Pretty Stamps. 

I´m in the process of cleaning out my favorites on my computer and there are many lovely things I want to share with you. Like this stamp kit from Yellow Owl Workshop which I love. There are so many great things you could do with these stamps! We used custom made stamps for our wedding invitation.

(Pictures by Yellow Owl.)


Spring Cleaning.

Yes I do realize these aren´t exactly pretty pictures. But still, this is what we did this weekend (keepin´it real, right?). We have five apple trees in our garden which need to be cut back in late winter (=now). So this is what we started with, and then things got messy. See, the lady who built the house and planted the garden had a major love affair with her privacy. She planted so many bushes and trees that our garden today is very secluded and mostly not visible from the the other gardens surrounding us. While I certainly appreciate this, it got a bit too much in the last years since we moved in. If we hadn´t done anything, there would not be much garden left in the long term. So we got to work and cut back this (not yet) green wall.

As we don´t have a car we´ll need to rent one to haul away all that mess. So that´s up for next weekend. And we still have to cut back the largest apple tree, and the pear tree, and the plum tree, oh and the cherry tree as well. Fun! Actually, it really is. It´s so nice to work outside again.

PS: Yes that´s our hammock in the background. We never bothered to put it down, mostly because it´s broken anyway. We´ll get a new one at Ikea soon. But still, shame.


Summer Style.

OK folks, the first style post! Those who are following me on Twitter (my account is protected but I´ll admit everyone who isn´t a spammer - it´s in German though!) know that I´m seriously in love with the Boden spring collection. Actually, I´m just in love with Boden in general. I bought one of the dresses of their winter collection and oh my god I love this dress. I wear it whenever I have the occasion and I get so many compliments on it that it´s almost ridiculous. I have since ordered some more items and have always been very pleased. Yes they are a bit on the pricey side but very well made and high quality so I don´t mind paying a bit more.

You see, my one big new years resolution is to dress better. It may sound superficial but it´s something I need to do in order to save my self-confidence. I have lost my style (at least in fashion) during the last years somehow and I want it back. I want to feel pretty again! I watched a pretty stupid chick flick a few weeks ago and it featured the lovely Michelle Monaghan wearing even lovelier dresses and I was sold. I always loved dresses, so this will be the summer I wear dresses and dresses and more dresses.

Boden to the rescue. I ordered some of their summer dresses already and what do you know, I love them. Some of my other favorites are above (the white coat, oh my). I dig their models, too. It´s exactly the style I´m going for. Now we only need summery weather, right? And some serious funds.

(Pictures by Boden.)



Changes are happening around here. It seems we have to say good bye to some of the perspectives we had for this year, which is very sad. Just yesterday there was so much sadness in me that I had to leave work early because tears and work do not go together well. When I arrived at home, I took a short walk in the nearby woods and noticed changes happening there, too. A different light, new smells. I don´t think we´re done with winter yet but nature is definitely preparing for spring.

Which made me think that there´s so much in my life to be thankful for. For example this pretty part of the world where I live and which I truly love. Soon enough every inch of the woods will be covered with ramsons which is an amazing sight. And then there´s this tiny house and the not so tiny garden of ours which give me so much joy. I have so many plans for spring and summer already. I want to do lots of gardening. And I want to throw a huge garden party in summer making up for the summer wedding we didn´t get to have. Good things to look forward to.

Life´s all about changes, and I believe everything happens for a reason. I just need to remind myself of this from time to time.


Oh Sunday.


After weeks of snow and cold and fog we had a glorious almost-spring day today. I love Vienna, I really do, and we do have the most lovely summers here, but winter is typically just dreadful. It has been mostly fine with me this year what with the wedding (there was so much to do I didn´t care about the weather), but now I am really desparate for spring. Oh, and by the way, I bought a light therapy lamp in autumn and can not recommend it enough... for those of you who tend to have winter related depression like me. 

But on to the fantastic weather we had today. We woke to blazing sunshine and soon everyone was in the garden enjoying the sunshine, including the cats. They had a serious case of cabin fever during the last weeks and I can´t blame them. It was so nice to see how much they cherished the sun and the balmy temperatures (and we did, too!). There´s still a lot of snow but I think it´s going to melt in the course of the week. I hope. Pretty please?!