Aaand as promised, another post with pictures from the weekend! The veggie garden is my pride and joy right now, so let´s start here. I successfully grew larkspur for the first time last year which turns out to be a prolific self-seeder - I had a whole bed of tiny larkspur plants this spring which I very carefully dug out and transplanted. It´s everywhere now and I love it. All the other flowers in this cutting bed - cornflower, two varieties of calendula, snapdragons and clarkia - are just starting to bloom.

I love the combination of the blue larkspur and that red climbing rose! Also my cabbages are off the charts this year; and the sunflowers are seemingly getting taller by the hour.

What remains of the poppies.

I am growing corn for the first time this year. Well I did a small trial last year which didn´t go super well, but that was mostly my fault. Anyway this year I have three or four different varieties, so far so good... I really love the height and structure of the plants.

Everything is growing pretty well considering the little water I am able to give the plants. Even the pumpkins are really happy. I really want to do a huge post of what I am growing in the veggie garden and why and how; hopefully I´ll find the time to put something together soon.

Just a minute of silent admiration for rambler "Raubritter" which is getting prettier every year.

My lavender is pretty happy this year as well. These are probably perfect conditions for lavender! Also Fred is photobombing :)

My newly planted perennial beds in the walled garden are filling in nicely. I mean they would all be happier with some rain but at this point I´m just thankful if I can keep them alive. That´s it for today! Two posts in a day, when did that ever happen. Talk soon.


Early June.

So this post was meant to be published last week, but i never got around to doing it! I have another post in the pipeline with more current pictures, but I wanted to quickly post these anyway - mostly so I have a record of my fantastic rambler (it´s filipes Kiftsgate) in 2018.

We have a very bad drought around here - it has rained twice since the beginning of May. While many other plants in my garden suffer, the roses have mostly been doing fantastic.

 Same rambler, different location. This one was quite sick last year with mildew, but not even a touch of it this year.

 So that I have a record of the year in which we fixed the roof of our barn. This is a bit of a longer story to tell. Maybe in another post dedicated to the subject - once it´s done.

This rose is always fantastic. No the chickens won´t probably notice.

Lavender "river" not yet in full bloom. 

The veggie garden is doing quite well this year despite the drought. Now I´m very grateful for this rather wet piece of land that we have! When we moved in seven years ago we seriously considered adding a drainage system in the back part of the garden since it was so wet. No more! Climate change is real.


Mostly roses, and hello June.

May felt a bit like a long summer holiday since it was unusually hot and I had quite some time off. I got a lot done in the garden but still feel like I am perpetually behind on everything. Ah well, nothing new here. It was a good but somewhat hazy month if that makes any sense. Anyway! The garden. Here are some poppies. If you are a long time reader you may remember last year´s poppy explosion in the walled garden. These are all self seeded from last year´s plants... funny enough they´re mostly this fluffy dark red variety but I am not complaining.

The white rambler on the wall is not in full bloom yet but I thought I´d take a picture in case there is a thunder storm soon and the blooms get destroyed before I can take a picture. Because that´s what happened last year and we can´t have that happening again, now can we. And yes I should have cut back those lavender trees way more, they look quite funny. 

Paeonies in the one bed in the walled garden that I left untouched. They are spectacular this year, huge and so fragrant. 

The yellow climber needs a little more time but I think it will be beautiful this year. Also yes we got a new bench as well. Before you are questioning my spending habits, the old one was four years old and falling apart. Also, burnt grass. Sad face. It basically didn´t rain all May around here. I am starting to get desperate. 

My favorite cute "Raubritter" rambler. I underplanted it with white astrantia last year which will take a bit longer to take off, but I think the combination will look lovely.

The bed with the old white roses and lady´s mantle is quite spectacular right now. Somehow I can never capture its beauty in a photograph, but trust me it´s very very pretty in reality. 

So happy with the new beds under the trees. 

Another rambler, this one is climbing up an old plum tree in the veggie garden. I don´t do red in my garden but I make an exception for this rose. And for poppies obviously. 

Bonus picture of the one and only foxglove in my garden this year. I had planted a lot of seedlings but the slugs killed all of them. Gardening can be so much fun. Happy June! Please let it rain. 


Aquilegia and other blooms.

Every single year I have to google how to spell aquilegia. Oh well. Here they are, in that corner of the walled garden that no doubt will soon be destroyed by construction debris (more on that in a minute), so I thought I should take a few pictures. And while I was at it, I took a few more pictures of other parts of the garden that are pretty right now. 

So the bricks you are seeing in that picture belong to our barn, and said barn will undergo major construction work this summer, basically: The roof will come off, a good part of the timbering will be replaced, the roof will go up again. Or that is the plan. We are doing most of it ourselves to save money and I think all this will be interesting.  

But then again it´s not the worst timing since the walled garden is looking so sad these days anyway. When I did my "redo" of the beds I couldn´t bear to touch the Iris, they are my favorites and I have been so looking foward to see them bloom this year (last year we were on holiday at this time of year). Sadly while they are beautiful it does look odd since they are the only mature plants in the beds right now. 

More aquilegia, and the paeonies (I have to google these too) are about to bloom.

This is baptisia australis, a plant that I bought years ago on a garden fair. It took years to develop but look how nice it is right now! 

Still love this long border, it´s looking really nice already and will be even nicer in the weeks and months to come. 

Salvia. Always love salvia. 

I recently bought this table and four chairs for that lovely space under the trees (thank you tax return). Last summer we had a seating area here as well but nobody ever sat there since the chairs/table were so shabby. Sometimes proper garden furniture does make sense. 

More aquilegia, here in the veggie garden, they are slowly but surely taking over the strawberry patch but I don´t mind one bit. 

We brought the old windows back for the "glasshouse" that my husband built a few years ago (and never finished it, but NO OFFENSE) and I love how they look. The same husband built me a pair of sturdy trellises for my runner beans which you can also see here, so he is maybe forgiven for never finishing other things. 

Blooming chives in the veggie garden. Confession, I only grow chives to see them bloom. It´s a good enough reason, right? 

Bonus picture of my Bruno bear with his little ball that he loves so much that he is schlepping it around all day every day. 

That is all! Construction starts today, the scaffolding is going up. Wish us luck! 


Yay, May.

Excuse the silly title. But really - yay, May! It was a long, cold winter. I´m glad it´s over. We´ve reached the low point somewhen at the end of March when we had a power outage all night, while it had a balmy -17 degrees outside. And then we went from deep winter to summer in about three days. Anyway. I´m sorry I´ve been gone for so long. Thank you to those of you who have reached out. We are all good, animals and humans alike. Winter is finally over. Yay, May.

I´ve taken pictures of the garden for a while now, with the intention of posting them here. But then I never got around to doing it, so this post is a picture dump. One million garden pictures in one, two, three...

That was about a week ago when the apple, cherry and plum trees were all in full bloom at once. I don´t think this has ever happened before while we lived here. Probably caused by the summer-y temperatures...

I´m so bad with spring bulbs*, I´m always so garden-tired in late autumn when they should get planted. But a few have found their way in my garden. *The bed the white tulips being an exception.  

We got a new hammock. I love it. We had the old one for about five years and it had become very shabby in a not-good way.

This is in the walled garden. You´ll probably only get to see detail shots from this area this year. Last week I took two days off and basically destroyed the walled garden. It had become terribly overgrown with asters and bishopsweed. It needed a complete redo. I´ve made a master plan with a new color scheme and ordered new perennials and I think it will look very pretty eventually, but most likely not this year. We´ll see.

Ludwig and Bruno are doing fine. Having two dogs is fun, but exhausting! We had planned to go on a road trip to Croatia at the end of May, but we´ve cancelled everything because I just feel like this isn´t the right thing to do now with Bruno. He needs to settle in just a little more before we can go on big adventures. I feel like this dog had enough adventures for a while. I don´t know. Or maybe I worry too much? Anyway we´ll go on a four day trip to Munich and we´ll see how that goes. Baby steps.

The "tree" beds have developed nicely. Very happy with how they look.

We got new chickens! And a rooster! And a new fence so that Bruno can´t eat the new chickens/rooster. The rooster is named Willi. He is beautiful and huge. The new hens are... well not the same as the old gang. I still miss them. Lore in particular. I´m sorry, new-hens-who-haven´t-even-been-named-yet. You are beautiful. 

You can see the new fence in the pictures above. It´s the same model as the one we already have on the one side of our land, just a little lower. We had planned and budgeted this for this year before we even thought of getting a second dog, but it´s a happy coincidence since that whole "Bruno is chasing the chickens again" shenanigans was getting a litte old. Also on the upper picture you can see our blooming quince tree!

Things are progressing in the veggie garden, but it´s still early days. Also, the lilac is blooming. Everything is blooming! Crazy.

Congratulations if you made it to the end! Happy May!