Making food.

As we´re nearing the end of summer lots of canning and preserving is happening around here. While this sometimes felt like a burden in the past (keeping it real, right), I am somehow enjoying it immensely this year. 

I also seem to have caught the bred bug. I´ve been making my own sourdough bread for years now but things got a little more serious - and creative - recently. I am baking my way through a lot of new recipes which is so much fun (my husband, who loves bread, agrees). After years of having it on my wishlist I finally broke down and got "Tartine Bread" a few weeks ago and I like it a lot. Above is the country loaf with polenta and pumpkin seed which was insanely good. 

Also I got into making my own juices recently. I have owned a simple steam juicer for a few years but only used it for small quantities of fruit in order to make a few jars of jelly. However since we have a glut of pears right now I made a few bottles of pear juice, and yesterday I made elderberry and grape juice (the latter from our very first grapes grown in our garden, yay!). 

For some reason this was the worst tomato season ever, but I did get a few jars of tomato sauce too. 

This has nothing to do with making food except that the picture was taken in the kitchen. However if I could preserve these dahlias, I would! 

Group picture time! Mind you, I´ve made these over the past few weeks... I usually wait until I have a bunch of jars/bottles until I label and store them. Speaking of labels, I think I´ve never showed you a picture of my labels on this blog! I got it in my head this spring that I needed custom labels so I had some printed. Not entirely necessary but I love them so, so much! I think they make a simple jar look so special and even sort of professional. These are the things that make me happy. 


Late summer. 

I´m sorry I went missing for so long - life has been busier than usual and also a few things happened that made we question this whole blogging thing. (Edit: I am not going to quit blogging. I just had to think things over for a bit. Maybe I´ll write about it at some point). Anyway I´ve uploaded these pictures almost two weeks ago so I can just as well hit publish already, right? They´re from a little walk with Ludwig we took one evening. I hope you enjoy late summer wherever you are! I´ll be back soon. 


A Sunday in the house.

I spent most of Sunday in the house which is very unusual for me. In my defense I had worked in the garden all Saturday. Also I had some canning to do and since the weather was coldish so I figured an in-house day probably wouldn´t hurt. I never left the sofa all afternoon. This NEVER happens and I felt so guilty about it (what is wrong with me?). I did go for a long run in the evening though! 
(Yes those gladiolas are from my cutting garden - aren´t they amazing?)

Anyway I did get some things accomplished, like baking this bread (so so good, it´s my new favorite). I´m on a bread kick lately. I would happily bake a bread every day but then again who would eat all this stuff? 

I made some blackberry jam, too. We have so many blackberries this year, it´s amazing! The just keep coming. What a funny year with not a single red currant but tons of blackberries. Not complaining though! 

The first apples and pears are coming off the trees. I see an apple/pear pie in my near future!

Have a happy week! 


August is here.

So it´s August... and this past weekend felt definitely fall-ish. Where did summer go? But tomato season just started, so there should be a bit of summer left for us, yes? 

I am bringing lots and lots of flowers in these days... this cutting garden was the best idea ever! This week we had no less than four bouquets in the kitchen alone. 

A particular nice spot in the walled garden. 

My lovely stray Mathilda. She is just the cutest. I am already thinking of ways to make their lives more comfortable this winter. 

Long time no chicken picture! Let´s remedy this situation. 

A few years back we planted my husband´s favorite flower, Rudbeckia nitida, on the border to our neighbor. They love it there, and I think at this time it looks so nice. It´s just a riot of yellow. Especially nice if you squint your eyes. I did that for you in this picture with a wide aperture. You´re welcome.

I´ll repeat myself and say again that this cutting garden was the bestest idea ever.

Chard. I have a feeling that chard will be one of the plants that survive the apocalypse, if you know what I mean. (Sorry if that was mean, chard. Love you.)

This tomato ("Tigerella") is the surprise winner this year. So pretty, so tasty and while all the other plants already have a touch of the blight, these still look pretty good! 

The first orange pumpkin! Hello little fellow! 

Last but not least, Ludwig says hello. Have a happy week!


Summer days.

We had a few especially nice summer days around here, so beautiful that I´d like to bottle them up for January when we´re in the depth of winter misery. Ah well, better not to think of January but enjoy the goodness of July! I do realize that my pictures are very repetitive but here are a few from an evening walk through the garden. My cutting "garden" is above - spot the cat? 

My adorable Emma girl enjoying the evening... on top of the pumpkin patch, as you do! 

Last autum I planted hydrangeas along the fence to our neighbor. They are of the "Limelight" variety and while they´ll need a few more years to really shine I think they´re so nice already. 

White echinacea, my love - and that thistle again! In how many posts in a row can I include a picture of it? We will see!

...and last but not least, a few pictures from the walled garden where the phloxes are so pretty now! We did a little summer movie screening this Saturday (hence all the chairs in the background of the third picture). It was a lovely evening all around. How I love summer.