A guest bedroom. 

When we bought the house, this was one of the rooms I wasn´t too excited about. It´s a decent size, and has this nice huge window thingy that leads to the little balcony in front of our house, but somewhen in the 80ies the ceiling has been lowered significantly*. Booh. Apparently the previous owners have tried to remedy this situation, which resulted in a disaster, and gave us the advice to not ever touch that ceiling. OK! We haven´t so far. I´m not keen on disasters. 

So, this room used to be the husband´s office for his working-from-home-days. Which means that it never got used since he always works in the dining room. So right before christmas, I decided on a whim that this room should become a guest bedroom. Until then, our guests had stayed in our huge attic room, which was obviously very spacious but also not really cozy and quite unfinished (we´ll talk about this attic room in detail soon). The husband liked the idea, so it was on. The challenge was to create a guest bedroom with an almost zero budget. 

The only things I bought are a new bedspread (H&M, they do have great stuff) and a can of paint.  I meant to go darker but I things got mixed up at the hardware store and I ended up with this taupe-ish color which actually is quite nice. Everything else in this room we already had. Like the yellow lamps that I intended to sell a while back and nobody wanted them, which is a good thing too, because look how cute they are in here. 

I still need to repaint this Ikea dresser. Even I think that there are too many shades of grey (ha!) in this room. It will become white, I think. And we´ll need to do some cord management. Why is there are cord hanging from the ceiling, you ask? Well, we get our internet from a LTE antenna on our roof, and this is the connection to our WLAN router. Anyway, guest bedroom on a budget? Done.

*Rumour has it that back then, this room was the only inhabitable space in the whole derelict house. Everything else was in ruins. The old woman who lived here on her own apparently stored her fire wood in what is now our living room. Nice.


My fairy tale bedroom.

Over the holidays, we finally tackled our bedroom. You may remember I had vague plans for this room, and that later I decided I wanted to wallpaper a feature wall with Morris wallpaper. Here it is now (for a wider shot please click here, sorry vertical pictures just don´t look good on the blog). I love it. The warm colors play nicely with the wooden beams and balance out the cool grey tones of the bed(spread) and the floors, which is what I had hoped for. The wallpaper has completely transformed the room, it is like sleeping in a fairy tale setting now!

In addition to the wallpaper, we painted all the walls a crisp white except the part behind the new sofa - I used a little Charleston Grey here that was left from the kitchen renovation. 

That corner is still unfinished. It´s the wall opposite the bed (and the wallpaper feature wall). I was going to stain the new cabinet a similar color to the beams, but am not sure now. Maybe white would be a better choice? What do you think? Also, please ignore the mess in the hallway. I meant to crop it out of the picture, but it does give a better idea of how the rooms flow, so. Keeping it real, right? 

Let´s take a last look at that wallpaper, shall we. I am so happy with how this turned out! 


The bookcase that got painted a lot of times.

Here´s one picture to tell you two things: 

#1: I got a decent zoom lens for christmas which enables me to take pictures like the above where you can see pretty much all of my living room and get this, I didn´t even need to stand on a chair in the dining room (i.e. the farthes possible point) while shooting this. LIFE CHANGING. When I first got the lens, I ran around the house taking wide angle pictures of every single room just because I could. Now, there´s really nothing that tops my beloved 50mm lens, but it is very exciting to be able to take proper full room shots every once in a while. 

#2: So this is how the infamous bookcase looks now. The new color is F&B Oval Room Blue which isn´t really so different from the color the bookcase used to be in the first place, however it does have a little more green in it which is nice because there´s more contrast to the grey wall behind it now. One may ask the question whether it was really necessary to invest time and money in repainting a bookcase three times just to end up with a color that similar, but let´s just not go there. All of our doors upstairs are painted Oval Room Blue and it´s certainly nice to have a consistency throughout the house, or so I keep telling myself. 

Back soon with pictures of the new guest bedroom and our finished bedroom. All wide angle, of course. Watch out. 


Good bye 2013.

2013 did not exactly start well for me (health issues, job troubles), but it got better from there. Great, even! All in all, it was a really good year. Resolutions for 2014, you ask? Those mostly concern my attitude. I want to worry less and not sweat the small things. Also, take better care of myself. Last but not least, take time to stand back and enjoy what I have - which is a lot.

Here´s a look back with some favorite pictures and posts:

In January, I painted our front door. Which is now about to get repainted, because the paint keeps chipping off (I was lazy and didn´t use primer. Here´s some good advice from me to you: Always use primer.) I might use a lighter color while I am at it.

In February, we finally finished our kitchen remodel. OK fine, I take it back, not everything was bad in the first few months of 2013. I LOVE this kitchen. 

In March, it wouldn´t stop snowing, and I was growing a liiiittle impatient. So that was bad, but also I started a new job back then, and that was very, very good.

In April, we brought Ludwig home. This is probably the best thing that happened to us in 2013. We adore this dog to a point that probably isn´t healthy. 

In May, I took what is my favorite photograph of 2013. 

In June, I first showed you the 2013 edition of the vegetable garden. Right after I took the pictures, the garden was flooded, so that was that.

This is my favorite picture of the walled garden, taken in July. When going through the archives, I realized I have babbled maybe a tad too much about the garden last year. I am sorry. It´s just so exciting to see things mature. I promise I´ll scale the garden coverage down this year.


We got a new gate in August. I do realize that this was probably way more exciting for us than for you. 

In September, we went to the sea for a weekend. So good, and much needed.

In October, I painted the cabinet in the living room a bright blue, which (almost) everybody loved - except me. It has since then been repainted twice, the last time two days ago. Actually, there is another resolution for 2014: Stop repainting that damn cabinet.

In November, I blogged about my newly painted kitchen floor. This definitely wins the "most tedious project in 2013" award. But also the "most awesome outcome" badge, to make up for it.

Another favorite picture that I took in December. And with that, the circle closes.

Here´s to a great 2014!


Merry merry.

I hope you had a nice christmas, or whatever you want to call it. I am not religious, so I like the idea of celebrating winter solstice. In any case, it´s a nice opportunity to spend a few days with family, eat too much food and cuddle dog and cats, so that´s what we did. Here are a few pictures from around the house.

The End. Now excuse me while I watch bad movies all evening. Tomorrow the wallpaper is going up in our bedroom! Ah, the excitement.