Happy Weekend.

This week has been difficult. Again. But! My weekend will bring some more gardening, some more painting, an overdue visit to the hairdresser and on Sunday evening, I´ll board a flight to Munich to see my family and friends for a few days. This shall be nice, yes? Yes.

Have a good weekend!

(Picture by the wonderful Natalie).


Spring in the garden. 

The huge cherry tree in our garden is blooming right now, and everything else is starting to become green and lush. I love this time of year. I also found a good spot to hang the hammock and maybe next weekend I´ll get the chance to spend more time in it. I´ve been insanely busy with painting the exterior of the house, and we now have a huge strawberry patch and a potatoe field! I´ll show you more pictures of the progress soon. Yay for gardening season!


Etsy Get the look.

My house is featured on Etsy´s Get the Look today. I´m honored and think Christine did a great job with the selection of Etsy items she put together.

Also, hello to all the Etsians who decided to have a look at my blog. I hope you like what you see! Happy Sunday lovely people!


Women, painted.

I discovered a few great Etsy artists lately... I am thinking about putting together an art wall just with portraits of women. Maybe in the bedroom? My treasury is here if you´re interested.

Happy Friday!


Brick & Color.

Good day, people of the internets. How have you been doing? Me, not so great. In fact, I´ve been down with a stomach flu since the weekend and it kinda sucks. Anyway, here´s a little (ok, huge) post from my sick bed.

We´re talking about color again. Yes I know it´s your favorite. Be strong.

Look, there´s this barn in my walled garden (see first picture). And then there is this huge gate that leads to the actual garden (see above). Now, this brown stained wood on the doors/windows/shutters? It has to go. Obviously.

Ever since we bought the house, I´ve been taking pictures of brick houses with colorful windows/doors for inspiration. Today is the lucky day I am sharing them with you! Yeah, you can thank me later.

Above is a somewhat teal-ish color that is really nice, yes?

A dark grey/blue. Also gorgeous. Would contrast nicely with he lighter brick of the wall methinks.

A soft lichen green. This could possibly be nice together with the dark red of the barn?

A brighter green. Nice, but not my favorite. 

A green-ish grey. Not bad either.

This is not one of my pictures, it´s from here. I looove it. A soft grey. Yes it´s my favorite and yes it´s grey again. I can´t help it. I´m such a boring person.

So what do you think? Any favorites?