Winter flowers. 
Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 6:54PM
Katrin in Garden

The garden is so bare and brownish right now, but amazingly there are still a few blooms that are hanging on for dear life. Somehow a single flower in an otherwise bare winter garden is such a beautiful thing, so I decided to take some picture today in the afternoon when suddenly the sun came out and the light was beautiful. Above are hollyhocks that decided to flower a second time. In November. Yup. 

This is Alcea "Parkrondell". I had a few of these in my garden but they´ve mostly disappeared by now. Such beautiful plants, I need to get a few more in spring. 

A rose bud at the end of November just is something special. 

Not technically flowers, but I love the foliage of my rambler rose, especially in combination with my newly (ish) painted gate. 

These are asters that have gone to seed. They look like snowflakes, yes? Winter flowers in the truest sense. 

Bonus picture(s) of my chooks (and Ludwig, can you spot him?). I find chickens are incredibly photogenic creatures. 
Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but I´m listening to Joni Mitchell´s "Both Sides Now" on repeat - it´s such a perfect November album. Enjoy what´s left of the this dark month!

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