Back in the garden. 
Monday, June 12, 2017 at 8:42PM
Katrin in Garden

I am still trying to figure out how to have a large garden and being able to travel during summer time. I think it´s all about the timing and what you´re willing to miss while you are gone. Over the past few years I´ve observed that there´s a short window of time when my garden doesn´t really need me at the end of May/beginning of June. That´s right after I´ve planted all the seedlings out in the veggie garden and the perennials are big enough at this point to not be bothered too much by weeds or slugs. I mean, there´s always something to do in the garden, but basically what all the plants need to do at that point is grow, and they can do that just as well without me staring at them, if you know what I mean. So I figured that maaaayybe if I did a very thorough weeding just before I left, this could actually be a good time for a holiday? 

Well very happy to report that I was right. It all worked out beautifully. I missed the Irises blooming - which is tragic - and also my late white lilac and the jasmine. But everything else kind of waited for me to return, including the paeonies which are stunning this year. 

However it was a bit of a shock to see just how much everything had grown in the two weeks we had been away. I guess that´s what happens if you don´t stare at the plants every day willing them to grow already. The best example is this newish long border! Love. This year it looks almost like I´ve imagined. I finally have foxgloves in my garden! This makes me so happy. And my lavender border is looking pretty good too.

However if I´m completely honest with you I missed my garden so so much while we were gone. I loved our time in France but I worried way too much, among other things, whether my salad bed would survive the neglect! Ha. What didn´t help was that I read this book on holiday and while I thought it was excellent, the author talks a lot about the terrible neglect his garden suffers during his travels, and this wasn´t exactly what I needed to hear! (There´s enough salad to feed the crowds, as you can see).

Fun fact: The day we returned I went straight from the car to the garden and didn´t leave it until a good few hours of work after... because I am insane. Anyway so happy to be back in my garden and see it thriving. However maybe next time I should just hire someone who takes care of it while I am gone (but would he or she do it right... that is the question... yeah I am insane.)

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