Stalking the garden. 

It seems my blogging mojo got lost a bit over the past few weeks. Work is super busy and all the hustling seems to eat any kind of creativity, do you know that feeling? But today in the evening I went in the garden and took a few pictures and here we are. 

I am stalking the garden these days. There isn´t much to see yet but we really only need a few warm days now. We´ve still had such low temperatures at night around here, but the forecast says it´s going to be mild with a bit of rain. Just what we need to really get started, I think.

I am seriously worried about the perennials in the walled garden. I know it´s too early to panic, but it seems quite a few plants have died. For example by now I am pretty sure that I have lost three of four lupins. Nooo. They were so pretty last year! I don´t even know what happened. Is it the tireless mole that still haunts the walled garden? I suspect so.

Not long now, not long. I can´t wait. 


Please send chocolate.

I have started to write this blog post three times. It´s no good. I struggle a bit these days and today was especially shitty. So instead of writing about all the feelings I give you a few pictures of my house that I took over the weekend. Please send sun, chocolate and a good dentist. Have a good week.
PS: I think this came across a bit more dramatic than intended. I am just having a few bad days and a chipped tooth that has been fixed in the meantime. Thank you all for the well-wishes! :)


Spring is here. 

This weekend, we finally got spring-like temperatures around here, complete with a lot of sun. I spent two glorious days in the garden, cleaning and pruning and preparing the vegetable beds. I even discovered this little beauty above; it´s the first bloom in the entire garden. I always get so impatient with nature when the temperatures are finally rising. Grow! Bloom! Hurry up! But there is still a way to go, especially in the walled garden. This space has its own microclimate since it doesn´t get any decent sun before late March. 

Hi Kasimir! 

Nothing like blue skies! This barn belong to one of our neighbors. It´s ginormous. Fun fact: There used to be a similar sized barn on our plot which the previous owners tore down. It is still visible in Google Maps pictures - complete with a tree growing out of the roof! 

In chicken-related news, we lost one of our hens on Friday. It looks like a hawk killed her. This happens a lot around here but somehow we were spared from this special kind of tragedy until now. It made me terribly sad. To tell you the truth, I think chickens are really silly, stubborn and sometimes cruel creatures, but I still care for them a lot. My husband always makes fun of me how I prepare healthy snacks for them and how they have the cleanest coop in the entire village (probably true) and how I generally worry way too much about them. But I just want them to have a happy life. Anyway. I said this before, raising chickens isn´t for sissies. (And I totally am a sissy.)

Also, I planted 100 tulips in the bed that you see above and so far, nothing. I think the $%&$ voles ate all the bulbs. 

Oh Ludwig, I love you so.


Always a good sign that spring is here: A blooming hazel. 
Have a happy week!  


The gardeners garden.

I came across this wonderful series today and just had to share. This episode about Great Dixter is my favorite so far... what a beautiful garden, what a beautiful video. In my next life I´ll be a full time gardener. Also I desparately want to be friends with Rachel, is that weird? I´ll be in England at the end of June to visit Sissinghurst and I realized Great Dixter is only half an hour away. Sold!


It is still not spring, I am still sick, I haven´t taken a single picture with my real camera this week. But! Here are my favorite Instagram pictures from the past month. February is always such a difficult month, right? I don´t hate it as much as I hate January, but it is a close second. Good thing we made it to the other side. Happy March! 

PS: Apologies for the wonky collage. I have no idea how to do those things properly so I´m totally eyeballing everything - clearly not very successfully...