Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

The house is clean and warm, the fridge is full, we got a huge tree, my mom arrived yesterday, my brother is on his way from the UK, and the husband is down with the flu (you can´t have everything, right?).

Merry christmas! Try to stay warm, and sane...

PS: Last year´s christmas dining room shot. I think I´ll make this a tradition!


Baking bread.

I have started to bake my own sourdough bread again. I used to do this all the time when we lived in Vienna, but I abandoned my starter when we moved and never got back on the train somehow. So we ate the mediocre offerings of Berlin´s bakeries and occasionally splurged on organic bread... which can cost you up to 5 EUR for half of a tiny loaf (yes, I am happy to pay more for organic stuff, but this is just ridiculous).

I´ve been thinking a lot about food lately. I´ve struggled with unexplained stomach problems since the beginning of this year. At times it isn´t easy to find anything I can tolerate. I found out though that industrial bread and anything that contains preservatives are very bad for me indeed. (Here are some insights on what is wrong with German industrial bread - sorry the video is only in German).

Anyway, all of this to say: Homemade bread is a good thing, and it´s not as difficult to make as it seems. Here´s a good introduction.

Also, Emma says hi. I love this little furball.


Winter is here.

It snowed! Actually, since these pictures were taken, we had even more snow - I think we are at 20-30 cm now (in the country.. not in the city).

All of last year´s winter I´ve been waiting for snow so that I could take pictures of our wintery house, and the village, but no such luck. So when we woke up to snow and sun on Saturday morning, I was delighted. I dragged the husband out of the bed and off we went to a winter walk. It was very cold and very beautiful.


 Happy Tuesday. Only 4 days to go until my christmas break, I can´t wait.


Christmas market, and a note.

The weekend was sunny but cold. Perfect weather to visit the christmas market in the nearby artist´s village. I´ve written before about how much I love this place... however to be honest, I was disappointed in the market.
I really don´t think they should allow commercial sellers of tacky plastic stuff there. It kind of ruined the whole thing for me. It was a beautiful day though so no real harm done.

A few more impressions below... now that I look at the pictures they don´t really feel christmassy but that´s ok because I´m not in a real christmas mood either. Yet.

Also, thank you for all your comments and emails lately. I´ve been struggling with this blog for a while now and was wondering whether I should stop writing for good. Your messages made me think otherwise. I know many of you come here for home decoration stories and there will be some content for you to enjoy very soon. Thank you for reading.


Happy Weekend.

The other day I was talking to my mom and told her that with the unforeseen expense of a new car, we would be in serious trouble if the roof of the house took off or something like that. Guess what? Yesterday night I entered my bathroom and there was water pouring from the ceiling. I guess part of the roof took off? Haha? Hahahahaha?! We´ll only know tomorrow when we can assess the damage in daylight.

Whatever is wrong with this November, I´m glad it will be over soon.

Anyway. The room above? Big love. Actually the entire house is beautiful, go on a tour here. And see the painted floors in the dining room? A little hint of what I might be doing over the weekend. Also on my to-do list: Bake a cake, make homemade pizza and chicken soup (to fight off this stupid cold of mine). Visit the christmas market in this village. Break out the christmas stuff and deck the halls. Clean the house from tip to toe. Sleep. Sleep some more.

Oh and yeah, find out why there´s water coming from my bathroom ceiling. No biggie.

Happy weekend!