to share tomorrow or Thursday! I am sure you wouldn´t have guessed it, but it involves paint.


Waiting for spring.

I took these pictures at dusk the other day. We had a few lovely, sunny days this week that felt almost like spring - but now it´s back to grey skies and freezing temperatures with a forecast of lots of snow and -20 degrees for Sunday night. Minus. Twenty. I almost cried when they said that. Mostly because I started cleaning the flower beds last weekend despite knowing it was too early, and now I am terrified that everything might freeze to death. Stupid, stupid me.

In other news, we decided on a fence this week which will be delivered in April. All 90 meters of it. God help us. We made a pact with one of our neighbors though that we´ll help them with their fence and they´ll help us with ours, so I guess we´ll make a fencing party out of it and it will not be half as bad as I expect. Hopefully. Ah, the joys of living in the country.

Happy weekend! Stay warm!

PS: I do not even have words for this house tour. Swoon.


Life lately.

Hello! Happy March! I didn´t mean to disappear but I contracted a stomach flu last week which we all know is always good fun. And then on Friday, I started a new job! I know! It´s all sorts of awesome, and I actually still can´t believe my luck. I will write more about it once I have settled in a bit more. 

So this is why I didn´t really take any pictures lately, which is why you get to see a few instagrams again. Clockwise from top left: It´s still spring in my house thanks to my ex-colleagues (thank you again!), I am still madly in love with my new kitchen which now gets pretty morning light again, Emma wants some of our lunch and is generally being cute, and we are building a huge shelf for the kitchen (what you see here is only the starting point, and not very pretty, but I am very happy to have something in this corner). 

Also, it seems that slowly, veeery slowly spring is coming? Yay?! Things are looking up. 


Scenes from the weekend.

Did you have a nice weekend? We had tons of new snow (I think it snowed all Saturday and large parts of Sunday) which didn´t exactly make me happy, but we tried to make the best of staying indoors. 

Exhibit A: I made cinnamon rolls. Yum.

And cuddled sweet Emma. (I know it doesn´t really show in this picture, but this cat is quite filthy. She won´t let me groom her, and after a winter of snow and mud, it definitely shows!)

And I also made my first sourdough baguettes which turned out delicious! We ate some of it with a cheese fondue. I think I gained five pounds over the weekend? Oh well. If spring is still nowhere to be seen, we can just as well eat winter foods in the meantime, right? 

Have a wonderful week!