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Not quite March, not quite spring.

I am back, and I brought you tulips. I know it´s technically still February, but today felt a bit like spring, so it seemed fitting to wake the blog up from its winter sleep. So how have you been? Survived February okay? 

Here´s one of the very few pictures I took with my real camera during the blog break (which goes to show that I need this blog as a motivation to pick up the DSLR). It´s from February 2 and quite beautiful, which is why I wanted to include it here. 

However I am very grateful that today, the same view looked like this. We had a decent weekend weather-wise which I mostly spent working in the garden (so exhausting!) but today was just really really lovely. I had a regular work day but the sun still makes all the difference. 

The cats enjoyed it too, even grumpy Miss Marlene joined me for a photo session. She blend right in, doesn´t she? 

The chickens send regards as well. They got through the winter just fine and recently started laying again. I want to get two more hens soonish but as Germany is still affected by the bird flu it is proofing to be difficult to buy any hens at all. Patience. 

In other news, I am still baking bread! Seriously I think this is what got me through winter. This, my rekindled love for my sewing machine and "Please like me" on Netflix (Have you watched it? I loved every single second). As for baking bread, I know I won´t have as much time for this once the days get longer, so I try to have as much fun with it while I can! (Recipe 1, Recipe 2).

But what´s also really fun is planning this year´s garden... and plans we have plenty. One of them involves a massive dahlia border! These above just got here today via mail, and more coming next week. I can´t wait. 

Bonus picture, because today the evening sun was streaming into the kitchen just so. 
Have a good week!  

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Reader Comments (3)

Good morning Katrin!

I'm very glad you are back!
Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Love the light!
Even your cats and your hen's look happy on the pictures!
I am very curious about your Dahlia's.
I have the same plan for this year in my garden. Lots of Dahlia's.
Wish you a very nice spring time!

February 28, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterinkiemulder

Such beautiful light in your kitchen, this must lift your heart. Beautiful snow photo too but you and the hens will be pleased to say good bye to it. Is the dahlia Café au Lait? I look forward to seeing what this looks like in your garden. I've bought tubers of this twice but it seems a snail or some slimy burglar likes it more than me. I guess I chose the wrong location but will try again next season. Happy spring!

February 28, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSally

Beautiful photos! Your cats looks so cute, I love chickens as well however this town they do don't allow chickens in the city area. :( Oh those breads looks fantastic!! Thank you for the recipes! Look forward for Spring but I know we must wait till May 1 to start thinking about gardening around here. Your Dahlias looks like a wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing photos of the Dahlias blooming. Have a wonderful weekend.

March 4, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterangela

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