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Late summer. 

What a wet and cold summer this has been around here, and now when I wake up early and open the windows, there´s definitely an autumnal chill in the air. Sigh. I am not ready. However in the garden, there´s still lots of goodness to enjoy, and I plan on doing so as much as I possibly can!

Those were the last snapdragons, but not the last blackberries (so many blackberries this year... I love it). And yes I still have strawberries thanks to a variety that produces all year (I think it´s called Ostara).

So many tomatoes, and I love that I have so many varieties this year. I mentioned in my last post that the plants did catch the blight, but I´ve removed all the affected leaves immediately which seems to have done the trick (the disease starts on the leaves and then moves on to the fruit). They are ripening beautifully and I think it will be one of the best tomato years yet! Yay for tomato houses!

I´m not terribly happy with the walled garden this year. It´s a little tired I think 5 years after the initial planting. The asters (and the bishopsweed ugh) have taken over most of the beds and I don´t love the color scheme any more. I´ve talked to my husband that I want to do a major "regrouping" this autumn and we are determined to make it happen. I know this means we have to live with a not-mature garden for a few years once again, but I don´t really mind. What´s a little tired too are the gates in here, so I´ve prepped everything for a new coat (it looks very classy now, I know). If you look very closely you can see a sneak peek at the new color I´ve chosen. Excited to see how it will turn out!

The lavender finally did get its haircut and looks a little shabby now, but it will grow back in autumn and look beautiful again in spring.

These hydrangeas are very beautiful this year. Hydrangeas like a lot of water so it´s not surprising that they´re thriving! This is the variety "Unique", planted 4 years ago and fully grown in now.

A few years back we planted a hedge of Rudbeckia nitida along the fence to our neighbors and they apparently love it there (the plants, not the neighbors... although the neighbors love the plants too). These are over two meters high! They are my husband´s favorite perennials, to be honest I don´t care for them all that much, but a girl´s got to make compromises and I have to admit that they are a joy to look at right now (that cutting back business though... it takes days).

More hydrangeas just on the opposite side of our garden, along the fence to our other neigbor. These are "Limelight", planted almost two years ago now, and growing in nicely.

I´ve always loved that "green door" to our veggie garden but I think I´ve never taken a picture of it?

These sunflowers were only supposed to grow one meter tall or so, but they seem to have not gotten that memo. Anyway I think they look like dancers on ther tippy toes, yes?

I´ve deliberately planted my chard in the shadow of the green beans so that it only would thrive once the beans are gone. This was very smart I must say. Overall I´ve gotten so much better at only planting what we can eat. I haven´t felt overwhelmed by the harvest even once this year. It´s a nice and steady supply of veggies, but nothing we can´t deal with.

I think I´ll have to take the zinnias out this weekend (because I need the brussel sprout plants behind them to receive more light!) so one last picture of the color explosion.

I love this border. What can I say.

Bonus picture! Something red in my garden, can you believe it? (If you are a long time reader you´ll know that I don´t really have red or orange flowers in my garden except one dark red rambler rose. I just really dislike the color red.) These were left over from a project outside my garden and for some reason, I do love them.

Have a very happy weekend!

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Reader Comments (5)

Than you for your post dear Katrin!

Yes autumn comes ealier and earlier it seems.....I can smell it in the air in the morning and feel the chill too.
Love your first picture with the village church in the background. Like your wooden fence.

Those snapdragons I like all the colours ....note for myself sow snapdragons en thank you for the tip of Ostara strawberries.

I like your walled garden but I can imagine after five years that some plants take over and you have to make changes again.
That is why there is never a dull moment when you have a flower garden.....

Wow what have your Hydrangeas grown amazing! Your white Eginacea I like very very much!
I see your new colour is it a greyish blue?

You really have a breathtaking garden!
Thank you for your post and have a very sunny and happy weekend!

August 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterLotjeenmoos

Katrin, can I ask how the tomato houses help the tomatoes? I am curious. Also, if the plants caught tomato blight, does the soil become affected too? Will your tomatoes always have trouble there? I always heard that tomatoes need to be rotated out of a nightshade (tomatoes and potatoes) area every other year and if you have assigned them to a house how will you do that? Maybe it's all a bunch of hooey, we move so often I have not had a long term garden in years so I never got to delve into that idea. Thanks.

August 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa

Thank you Inkie!

Vanessa - tomatoes aren´t supposed to get "water from above" so that´s where the tomato houses come in as they give the plants enough shelter to stay dry during a normal rainfall. The blight stays in the soil, yes, which is why we´ve brought in new soil when building the tomato houses. But frankly I don´t think it makes such a big difference - it can be transmitted from anywhere through the air. Around here it´s not so much a question if the plants catch the blight but when - if you can delay the disease until the fruits are almost ripe then it´s a victory. And it´s new to me that tomatoes should be rotated - according to everything I´ve read so far tomatoes are pretty much the only plants who enjoy a permanent place. :)

August 13, 2017 | Registered CommenterKatrin

So ein wunderbarer Garten.
Ich hatte diesen 'Sommer' den Garten meiner Eltern zum Hüten (immerhin 2 Monate), allerdings wurde mir mein erstes Jahr als Gärtner sehr verregnet - schade.
In deinen Garten schau ich so gern und besonders gefällt mir das erste Bild mit dem Kirchenturm im Hintergrund.

Liebe Grüße,

August 14, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterLinda

Thanks for explaining Katrin!

August 16, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa

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