New blog, new luck, right? I hope you like it here.

It took me a while to get here. I had a blog (in German) for years where I raved and raged (well mostly the latter) about my life, besides I had several design spin-offs and then of course there was Flickr. A while ago I shut down everything except Flickr, it just didn´t feel right anymore.

Still, I missed a platform to express myself through words. I thought about this for a while and figured I needed to merge all my passions into one place. So let´s try a definition of what I intend to do here: This blog is about my life and things I like, i.e. design, food, art, fashion and photography. It´s not the usual design blog but I plan to write about things I really like every once in a while. Besides, the plan is to use this place as some kind of photo journal. I decided to write in English so that more people can read it, for example all my lovely Flickr friend from all over the world (hello!).

So, let me guide you around: There´s the usual information on the left sidebar and on the right sidebar I plan to feature things I like but don´t necessarily need to write about. All pictures there are linked back to the source, so just click on them!

Let´s see where this takes us. Here goes!

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