Speaking of floors.

Don´t you just love the striped floors in this beautiful home? I am seriously considering painting my kitchen floors stripey. The husband is not so fond of the idea, but you know, I´m pretty good at lobbying. Happy Valentine´s Day!



This was not a fun weekend. We sanded our old wooden floors in the dining room, the hallway and the living room. By "we" I mean the husband - he won´t let me use the sander (he is not concerned about me but the floors). However I am responsible for the finish. We are doing the lye/soap treatment again so that means scrubbing the floor 1x with lye and 3x with soap. All in all I spent a good deal of the weekend on my knees. Ouch.

So far I have managed to finish the floors in the dining room, see above. While it is technically the same treatment as in the library, the finished floors look a whole lot different. Better, if you ask me - not as spotty. This may be due to the fact that the floors in the dining room are in much better shape but also I think I got the hang of the treatment. I think most of you would be bored by a "how to" post, but if you consider finishing your floors with lye and Swedish soap email me, I do have some recommendations for you.

I have Thursday off this week and I hope I´ll be able to finish both the living room and the hallway so that we can "move back in" on Saturday. I miss my living room so much! I realized it is my favorite room in the house. Especially now when it´s super cold and we can´t use the wood stove. Perfect timing, eh?

PS: Now that the floors are "blonde", the doors look very orange, no? Is that a bad thing? (Don´t say yes.)


Inspiration Thursday. 

This is very lovely and actually the style I am going for in my house. If you must put a tag on it I guess it would be "Swedish Country".  A little old, a little modern, a little color but still peaceful. Lots of wood, whimsical details, painted furniture. Very lovely indeed.

I am signing off for this week... let the floor sanding frenzy begin. Wish us luck.

(Picture via here.)


Little owl goes to Denmark.

The winner of my little owl give-away is Mette Camilla. Congratulations! Please email me your address and little owl will be on its way to Denmark soon.

Thank you to all of you who participated.


We like junk, part 2. 

Remember this? Here´s a picture of maybe one third of our loot. Actually what you see here are the heavy things which we barely managed to get out of the van. They´ve been standing in our entryway ever since. I´ll show you what we do with it once we get to renovating the barn! Isn´t that little dresser perfect?