A ladies weekend. 

Last Saturday around noon, four ladies arrived at my doorstep for a day in the country: Dana, Giulia, Nicola and Susanne. All of them internet aquaintances; two of them I knew already, two of them I didn´t. Here´s the thing about virtual friends though: There´s always an instant connection in real life. The idea of this weekend was to harvest, cook and eat together - and take pictures, of course. Because that´s what ladies from the internet do, as illustrated above.

I think I can safely say that we all had a great time. I love when people enjoy the space we have created here in our little corner of the world. I know how we live is different and sadly, "different" is rarely popular with the masses. That´s one of the reasons I blog: You probably come here because you enjoy what we do and how we live. The blog gives me a sense of community that sometimes is missing in real life. And when I get to meet some of you kind people in real life? That´s even better!

Funnily enough, even though at some point I had pitched this weekend as a "photography workshop", I took the fantastic amount of 13 pictures. I enjoyed it all too much to pick up my camera. And thankfully, I had some very talented photographers by my side who took way better pictures than I ever could. Case in point: Nicola´s recap (with a new favorite pic of me - I made them take photos of me with rhubarb because I always wanted a picture of me with rhubarb. It´s probably a very Kinfolkish thing to do, but I don´t mind).

I´ll update this post with links if and when my fellow weekenders post more pictures (NO PRESSURE). Thank you again ladies for coming here, I can´t wait for our next meet-up in autumn!




Going dark in the library.

So I finally took pictures of the finished library! Aren´t you so excited? I am. I painted this room back in March. Where does time go. Anyway. Here´s a picture of this exact same space "before". It was fine, the picture wall was cute, many people loved it. But I always felt that this part of the room could look better, that the picture wall was sort of childish, etc. And I alway wanted this room to feel more cohesive. 

What you need to know about the library is that it used to be two rooms that are now open to each other. I think/hope the picture above helps to understand the layout (it´s the best I can do without a proper wide angle lense...). The previous owners combined the two rooms and I guess it sort of makes sense. They did the same in the kitchen/dining room but while these still very much read as two separate room I think the library doesn´t. For me, it´s one room with a, well, challenging layout. So in order to unify this space more I decided to use one single color for the entire room; and I decided to go with Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball - two walls in the "office" part of the room were already painted this color and I loved it. 

To go that dark was a bit of a risk since the room faces North - so while it gets a ton of light through the large windows there´s no direct sunlight except in the very early mornings. However I´ve always had that theory that darkish rooms become cozier when painted a dark color and in that particular case I think I was right. I love the new color. And what do you know, suddenly my blue chairs totally work! I was going to sew white covers for them but no need now - I think the colors work beautifully together! 

Originally I had plans to make a big picture wall with the lovely floral prints by Olga Inoue. However that didn´t work for a number of reasons so I decided to at least have a few prints on each side of the break-through. I love how they pop against the dark color!
So, all in all, super happy with the result! Like with all Farrow & Ball paints, the color changes with the light - from a true charcoal to a dark blue to almost black. However since it has bronze undertones it never feels cold. I love being in this room (which is a good thing since I work from here full-time!). To think that when we moved in, this room caused me so many headaches, and now it´s one of my favorites in the house. Funny how that goes. Have a happy weekend!


Book club: Dream Decor. 

Dream Decor is the second book by Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar fame. I have to admit that by now, I´m a bit weary of this "books by bloggers" thing, but in this case I am happy to report that it works mighty fine. I love this book! If you´re a Bright Bazaar reader then you know that Will is into all things color and I wasn´t sure what to expect with the book... would it be "too" colorful for my taste? But it isn´t. There´s color, yes, but the dosage is just right, and all the interiors in the books are indeed dreamy.

God I love this kitchen on the left. The entire house is super lovely. And the sweet bathroom on the right even made it to the cover. I actually find it a bit funny as a cover picture but with the blue stripes I think it works. There are a few things that I really like about the book: One, original content. I find nothing more annoying than an interiors book that consists of stock photos. I recently came across one where I knew about 50 % of the pictures from blogs and Pinterest already. I mean, come on. Not so with this book! All new-to-me and very unique homes.

Two, I really like that while the book does feature different styles, it still feels very cohesive, like one person with one particular taste picked all the homes. They are all a bit on the eclectic/quirky side which I love.

See what I mean? I love this loft so much! I wouldn´t necessarily want to live in it but I think it´s just so beautiful.

Last but not least, I really really love the illustrations!

Dream Decor: Styling A Cool, Creative And Comfortable Home, Wherever You Live by Will Taylor, photography by Andrew Boyd, is out now. Published by Jacqui Small (£25). More information can be found here.

A Birthday garden party.

So last Saturday we celebrated my husband´s 40iest birthday with a big garden party. Since I turn 40 this year too but my birthday is right before christmas (and nobody is really interested in attending a birthday party then) we decided to go big with my husband´s birthday and invited both of our families, friends and half the village. So now I have an excuse to skip my birthday entirely...wise choice since I won´t be doing anything like this again soon! Turns out throwing a party for 60 people is quite a task; smallish nervous breakdowns and sleepless nights included.

Anyway, happy to report it all went well, even fabulous if I say so myself. The weather cooperated nicely (oh the anxiety I had about the weather), we had lots of help from family so everything went smoothly (thank you!!!), most people showed up and I think everyone had a good time. As for the set-up, we borrowed simple tables and benches from our neighbors and bought those fabulous paper tablecloths that totally look and feel like fabric. I think the blue looked so nice in my mostly-blue garden!

We had a big barbecue together with lots of salads, breads and cheeses followed by a massive amount of cake and while I was super nervous that we wouldn´t have enough food, I have been eating leftovers for the past three days...of course. By the way this carrot salad is such a crowd pleaser. It used to be in that empty white bowl... 9 pounds of carrots gone in a minute!

Also I bought two sets of string lights (these) and I love love love them. They´ll stay up all summer.

All in all, very happy with how it went. Now I need a holiday though. Ha!


Walled garden update. 

I am still insanely busy - we are gearing up for my husband´s big fat 40ieth birthday celebration this Saturday and I am feeling nauseous just by looking at my to-do-list - but the walled garden looked so good this evening that I ran to get the camera und took a few pictures. It´s been super dry around here (again, just like last year); not a drop of rain for four weeks now so it is definitly a challenge to keep the garden happy and thriving but I think so far I´ve managed it well in the walled garden. Everything is about to bloom in here, just a few more warm days and it will explode with color, but I think it´s lovely right now already with the restrained color palette of whites, blues and pinks.

Spot the dog?

See, I even managed to keep the lawn green-ish! 

I still think this Iris is the prettiest. 

Spot the cat?

Acquilegia, my love.

Ok this is not in the walled garden, but it´s still pretty. I got the idea for that line of chives on Pinterest and love how it turned out. So thank you Pinterest.

See you (hopefully) next week with a few pictures from the party and another book club post!