A weekend trip to Bavaria.

This past weekend, we went on our annual summer roadtrip to Munich to see my family. And since it was my mother´s birthday on Friday, we went on a little outing to a very beautiful lake in Bavaria, the Staffelsee. There are few pretty villages along the lake, the biggest being Murnau (I think?). Anyway Murnau is really beautiful and idyllic, but we really went there to visit the Münterhaus.  

This used to be the summer house of German artist Gabriele Münter. I love her work and always wanted to visit the house. It didn´t dissapoint, I loved it. It´s such a cute house and I adored all the colorful walls and painted furniture and of course, the art. 

That staircase! Gasp. Sorry about the not-so-great pictures, I didn´t have the right lense and had to be quick. Here are a few more pictures of the interior and Münter´s paintings if you´re interested.

Afterwards we went down to the lake and took a little walk before we had dinner. I always forget how lovely this area is. I am not really a mountain person but yes, lovely indeed.

And then this happened. A dog´s gotta do what a dog´s gotta do, right? 


A cloud of butterflies.

The walled garden has always attracted lots of butterflies, but right now there are so many of them it´s insane. It´s one big flutter. I don´t have the right lense for close-ups like this and I know the exposure in these pictures isn´t ideal, but I thought I´d show you a few of these beauties anyway. 

Is there a butterfly expert among my readers? I´d love to know whether there are rare ones among these guys? 


Apples and asters. 

Apples and asters: When they´re ready you definitely know that it´s autumn. The apple trees everywhere in the village are full of red-cheeked beauties and hardly anyone cares. Sob. I know it´s very much the city girl in me who thinks that every single apple must be harvested, but well. It´s just such a shame. 

We only have one old apple tree on our land and my neighbor keeps telling me that we need to fell it because apparently it has some kind of tree cancer. Which may very well be but as long as it produces the most beautiful apples it will stay. It´s a small tree so the crop is manageable and the apples store well. I have no idea what variety these are but I think some kind of cooking apples, they´re pretty tart. 

As for the asters - so pretty. They add so much color to a garden that is, at last, a bit tired. Have a good week! And promise me to take care of your apples. 


Friday question: What to do about the kitchen shelves.

Remodelista recently posted a tour of UK housewares shop Baileys Home and Garden and I can´t stop thinking about the shelves in these pictures. It´s now been 1.5 years since we remodeled our kitchen so I had a lot of time to think about the shelves situation (to recap, read the comments in this post).

I´ve known for quite a while now that I want a set up exactly like in the picture above - two rows of open shelves to either side of the sink. Now I don´t have a window or anything above my sink, but maybe I could have a painting there or a mirror or even some kind of old window frame? That´s probably too kitschy, but you  get my point. I want to "break up" that wall visually and make the sink more of a focal point.

As for the shelves, I know I said back then that I don´t like these kind of brackets but well, maybe I´ve changed my mind? They look wonderful here. Of course these are much nicer than anything I can find. I´m toying with the idea of white brackets and oak shelves, or vice versa. What do you think? Do you have a great source for shelf brackets?

Here are my options so far: Option 1. Option 2. Option 3. Help!

Edit: Pretty sure the brackets are the Ikea ones named Valter, my option 2. I think they may have white-washed them? Anyway, yay for Ikea. Thank you Laura for your comment! 

(Photography by Rich Stapleton via Cereal Magazine.)


Harvesting potatoes with Ludwig.

This weekend, it was time to dig up the first potatoes! Of course, good farm dog that he is, Ludwig helped. 

So many potaotes! (This is about one fifth of the entire crop). 

It´s a good thing we have Ludwig to do all the hard work. This dog, he is the best. He truly has brought so much joy into our lives. Have a happy week! 

PS: Exactly one year ago today I wrote a post about Ludwig´s heart condition and surgery. For those of you who wonder: He is doing fine. He is being examined regularly and the vet is always very happy with the results. Phew!