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My favorite garden books.

Many of you seemed to like the idea of a post about my favorite garden books, so here goes. For the sake of simplicity I`ll provide links to Amazon (UK/DE), since it will provide you with all necessary information like publisher, ISBN etc. (these are no affiliate links, and I am not encouraging you to buy anything on Amazon). 

I have promised five books but I ended up with eight, divided into three categories: "Coffee table" garden books that are inspirational and just a pleasure to look at, "Hands-on" garden books in the sense of "how-to"-guides and "Grow & Eat" books which combine gardening and cooking. (Related: Whyyy are there no books that combine garden and interior design?)


Coffee Table

1. The Gardens of Arne Maynard. This book is absolutely breathtaking. My review is here.

2. Gardenista. A very beautiful, carefully curated book featuring a multitude of gorgeous gardens. A big favorite of mine, much as Remodelista is in the interiors department. 

3. Virginia Woolf´s Garden. My favorite for a long time, even though I have since visited the actual garden and it sadly couldn´t quite keep up with the book. My review is here.

4. Traumhafte Landgärten durch die Jahreszeiten. I feel like there are a gazillion books about country gardens out there and they are all more or less disappointing. This one gets it right. My review is here. 



1. Genial gärtnern. (I think the English title is "The complete gardener".) The book with which everything began. Our very first garden book, bought when we first got an allotment back when we still lived in Western Germany (waaaay before this blog). It´s still a favorite. Full of practical information and yet a joy to look at, including a complete tour of Monty Don´s beautiful gardens (actually, does he still live there?). Anyway. Love it. 

2. Der Biogarten. If you can read German and want to know everything about organic gardening, then this is your book, and the only one you´ll need*. Want to start a garden and don´t know how? Buy this book. 


Grow & Eat

1. 100 Rezepte aus meinem Garten. Still a big favorite. My review is here.

2. Genießer-Gärten. Honestly not a book I would´ve bought because of the cover, but it was a recommendation, and a good one. I don´t think the recipes in here are insanely relevant, but the featured gardens are beautiful. 


So what do you think? Anything to add? What are your favorites? I´d love to hear! 

*This is probably going to sound ungrateful but I have a bit of a pet peeve: When people buy me books about "basic gardening", "gardening 101", "how to create a garden from zero" and the likes. If you have a friend who already has a garden, don´t do that. It´s like getting a serious hobby cook a book on how to cook spaghetti. Just saying. (Not that I know everything. I know nothing. But these books are mostly terrible).

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Reader Comments (5)

Ich mag ja gerade das ' grown and gathered' sehr gerne. Und die Frage ewill ich einen eigenen 'Hausgarten' oder lieber fremd Gärtnern, Freuen und Ernten...

March 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSusanne

Meine liebsten Garten-Nachschlagewerke sind die Bücher von Andrea Heistinger/Arche Noah: Handbuch Bio-Gemüse, Handbuch Bio-Obst, Kräuter richtig anbauen, etc.

Ich lese deinen schönen Blog nun schon eine Weile (und bin ein wenig neidisch auf dein tolles Haus, die tolle Umgebung und den tollen Garten!). Was ich schon länger mal fragen wollte: Hast du auch eine Empfehlung für ein gutes Buch zum Anbau von Blumen? Bei dem Thema mangelt es bei mir nämlich sehr an Wissen und es muss dringend mal ein Buch dazu ins Haus. Dein Garten ist wunderschön gestaltet und die Pflanzenauswahl genau mein Stil, vielleicht hast du ja einen Tipp.

Gruß von einer anderen Kathrin (mit h ;-) )

March 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterKathrin

Kathrin - das kommt ein bißchen darauf an, was du mit "Blumen" meinst... Stauden? Schnittblumen? Sowohl im Biogarten-Buch als auch in "Genial Gärtnern" wird die Staudengärtnerei ausführlich behandelt. Es gibt auch diverse Bücher zur Gestaltung von Staudengärten, aber ehrlich gesagt finde ich keines besonders toll. Zu Schnittblumen gibt es den "Cutting Garden" von Sarah Raven und ganz neu "Cut Flower Garden" von Erin Benzakain, beide besitze ich aber (noch) nicht.

March 23, 2017 | Registered CommenterKatrin

Your question: Whyyy are there no books that combine garden and interior design?
Answer: Because it's waiting to be written by you! :-)

Know and love all your English choices. Sadly cannot read German or I'd buy the organic gardening one.

P.S. I'm chuckling at the idea of anybody who knows you or your blog buying you a Gardening 101. Did Lance Armstrong used to receive training wheels as gifts? Or Michael Phelps water wings? 🤣

March 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCatbird Farm

I really like the Biogarten book, Frische Blumen von Louise Curley - für Kathrin mit H - ist sehr empfehlenswert. One of my favourite books is Organic Gardening by Charles Dowding, there are really good sowing timelines and much info about gardening the no-dig way. His website - charlesdowding.co.uk is also a cornucopia of good advice.

March 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHelle

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