Waiting for spring.

I´ve been sick for three weeks now. It is getting reeeally old. First I had a cold that turned into a full-on flu/sinusitis and now I have a cold/cough again? It is so annoying. On the other hand, everyone seems to be sick these days. And in fact I happen to know a very good remedy for this misery: Let it be spring already. I am so over winter. We actually had beautiful sunny weather all week but it is still so cold out there. Please, weather gods, let it be spring soon.

Here are some pictures of Ludwig and Lutz because cute animals never hurt. Ludwig is doing his "I am very cute" face here. Oh redhead.

In other news, I bought a second kilim pillow for my kitchen bench. The first one used to live in my living room but it accidentally landed on the kitchen bench during a cleaning session (seriously, my whole life consists of cleaning this house, but that´s another story) and I rather liked it! Accidental decorating is my forte.

In case anyone is interested, this is how the walled garden looked like today. I did some clean-up this weekend and now we´re ready to go whenever you are, spring! Oh in case you wonder about the plastic bottles, those were installed to keep a very persistent mole away who apparently thought he could spend his winter digging through my flower beds. The bottles didn´t help one bit, of course, so I bought another more professional thingie that works with ultrasound. Which freaks the dog out but the mole seems to be thriving. Oh well! 

All together now: Bring it on, spring!


The outtakes.

Here are a few outtakes from the "Im Augenblick" shoot with Nicola that I liked. Nicola is such a great photographer and those pictures are a real treasure for me, especially the ones she has taken of me in my garden. I am always behind the camera and generally that´s ok for me, but it is somehow very nice to have pictures of myself in this garden that I have created with my own hands and that is such a labor of love. Does that make any sense? 

Anyway. I look a little sweaty in the picture above. That´s because I was. It was so so hot on the day we took those pictures and while I love this dress, it has a million layers and lots of fabric with all those pleats and wow was it ever hot. 

This is actually one of my favorites. Veggies yay! 

Look! Me in my beloved walled garden! 

I am also very much in love with the interior shots. I never manage to capture the light like this. The word "glowing" has been used in the comments and that´s right, my house is glowing. 

The picture above shows an angle that I never photograph. I think most of you haven´t realized that my kitchen and dining room are connected. So, you know, FYI.

Also an angle that I never shoot. Wallpaper love. 

Thank you again Nicola for those pictures. They truly mean a lot to me.

(All pictures by Nicola Holtkamp)


A portrait.

One day in August last year, Nicola visited and took pictures for her portrait series "Im Augenblick". Her wonderful photos and a little interview with me are now on her blog. Head over and check it out!

I´ll be posting a few outtakes/some of my favorites from this shoot later this week. Happy Monday!

(Picture by Nicola Holtkamp)


Our house as a location. 

Did you know that we rent our house out as a location for photo shoots? Well we do. In September last year we had a team over for two days; they were shooting the home goods of Hess Natur for this year´s catalogue. Well the catalogue is out now and I thought I´d show you a few of the pictures! Above they set up a fake bedroom in my living room - see my little picture wall? 

And now there´s a kids room in my living room... the kid models were so great! And I loved how the team interacted with them. The kids basically had a whole room full of toys and all they had to do is play or paint pictures or jump on the bed. It all felt very natural and I think those shots were everybody´s favorite. 

Here´s a fake bedroom in our attic room! Yes lots of fake bedrooms since the shoot was mainly about bedding. And look, one of my pom-poms even made it into the picture. 

That´s in the walled garden (left) and on the deck (right). See my Ikea rocker? Sadly I don´t think I look half as decorative when lounging on it. Ha. 

Favorite picture! How cute is this one. That´s my blue bathroom door upstairs! 

This was our first photo shoot and it was such a good experience. I was a bit concerned before how I would feel about a dozen people taking over my house but in the end it felt like a big party. The team was so nice and we really enjoyed having them here. Ludwig especially had the time of his life. Plus it was so interesting to see how those shoots work, how everything is set up etc. I probably came across as a very nosy person... Anyway I hope there will be many more shoots like this. And next time I´ll be sure to vaccuum under the sofa (ahem).


New paint for the living room.

I painted my living room over the weekend (here´s how it looked before). This has been on my list for a good long while now since the walls were filthy - we had an incident with a blocked chimney during the first winter in our house and there was soot everywhere. It didn´t really show in pictures but in real life and it always bothered me. Anyway at first I wasn´t sure what to do. Keep the feature wall but make it a dark blue? Go really dark on all walls? In the end I opted for the same light grey as I have in my dining room - Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White. I have that theory that one should paint bright rooms a lighter color (so that the light can bounce around) and dark rooms a dark color (since it makes them look cozy and not drab).

Besides, I want the rooms at the front of the house to feel cohesive. From the living room, you can see right through the foyer into the dining room. The foyer has wallpaper on the upper half and F&B´s Purbeck Stone on the lower half. Purbeck Stone is basically a darker Cornforth White, so it all fits together nicely I think. And I don´t miss the feature wall at all in this room. 

I think Cornforth White is such a lovely, lovely color. It´s a soft grey with red and bronze undertones and it´s what I would define as a warm grey. It can have a lilac tint in some light which I rather like. I´ve used it all over my house and really recommend it. Also, it looks great together with the little blue cabinet, yes? 

Bonus picture of the dining room because it looked nice and Emma is cute.

PS: Please don´t look at the crooked lamp in the first picture. It arrived broken and twisted but the seller offered a discount and I thought I could fix it. I can´t obviously and now I´ll ban it to some room where it doesn´t remind me constantly that I paid to many Euros for a very ugly lamp. On a related note, I´ve had such bad experiences with online shops lately. Why sell a broken lamp in the first place?