November still lifes.

The last of the dahlias in a ray of evening light.

Might be one of my favorite pictures this year.

Quinces, so many this year, what a joy to eat and look at.

Same goes for the pumpkins. 


October recap.

Hi! I remembered I had a blog. Here are a few favorite pictures from October. Above, pumpkin harvest wasn´t too shabby this year. 

The last of the cosmos. Spot the cat?

Wild vine in our drive-through, so magical this year. 

October garden. 

Dried coriander, corn, hydrangeas.

More October garden. 


September scenes.

A little post with my favorite pictures lately. All of the things you see in the picture above I grew in my garden. My husband walked in when I took this picture and said "it looks like Thanksgiving in here." Ha.

I successfully grew corn! Yay. These are just beautiful. To the right is strawberry corn which I discovered in a seed catalogue in spring. I want to mostly dry the corn and try to make my own polenta (to go into my sourdough!), and apparently strawberry corn makes great popcorn too. 

Ah well. I keep complaining how terribly torched the garden looks, and it is true, but there are a few nice corners remaining.

Pumpkins, so many pumpkins!

Roses flowering again.

In the last minute I decided to plant cosmos in the walled garden in spring; mostly because I didn´t have anywhere else to go for my seedlings. I´m ever so glad I did. Turns out the don´t mind the drought much and make for an excellent autumn display.

And my little rose bush in the walled garden is so very lovely right now. 


A visit with Piet Oudolf.

Last weekend my friend and I went on a pilgrimage to see Piet Oudolf´s private garden in Hummelo in the Netherlands. If you´re not familiar with Oudolf, he is a rather famous garden designer known for his organic prairie-style planting schemes. He uses a lot of tall perennials and grasses, all planted in natural drifts. I think his gardens are very beautiful even if I prefer my garden to be more traditional. My friend and I had been talking about visiting his private garden for some years now; this being the last year it is open to the public we finally pulled the trigger. I´m so glad we did! The garden isn´t huge but you can spend hours there. Fun little story: On our way to the garden I spotted Piet Oudolf in a bakery in Zutphen (very beautiful town btw) and I was quite star struck! My kind of celebrity sightings! There was no need to be so excited though because an hour later there he was, standing in his garden and talking to the arriving visitors. Haha. Anyway I let the pictures speak for themselves. And if you´re considering to visit yourself, run don´t walk! 


The brutal summer of 2018.

I know you´re probably annoyed by me complaining about the weather by now (I am usually very annoyed by people who complain about the weather all the time!), but this summer? Worst ever. While many other countries and German regions have experienced a bit of relief in the last week or so, we´re still in the middle of a terrible drought and heat wave. Thankfully at least the nights have been a bit cooler lately.

I´ve not posted here lately for a few reasons, one of them because we were busy with our barn renovation, but mostly because I can´t bear to take a closer look at the garden right now. I´ve forced myself to weed the flower beds a little bit this last weekend and it was just devastating. So many of my perennials have died. I think by the end of this summer, we´ll have lost several hundred Euros in plants. It´s just very depressing. But! Anyway. Yesterday I took a few pictures of my zinnias which are so pretty right now and I thought I´d post them together with a few favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

This is one of the pictures which were taken a few weeks back actually. The veggie garden is no longer that lush and green, although it gets the most water (we had to set priorities).

The runner beans have been extraordinary this year. I am growing some heirloom varieties this year - white and speckled ones! Can´t wait for the harvest.

Dahlias. Surprisingly nice this year again even though they supposedly need a lot of water. Also I realized that I forgot to plant two whole cases of dahlia tubes which are still in my basement. Facepalm.

Also from a few weeks ago, the snapdragons are gone by now.

It is, of course, the year of the tomatoes. No touch of blight, lots of wonderful fruit. I only have 15 plants this year (a few years back I had about 60 which was just crazy ) but the harvest has been great so far. I am growing lots of different varieties this year (among them Auriga, Stupice, San Marzano, Matina, Harzfeuer and Tigerella) and love all of them.

Our little pear tree has managed to produce a little this year. We are however going to have a true glut of apples this year!

I have a more current picture of the same area that you don´t want to see. This is a hydrangea variety that can tolerate a lot of sun (Limelight) but this summer was too much, most blooms have turned brown by now.

This bed has given up as well in the meantime.

In the walled garden I have managed to grow corn flowers this year, and lots of poppies. Hopefully both will return next year.

Bonus picture of silly Bruno.
I´m going on a trip to the Netherlands tomorrow to see Piet Oudolf´s private garden! See you on the flip side with lots of pictures.