Book Club: Romantische Gartenreisen.
Friday, June 30, 2017 at 8:36AM
Katrin in Book Club

I very much wanted to go on another garden trip to England this year, but that didn´t work out for a few different reasons. It´s okay though, the next few months will be busy enough as they are. And on the plus side, there´s lots of time to plan my next trip, which isn´t actually so easy now that I got most of the major must-sees out of my way. So that´s when the book "Romatische Gartenreisen in England" (romantic garden trips in England) comes in!

The book was published last year and got many positive reviews and I agree! It´s an all-around lovely guide that manages to provide relevant information while at the same time being an eye-pleasing coffee table book. What I like most about it is that while it does cover the usual suspects like Sissinghurst, the author also introduces the reader to lots of gardens which I had previously never heard of and which all sound very interesting. I do have a few concerns though, mainly that there aren´t a lot of pictures of each garden - I get that there is limited space in a book like this, but I feel like it´s so important to get a visual impression of a garden to avoid disappointments (like when you have travelled so far for a garden that´s just not your cup of tea). Also the layout/design is maybe a bit on the cutesy side, but that´s probably to be expected when a book has the word "romantic" in its title :) But these minor details aside, this is a very helpful and beautiful book.

The book got a little sister this year: "Romantische Gartenreisen in Deutschland" (romantic garden trips in Germany). This time there are several authors who each cover a different region in Germany. I was very interested in this book because I feel like there aren´t many guides like this for Germany (or maybe I am just not aware of them). I was sort of hoping to discover a German Sissinghurst but unsurprisingly that didn´t really happen. Germany just isn´t England and we don´t have a RHS or a National Trust which is the reason why the book covers a lot of botanical and private gardens and also a few castles that seem to have these very formal gardens that I personally don´t like too much. There´s nothing wrong with the selection and/or the book of course, and a lot of the featured gardens (especially the private ones) sound appealing. I guess I´ll have to visit a few and paint my own picture!

Bonus picture - I saved one of my giant delphiniums from the rain and it looks so pretty in my dining room! Have a very happy weekend - I´m terribly behind with my blog so I am trying to put together another post soonish!

As always with Callwey books, they have their own websites: Romantische Gartenreisen in England and Deutschland. Thank you Callwey for sending over review copies!

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