Prints for the kitchen.

I´ve been on the hunt for colorful kitchen prints for quite some time and came across a lovely Etsy shop, Anek. Don´t you love this huge tomato print? I have a hard time introducing warm colors to my home so a print would probably be a good first step.... oh and despite not being a fan of black, I also love her basil print


The first harvest. 

With all the projects we have lined up for this year, I did not really expect we´d have much of a vegetable garden. I really wanted to have a strawberry patch though, because I looove strawberries. So I asked the husband very nicely to prepare the patch and went to buy a dozen plants from our local nursery. When I returned home, I found another dozen new strawberry plants on my doorstep. A gift from my neighbor from her garden. I love this village and its people.

The new plants have taken their time to settle in but are starting to produce fruit now. Delicious fruit I should add! We ate the whole plate you see here as a dessert on Sunday - just the pure fruits, no sugar or icecream or anything necessary. Yum.

I also collected some sweet cherries. That is, what I collected from the lower branches of our huge tree. How does one pick cherries from huge trees? And don´t even think ladders, this tree is huge. Ideas are appreciated.

By the way, I´m happy to report that we do indeed have a vegetable garden these days. It´s small but we´re adding things continually. I´ll give you a tour soon.


Shades of pale. 

Some Friday eye candy. This is the home of Tine K which has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. I do however not only love her home but everything - and I mean everything - in her collection (not getting paid for writing this!). I especially love the colors - grey, white, taupe, and a beautiful soft denim blue. Also, look at these silk lamps.. I so want one! 

Happy Friday peeps. Any plans for the weekend? My dad is visiting and we´re still building our back porch. The combination of both should be interesting. Have a good one!

(Pic via Tine K´s Pinterest).


Elderflower Syrup. 

Last week I made elderflower syrup. I love this stuff ever since I lived in Austria where it is everywhere in the summer. I´ve never made it myself though! Here´s what I collected from my trees.

It was a bit sad to drown the beautiful flowers in the sugar syrup, but what are you gonna do.

The end result! Very happy with how it turned out. I need to make another batch so this lasts me through the year.


Walled garden revisited.

The walled garden is coming along nicely. My little plants are starting to grow in. I think it will be so nice once these are mature beds. Also as you already know I´ve painted the barn doors my trusty smurf blue and the windows and the upper shutters are now off-white...

... as is the big gate to the "real" garden. I had painted this gate a deep inky blue at first which looked really awful for some reason. It´s much better if a little boring in white.

I´m very proud of our little patio by the wall, because I paved it with my own hands. I used old field stones of which we have plenty and our neighbour contributed the sand, so this project was basically free. It´s really not that hard to pave with field stones. It might be a little uneven but who cares about minor details, right?

Also, the joke will be forever on the husband in the village because heet his wife pave the patio. Ha!