Been thinking a lot this week. Not done yet.

You should read this blog.

Happy weekend.


A Sunday run. 

Did you know that I run? Well I do. I started 10 years ago when I had a boyfriend who participated in Ironman events and who thought I was a couch potatoe. Later he left me (because I was a couch potatoe?) and I started running compulsively, 6 times a week, 1 hour at the least. I lost 20 pounds and looked anorectic, but then I moved to another city and things got back to normal again. Phew!

I still run though, 2-3 times a week if I can manage. I always return happy.

Now that we live in the country my running routes have vastly improved. There are many options and all routes are quite scenic. Especially now that the wildflowers are blooming! Above is the village´s swimming pond, located in the woods. Although I love it dearly I yet have to muster the courage to swim in there (I came across a snake the first time I tried and that was that).

And it was all yellow.


Happy Friday.

My favorite paint company Farrow & Ball seem to have discovered the social media thing since they are now not only on Twitter and Facebook but also on Pinterest. The latter is a great thing indeed as the pictures on their site are tiny which has always bothered me. However there are a few of my favorite shots on Pinterest in a decent size now and I hope they´ll be adding more. The wall color on this one is Down Pipe which, as you know if you´ve read this blog for a while, is a color I dearly love and have used throughout my house.

In other news, Friday! Thank God. Have a good one!


Meet the kittens. 

So yesterday we brought home two tiny kittens! Meet Emma (on the left) and Lutz (on the right). They´re part Norwegian forest cat so a bit more wooly than the usual cat (or at least Emma is, Lutz seems to take after his short haired mother).

We wanted to adopt one more cat for ages and now that we live in the country, as silly as it sounds, we really need a male cat to protect our girls from the stray cats around (there´ve been some not so nice incidents). So we really only wanted to adopt Lutz, but fell for his little sister on our first visit.

Do I need to explain why? (Btw do you see she has curly whiskers? Cuteness overload.)

Anyway, so far it has been a wise decision to adopt siblings... they have each other so the transition to their new home isn´t too hard. Actually, so far, they seem to be pretty happy! Now I just hope they´ll get along with Marlene and Lulu eventually...

Four cats! That makes me a crazy old cat lady, right? Oh well, there are worse things.


Prints for the kitchen.

I´ve been on the hunt for colorful kitchen prints for quite some time and came across a lovely Etsy shop, Anek. Don´t you love this huge tomato print? I have a hard time introducing warm colors to my home so a print would probably be a good first step.... oh and despite not being a fan of black, I also love her basil print