So... hello.
Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 8:43PM
Katrin in Travels

Hello. It´s been a while! I was going to post pictures from our wonderful christmas trip to the North Sea, but I forgot to charge my camera and so there were no pictures to post. Shortly afterwards all but one of my chickens got killed by a fox (or whatever) and honestly I couldn´t bear to even open this blog because hello there, dead chickens (I still get terribly sad when I look at their pictures. My lovely chooks, all gone). Anyway. Life goes on. We got a tribe of new chickens in the meantime, but more on that another time. I came here to say hello and post a few pictures from our winter break in the Czech mountains which was very very short because I managed to get the stomach flu and we ended up going home two days early. Which was a shame because we stayed in the most beautiful cabin ever, above, which you can rent here

It´s funny because on the way from Germany you drive through Poland and the Czech Republic for quite a bit and it´s, well, for the most part not exceptionally pretty (trying to not offend anyone here) and then you get to the mountains and it´s all like out a fairy tale. 

That´s me wearing a lot of clothes. It was very cold.

See? Fairy tale. 

And this is what happens when you finally remember that the manual mode of your camera exists. Pretty cool pictures of my dog (and husband) enjoying the snow! Speaking of Ludwig, as of Saturday he is going to be a big brother! Yes we are bringing another dog to the family - a 6 year old Setter mix recently rescued from a kill shelter in Spain. We will foster him for the first weeks but the plan is to keep him if everyone is getting along. Fingers crossed! We´re excited! And terrified! Mostly excited though!
Speak soon.

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