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September scenes.

A little post with my favorite pictures lately. All of the things you see in the picture above I grew in my garden. My husband walked in when I took this picture and said "it looks like Thanksgiving in here." Ha.

I successfully grew corn! Yay. These are just beautiful. To the right is strawberry corn which I discovered in a seed catalogue in spring. I want to mostly dry the corn and try to make my own polenta (to go into my sourdough!), and apparently strawberry corn makes great popcorn too. 

Ah well. I keep complaining how terribly torched the garden looks, and it is true, but there are a few nice corners remaining.

Pumpkins, so many pumpkins!

Roses flowering again.

In the last minute I decided to plant cosmos in the walled garden in spring; mostly because I didn´t have anywhere else to go for my seedlings. I´m ever so glad I did. Turns out the don´t mind the drought much and make for an excellent autumn display.

And my little rose bush in the walled garden is so very lovely right now. 

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This is a fabulous post. Your garden looks like one that is open to the public....it's so established looking now and lush. I know you probably only see dry patches close up but from these it's full and interesting. Especially the photos with the tomato houses and dahlias. Impressive! And great corn, and I love the 'still life' that opens this post. And that you built a seat for your pumpkins to sit on :) so much to see and say!

September 17, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterSally

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