A bunch of garden pictures.
Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 7:54PM
Katrin in Garden

I am posting this while a major storm is raging outside and all I can think of is how will my garden look like in the morning? So this is a good distraction. I think. Here goes!

A lot of these pictures are repetitive. Bear with me. But I can´t get enough of these roses. When I painted the chicken coop this color I thought how nice a pink climbing rose would be next to it. And now it´s reality!  

Same with this lavender border which I planted over the course of three years because I couldn´t afford to buy so many plants at once. And now look at it! 

Another rose, this is rambler "Raubritter", quite possibly the cutest climbing rose one can grow. It´s been struggling the first few years after I planted it, but it has really taken off this year and it´s all over that old plum tree now! Very hard to photograph so you´ll have to believe me. 

More roses. These are "old" (once flowering) white roses and a lot of alchemilla mollis. The roses will need a few more years to really shine, but they are nice enough already! 

On to the veggie garden! I´ve tried to incorporate even more flowers this year. Because never enough flowers.

This is our large raised bed which is now divided by a line of asparagus (in it´s second year, can´t wait to harvest our own asparagus next year!) I am growing zucchini, eggplant, chilis, cucumber and artichokes (their first year - we´ll see) on one side and carrots, onions and garlic on the other - plus a patch of strawberries. And like I said lots of annuals, like...

...sweet peas, which have taken their sweet (ha) time to germinate and grow this year, or maybe it´s like this every year and I just forget? Anyway we are slooowly getting there. 

The salad bed features nasturtium in a very dark red (so pretty that I make an exception from the "no red in my garden" rule), and in the background is larkspur (annual delphinium). I´ve tried to grow larkspur for several years and it always failed to germinate, so very happy to see it thriving for once! Can´t wait to see them bloom.

Sunflowers-to-be in a bed of french green beans, beets and cavolo nero (black kale) which I´m growing for the first time this year. 

And lots of poppies in the cabbage bed! Ah! I bought a ridiculously expensive seed package with rare poppy seeds this spring and when I opened it there was maybe a teaspoon of seeds in it and I was all like "you better be pretty". We´ll see, so far it looks promising. 

That´s it for today! Now keep your fingers crossed that my garden survives this stormy night. 

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