Wallpaper in the hallway. 

First off, let me say these pictures don´t do the finished hallway justice. While it is a sizeable room for a hallway - more like a foyer, really (native speakers, help me?) - it is really difficult to photograph. I took about 100 pictures in the course of today and this is the best I can do. 

Anyway. The point is, we finished the hallway. I looove it. 

I really am a little obsessed with this wallpaper. It´s "Scroll" from the Morris archive wallpapers, and it was very generously sponsored by Wallpaper Direct. I´ve ordered both the wallpaper in our bathroom and bedroom through Wallpaper Direct and was very impressed with the speedy delivery and their reasonable shipping costs. They have a great range of wallpapers that aren´t available in Germany or at least not for that price.

I love how the yellow of the flowers echoes the warm wood tones of the doors and goes so well with all the greys in the adjacent rooms. The hallway went from cold and functional to whimsical and warm. Wallpaper, you guys. It can do miracles.

I think I´ll paint the door a lighter shade sooner or later but for now it´s fine as is. We didn´t wallpaper that particular wall since there isn´t much wall to speak of anyway and there´s a lot happening here already with the two windows and the door. Also, I´m very happy with the dado we did in here by the way. I think if we had done all the walls from top to bottom it would have been too busy. This way, it´s just right. 

Look, so pretty. This makes me happier than it probably should. Thank you Wallpaper Direct! 


Arabia Annual Plates.

This weekend was stormy and wet plus the husband was away so I had some solo parenting to do with Ludwig, which kept me pretty busy so I didn´t take any pictures or finish any projects. Except I reorganized our hallway closet but that´s not really exciting in terms of blog material. 

But. I have to tell you about my newest obsession. Annual plates! Yes it has come to that. These are the Annual Kalevala Series collector plates from famous Finnish manufacturer Arabia, designed by Raija Uosikkinen. There really isn´t much information about them on the internet (which is kind of weird), but apparently they commemorate the Kalevala legend, the national epic of Finland - each plate depicts a part of the story.

I LOVE them. I don´t even know why exactly, they aren´t really my style, but I love them. The upper right one is from 1976, my year of birth. So pretty! Sadly this one is pretty rare. The one from 1979 is my favorite so far. I want them all! There are quite a few on Ebay if you´re interested - I know because my watchlist is full of them. 

Back next week with pictures of the finished hallway wallpaper project! 


Tulips, a sunrise and that dog again.

I don´t really have to tell you much but here are a few pictures from the weekend. We didn´t manage to finish the hallway wallpaper project since we had a few other things to take care of plus a big birthday party to attend in the village. Complete with fireworks and a bonfire and everything. People sure know how to celebrate their birthdays in the country. 

The picture above has nothing to do with anything. I just thought the dining room looked nice.

I usually walk the dog really early on weekends (like, around 6.30am), and in a moment of clarity I took my little Canon G9 with me on Sunday and was able to take this picture. Again and again I am amazed what this little camera can do. If you ever tried to capture a sunrise/sunset you´ll know that this is extremely difficult to get right. I am aware that there are strategies and equipment for this task, but to be honest I am still not really interested in the technicalities of photography. All the better that I managed to take a picture that looked exactly like the reality. Also, no photoshop or anything has been used, because I wouldn´t know how to do that either. This is straight out of the camera.

As for Ludwig, thank you so much for your concern. We are still pretty much in the dark about what is actually wrong. His blood results came back today and they look pretty good. Also we went to see a physical therapist yesterday and although there are a few issues she doesn´t think there´s something fundamentally wrong with him. (Also, yes, a physical therapist for dogs! Who knew!). Anyway I think it would be good to get a second opinion and take it from there. I´ll keep you posted.


From the weekend.

We spent a lot of time outside again this weekend since the weather is gorgeous. We ate lunch in the garden today. This makes me very happy I must say. Anyway let´s talk a bit about what is happening inside the house too. Because *this* is happening - the hallway wallpaper project of my dreams. We´re doing a dado kind of thing here with paint below and wallpaper on the upper two thirds of the walls. The wallpaper is Scroll from Morris, which the good people from Wallpaperdirect generously agreed to sponsor so that I could finally stop obsessing about this project and just make it a reality. Yay! I can´t wait to hang the wallpaper next weekend.

The dining room is missing its curtains. They came crashing down last week and I am trying to make up my mind whether or not they should be replaced. When we first moved in I sewed some simple curtains out of Ikea fabric which I basically never really liked. I always thought that some days I would get really nice linen curtains and I guess now I´d have a good excuse to do so. The thing is, I kind of like the room sans curtains? It feels kind of echo-y though. I googled strategies how to lose the echo without curtains and the internet agrees that I should stick egg cartons to my walls. Awesome! Maybe I should get curtains after all.

Last but not least, please send good vibes for Ludwig. We have an appointment with the veterinary clinic tomorrow since our regular vet thinks he may have a cruciate rupture. Noooo. 


Lets go outside.

I´m not going to talk about this weather or even mention the s... word because I don´t want to jinx anything. Let´s just say that exactly one year ago, we just had a ton of fresh snow. I VERY much prefer this version of February.

Also, yes, there´s a pair of jeans hanging from one of the trees. You´ll have to ask the husband why.

We continue to clean up the garden. It´s a bit difficult to explain all that rubble in this picture, but we´ll talk about this project in detail - soon. 

This is just always a nice view whatever the season. Also, the hazelnut is blooming.

Ludwig, cracking walnuts from last year. Our redhead had a few rough weeks. He somehow injured his leg and we can´t figure out what´s wrong (and by we, I mean us and the vet, obviously). We thought he was better but the other day he came in from the garden and was limping badly again. We tried some natural stuff which everyone on the internets was raving about, however of course our special dog gets gets super sick from it (think diarrhea in the middle of the night). Ugh, Ludwig, we just want you to be healthy. 

Burning stuff while drinking coffee. As you do.

Last but not least, can we talk about our rooster for a second? Isn´t he the most beautiful creature? Plus he is so kind and takes such good care of his three girls. I didn´t want a rooster at first but well, I have changed my mind. Roosters! Who knew.