Book Club: The thoughtful gardener by Jinny Blom.
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 9:19AM
Katrin in Book Club

I quickly have to tell you about a new favorite garden book so that you can still buy it for someone special as an Easter gift! "The thoughtful gardener" by Jinny Blom is a total stunner. Jinny is a well-known British landscape/garden designer and in this book she tells us all about the methods and principles she applies when designing gardens.

I love how the book is structured, very unusual but once you start reading (love her writing style) it totally makes sense. She covers all the aspects of a well-designed gardens, providing plenty of examples from her own work.

The pictures in this book are gorgeous. These are my kind of gardens, and even my color schemes! There´s a quote in the press release saying that Jinny´s gardens are "a delicous mixture of order and abandon", and I completely agree. This is a garden style that is so beautiful but so hard to get right! Also the book makes me want to sow wild flower meadows... which I can´t because our soil is too rich... but good lord they are so beautiful. Anyway - a big huge recommendation for this one.

The Thoughtful Gardener: An intelligent approach to garden design by Jinny Blom, published by Jacqui Small, is out now. Many thanks to the publisher for sending over a review copy! (All pictures except the first one sourced from Amazon).

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