My kitchen shelves on Remodelista.

I´ve been so busy with Ludwig and work and a business trip that I didn´t get around to tell you that Remodelista featured my kitchen shelves the other day. Thank you so much Justine! And for all the new readers who came to this blog via Remodelista, welcome! I hope you like what you see.

Happy weekend everybody!


More about Ludwig.

Thank you for all your happy comments about Ludwig - I had no idea I have so many dog loving readers! Ludwig´s been with us for more than a week now. We are very much in love with him, but I am not going to lie, it´s been a bit of an adjustment having a puppy in the house. He needs a lot of attention and also needs to learn some, ahem, basic good behavior... Like, remember the fact that human beings aren´t made for chewing. (Sharp puppy teeth - ouch!)

Surprisingly, the cats are quite relaxed about the new addition to the family. Actually they are super interested in him - there´s a lot of sniffing going on especially when he is asleep. Ludwig himself would love to play with the cats (he misses his siblings!) but they aren´t sure about that just yet. All in all, this is going much better than expected. Phew!

He seems to love our garden. So much to explore! I am looking forward to having the fence up so that he can run free and be with us when we are gardening.

Also, he has huge paws. Love.


Easter 2013.

Easter is my very favorite holiday. I do not believe in any God but I totally believe in celebrating spring and new beginnings. The thing about this Easter though... it didn´t feel like Easter at all. For one thing, we brought home little Ludwig, who is so very cute and mischievous and easily scared and all in all just needs a lot of attention. I´ll write more about him soon.

Also, it´s not helping that there´s in fact no spring to celebrate. When the masters of ceremony lit the annual Easter fire, it wouldn´t burn at first. Because that huge, carefully built pile of wood was frozen to the core. Yep. Anyway it did burn in the end and it was a lovely evening. (Here´s last years Easter fire with a bit more of information and pictures. It´s a wonderful tradition.)

In my defense, I did manage to dye eggs (I always use natural dye) and bake some Easter bread! But we kind of ran out of everything else so Easter 2013 was a great success even from the culinary point of view (we had pizza on Sunday, ahem). Oh well. There´s always next year, right?


The puppy and the dining room.

This Friday, we´ll drive a few hours East and bring home a little Irish Setter puppy. We wanted a dog for ages, and now that I work from home it´s finally possible. So for the past few weeks we´ve been preparing ourselves and our home for his impending arrival.. Reading books about puppy education (oh my) and realizing that we can not possibly have these cream white rugs in the dining room any longer. They can go in the washing machine which is why I bought them in the first place, but with four cats and a puppy, I guess they´d have to be washed every other day.

So obviously there are two choices now - to buy a new rug which is a bit more hard wearing (jute, probably) or to have no rug at all in the dining room. As always, I can´t seem to make up my mind, so please help me make a decision? The thing is, in the view above - from the kitchen - I think the dining room looks very much naked without a rug.

However in this view from the hallway, I really like the bare floor boards. What do you think? Help?


It´s still cold out there.

I would really like this picture if it was taken in December. At the end of March, not so much. 

I kind of hate when people complain about the weather all the time. But still I have to say, this winter really wore me out. Still is, actually. This morning I checked the weather report online, and it said the we´d have a "relatively mild Easter" but we´re "still not done with winter" because "there will be another cold front after Easter". And then, my dear readers, I totally lost it. I started sobbing uncontrollably and only stopped because a very concerned cat hopped on my lap. Congratulations winter of 2012/13, because of you I am now a crazy woman sobbing over the weather report.

Anyway. The good thing about this weather is, we´re getting things done. This weekend and the one before, the husband cleared out all the old and sick trees we have in the garden. Today, he felled the fir tree in our walled garden. We never really liked it, and it is blocking the view from the kitchen and the library. We´ll get something not as tall to replace it, most likely a cherry tree. (Other suggestions?).

Lutz supervised the scene. He was not happy about one tree less in our garden. 

And this was my weekend project. I painted the front part of the library. The color is Dove Tale by Farrow & Ball and I love it. The library is a kind of weird large room at the back of our house. It used to be two separate rooms and is really hard to photograph, but you can get an idea of the layout here. The library part of the room is painted Down Pipe, and the other half of the room needed a color that is strong enough to complement that but something not as dark. I think Dove Tale does the trick. We´ll have a little sitting room in here soon. Unless we all freeze to death that is...