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A trip to Western Ireland.

A few pictures from my trip to Ireland. I went together with my mom; dogs and husband stayed behind (I am happy to report Bruno did well without me). 25 years ago we went to Connemara in Western Ireland on a family trip and now the two of us returned to see whether it had changed (spoiler, it hasn´t really, but it´s definitely a lot more touristy). 

We stayed in this beautiful barn which I can fully recommend. It´s actually on the border to Connemara but turned out to be a perfect hub for exploring the region. It´s also just between Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, two very large lakes. The picture above shows the view from one of my morning runs up the Mount Gable and what you see here is not the sea, but the Lough Mask (I think. Maybe it´s the Lough Corrib though. I´m still not sure!).

Connemara is very beautiful I think, the mountains and the sea and the clouds, for me it´s the definition of an Irish Landscape. These pictures were taken in the region around Glassilaun Beach. 

Killary Fjord where we took a boat tour. 

The pretty village of Roundstone and Dog´s Bay. We were very lucky with the weather, like many other European countries Ireland is experiencing a very dry summer and we had a few beautiful sunny and rather hot days. 

There aren´t many gardens in that part of Ireland but we we did tour a few... this is Ashford Castle by the Lough Corrib which is actually a rather posh luxury hotel with a very nice walled garden. 

Kylemore Abbey is one of the major tourist attractions in the region, to be honest we were quite shocked just how touristy it had become. You can tour parts of the castle which has a newly renovated facade and looked a bit like something out of Disneyland (sorry).

But Kylemore Abbey also has a huge walled garden that has been beautifully restored over the past 20 years (this didn´t exist when we first visited Connemara!). For me this was the highlight of our trip. It´s absolutely stunning and the dimensions are just unbelievable. You´re standing in this HUGE, immaculate walled garden in the middle of wild and rough mountains, what a brave thing to dream up and realize.

Back in the day there were around 20 glass houses in this garden where all sorts of exotic fruits and plants grew (there was one house just for bananas, for some reason I find this just perfect). They´ve restored two houses so far. Very pretty.

On the last day we visited Brigit´s Garden which is small but has some very lovely corners. Also they serve excellent food and decent coffee (!!! Sadly still a rare thing in that part of Ireland) in their Garden Cafe. It´s all bit hippy-dippy but in a nice way, with a meditation hut and a tree of wishes. I really hope that plumber has finished his work by now!

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Reader Comments (2)

Wunderschöne Bilder! Ich bekommen spontan Urlaubssehnsucht, v.a. um dieser Hitze zu entfliehen. Die Bilder von der Gartenanlage sind sehr inspirierend. So schräge Beete habe ich auch in Cornwall schon in Gärten bewundert und will sowas bei mir auch irgendwann mal anlegen. Vielen Dank!

July 24, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterVeronika

Lovely Katrin. When I retire I hope to find a job in Great Britain at a garden, deadheading and weeding all day long. One of those places will be perfect!

July 25, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa

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