I like to paint. (Not really). 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 8:38PM
Katrin in Our House

Every winter I have one or several "rooms to paint" on my list, sometimes because they need a new coat, but more often because I fancy a change and paint is a relatively cheap way to transform a room. So this year I originally had planned to only paint the dining room, but then decided to tackle the living room as well. 

But let´s talk about the dining room first. Since I loved the paint color we had in here before (Cornforth White) I was going to just freshen up the room with a coat of the same (and yes, this room really needed freshening up, much like the kitchen it´s a space that somehow gets filthy really quickly.) However when I mentioned my plans to my husband he said something along the lines of "well if you´re going to paint, wouldn´t it be more fun if you tried a new color?" Wise (and unexpected) words. So I pulled out my F&B color chart*, narrowed down a few greys, he pointed at Lamp Room Gray, and that was it. Very straightforward for someone who usually obsesses about colors for weeks or months.

Lamp Room Gray is a very lovely soft color, a medium grey with a blue/green tint. It took me a few days to get used to it, but I absolutely love it now. It is the most beautiful when the room doesn´t get a lot of light like in the mornings. I imagine it would be a great color for a North-facing room (this is a Southern exposure though). 

Looking through my beloved doors to the foyer and the living room. I think the colors go very well together. 

I originally had planned to paint this room a darker brownish grey but then at the last minute switched to Plummet*, the lighter brother of my favorite color Down Pipe. I absolutely love it in this room. It has a blue tint that is just right, and it is strong/dark enough to give that room a personality that was previously missing.

I got new art too... some botanical prints that I love. Back story: My mother gave me a RHS desk diary for my birthday - these are so so lovely, filled with loads of beautiful botanical prints. After a bit of searching I realized that there are lots of very cheap offers on Amazon for desk diaries from previous years, so I bought one from 2016 for 2 Euros and ripped out the prints and got some Ikea frames and there you go. New botanical art for very little money. I feel pretty smart about that project. 

And another shot through the doors in the other direction because it was requested on Instagram :)

Bonus picture of my kitchen, no new paint here, just looking pretty.

*I am not sure who can still afford Farrow & Ball paint after their latest price increase, I certainly can´t, so I had my paint color-matched. Good news for all Germans: Bauhaus now has the entire range in their paint computer thingie. Buy the best quality of paint available and you´re all set.  

PS: Thank you for your comments on my last post! I will post more about Fred next week, and I will also show you the fantastic tomato houses that my husband built. (!!) 

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