Merry merry.

I hope you had a nice christmas, or whatever you want to call it. I am not religious, so I like the idea of celebrating winter solstice. In any case, it´s a nice opportunity to spend a few days with family, eat too much food and cuddle dog and cats, so that´s what we did. Here are a few pictures from around the house.

The End. Now excuse me while I watch bad movies all evening. Tomorrow the wallpaper is going up in our bedroom! Ah, the excitement. 


Life with 20 paws in the house.

I thought I hadn´t taken a picture (you know, a real one, with a camera and not an iPhone) in ages, but there were a few on my Nikon that I had totally forgotten about. Mostly they show animals, because well, we have a lot of them. Here´s Ludwig! He had his three months check-up after the surgery and everything looks pretty good. Very happy about this, although the vet said she wouldn´t recommend taking him with me when I go running. Haha. That´s the very thing I was so looking forward when we were getting him. You know the saying about you making plans and the universe laughing at you? That. Anyway, I still love you, redhead.

Lu and Emma. Recently the husband asked me if we had any pictures of Lu from this year, and yeah, we maybe have two. She´s just never around. Busy, you know. 

I had to include this one although it´s blurry. Four of five animals in one picture, that never happens. Also, this should give you an idea of the chaos when Ludwig has his daily five fifty minutes of uncontrolled craziness.

This would be such a nice picture if he hadn´t this, uhm, thing in his mouth. It´s his favorite treat. If you don´t know what this is I´ll spare you the details. 

This is from today. Speeeeed! The vet asked whether he ever holds still. Sure, when he is sleeping! Otherwise, no. I read somewhere that if you want to have a dog that you can take on nice relaxing walks on Sunday morning, you shouldn´t get a Setter. I agree one hundred percent. On the plus side, it never gets boring. 


Sneaky peeky.

Well, hello. You still there? I´m sorry for the lack of posts. I am working on a lot of things in this house of ours but can´t bring myself to document my projects properly so that I can share them here. I do, however, share things on Instagram more frequently, so hop over there until I get my blogging mojo back.

Anyway, here´s the latest from the deorating department, clockwise from upper left: I finally decided on a wallpaper for the bedroom, and it´s none of the options I blogged about here. This is the "Fruit" Wallpaper from Morris. I have been obsessed with Morris wallpaper lately, here´s another pretty option I want for the downstairs hallway. Once it´s up on the walls I´ll show you pictures and explaing why it´s this particular wallpaper and not another.

I kind of want to replace the half-hearted picture wall in my living room. I really want to try and paint something like this. Something abstract, and huge. We´ll see how this goes. I have a feeling this is one of the projects that seem simpler than they actually are. 

Tiling a little backsplash, however, was not one of these projects. You guys, tiling is easy. The picture shows the result before I got everything grouted. It looks pretty good now. I´ve been holding off showing you pictures because I hope we can rearrange the open shelves above the backsplash over the holidays, and then I´ll do an update on that kitchen wall. Including why I didn´t end up using vintage tiles for the backsplash as originally planned. 

Also, we´ve been switching rooms upstairs. There´s a smallish room that used to be a study, but no longer, because now it is a guest room. This project will get a separate post as well, once it´s done. In which I´ll explain why I painted yet another room grey, and why it is this grey and not another grey and dear God, someone stop me obsessing over all things grey.

All of this to say: More soon. I promise.


Happy December.

If we make it through December, everything´s gonna be alright I know. 

Can´t get this song out of my head. I always thought the lyrics are a bit stupid since December isn´t actually the coldest time of year, not around here anyway, but what are you gonna do. It´s a pretty song, and listening to Holly Cole never hurts. 

Happy December, loves.


Where I work.

When I blogged about the sitting room part of the library, I also promised to show you the other half of the room, aka my work space. I´ve been working from home since March this year and for me, it works great. I never want to go back to a regular office job.

We bought these Ikea Billy shelves as a semi-temporary solution until we have the money to do a custom wall of shelves in here. We made a few adjustments so that they look more like built-ins and I really like them now.

I also really like my view of our garden. Not that I´d see much of it once I am in front of my giant desktop. Ha!

PS: What people wear when working from home. Read the comments, hilarious. I made a verdict never to work in pajamas and so far, I am sticking to it.