And finally, spring.
Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 8:15PM
Katrin in Garden, Life

Warm enough to work in the garden without a jacket! We spent pretty much the entire weekend out there. So much to do, but I couldn´t be happier. 

On Friday evening we visited my favorite local pottery and among other things I got this giant bowl from their huge pile of reject pieces. Whenever I am there I have the hardest time to not buy aaaalll the things.

I baked this bread today and it turned out pretty. 

My Emma girl in the garden. 

A new place to sit under the walnut and the cherry tree and admire the new raised flower bed. One day we´ll have proper furniture for this space but with a little paint, this is good enough for now. Grey for the table, blue for the chairs/bench? (The chairs are pretty cool though right?). 

A rare picture of my husband on this blog. My boys!

Freed all the potted plants from their winter sleep in the barn. Looks like we had no losses. And the walled garden is slowly becoming greener... Have a happy week!

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