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Welcome July.

This has been such a diffcult year in the garden so far with the drought we´re having, the worst since we´ve lived here I think. It was pretty bad three years ago, but I think we got a bit more rain back then. I was ecstatic when it rained for a whole day two weeks ago, but since then we did not have a single drop and what is even worse, non-stop "desert wind" how I call it. Around here, it´s pretty standard that it´s very windy in June and July, for whatever reason. It makes the heat more bearable, of course, but the garden is drying out even more. We´re expecting a heatwave and I have zero water in the well... it´s going to be interesting.

Anyway. Count your blessings! The lavender is loving the weather. And the bees and butterflies are loving the lavender. So that´s good!

Let´s look at a few more lavender pictures because this beauty won´t last much longer. (Love the bokeh in the second picture).

It really did pay off to transplant all those tiny larkspur seedlings.

This is phlox paniculata "Blue Paradise" in the second picture - it´s the truest blue you´ll get with a phlox, and especially stunning in the morning and the evening. I love it and have planted it everyhwere. 

The veggie garden is mostly hanging in there, but is suffering quite a bit. It´s such a shame because everything looked so promising back in spring. Something is eating my beetroot and my cabbages (and is not responding to any treatment). The chard is barely surviving (Chard! The one plant I thought would survive the apocalypse! Turns out it´s not drought resistant though). My salad bed is non existent at this point because I can´t give it enough water, so the chickens ate what was left and I´ll re-sow once the weather cooperates. Many other plants are loving the weather though.... looks at my pumpkins and the corn in the second picture!

The larkspur though... look at this beauty.

 Lu says hi!

And the boys say hello too (see that red streak on Bruno´s ear? Heart eyes).

Last but not least! We got bees! Finally! This has been years in the making. My husband is now a proud beekeper, still lots to learn but so happy they´re finally here. After much back and forth we decided that we do want to have them in our garden (we were a bit concerned about the dogs and were originally planning to have them on a plot just opposite our garden). They now live in our chicken run, under our old apple tree. Long live the bees! Even if I got stung in the ear (!) yesterday, but that was obviously not one of our bees. Obviously.

Bye for now! I´m going on a trip to Ireland/Connemara on Saturday. Any recommendations? See you on the flip side with lots of pictures.

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Reader Comments (3)

Bees! They will love all the flower food you have provided. My mum used to say that bees are attracted to blue. That might be an old wives tale, but you certainly have bounteous crops of beautiful blueness there. The lavender looks so good I can almost smell it. Hi to your happy dogs and cats.

July 3, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterSally

I'm currently in Ireland and Ireland is having a heatwave. Farmars are more than worried. A good side of this weather here: the ocean warmes up by the rocks on the seaside once the tide comes in and its lovely to dip into the ocean. Enjoy your time here.
Are you taking the dogs?

July 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterJulia

It is funny that even though the heat lovers are happy we worry about the thirsty cool weather lovers. Next year it will be something else. As long as you two and the animals have enough water, it's ok. Enjoy your travels!

July 7, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa

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