Monday, July 17, 2017 at 9:41PM

One day I´ll have proper time for this blog again and then I´ll post about all the things that are on my mind these days, like baking bread, and growing a veggie garden (my approach), and maybe even some personal stuff that I wanted to write down for ages (mostly why I struggle with social media at the moment). But right now, it feels like I am stumbling through a very busy summer, and all I really have time for is quickly snapping pictures of my garden before or after work, hastily edit them and throw them on up my blog, because first things first, priorities etc. So here goes.

Someone remind me that I need to get more of that blue phlox (it´s "Blue Paradise" I think) in autumn, it´s so lovely, thank you very much. Also the echinacea is very happy this year.

Hydrangeas! Getting there!

We are having a very wet and cold-ish summer, which I´m sort of ok with, because it makes growing things a lot easier. Everything is so lush! And the pumpinks couldn´t be happier.

I get asked what flowers these are all the time, they are Clarkia unguiculata - Mandelröschen in German. Very pretty, not suitable for cutting, but did I mention very pretty.

My sweet peas are totally out of control, they seem to love this weather as well - not complaining!

My artichokes are doing so well, I don´t know why I thought one couldn´t grow them in Germany, it seems to be no problem at all?

Zucchini - I have only one plant this year which is more than enough.

So I planted bush beans instead of runner beans on that trellis to the left, can you tell? Me so smart. 

We are growing a new-to-us potatoe variety this year (Daifla) - huge plants with exceptionally pretty flowers!

I hope I´m not jinxing anything by saying that the tomatoe houses have (so far) been a great success. The plants seem to be doing really well and no signs of blight just yet. And I´m loving the dahlias in between the houses!

Look at that larkspur! It´s hard to photograph but trust me, absolutely gorgeous in person. I´m so happy that I gave it another try after many fails in the past years. I grew this for cutting but can´t bring myself to do it, it´s just so pretty where it is!

That´s it for today. I hope you are having a great summer!
PS: Is there anything you want me to add to the list of things I should blog about?

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