Book club: Barbara Bonisollis cookbooks.
Friday, May 13, 2016 at 9:43AM

I know what you´re thinking - she is writing about cookbooks now?! Well, rest assured this space won´t turn into a food blog! It´s just that these particular cookbooks are very much linked to gardening. Barbara Bonisolli is a food photographer who lives in the Bavarian countryside and has a large veggie garden, hens and bees. She cooks with ingredients from her garden and her first cookbook ("Barbara kocht", since renamed to "100 Rezepte aus meinem Garten") has a very unique concept where she writes about gardening in each season followed by wonderful recipes. It´s one of my top 5 favorite books probably because I can relate to it so much (very simlar life style), but also because the photography is gorgeous and the recipes are both easy and super delicious.

She now has a newish cookbook out called "Das vegetarische Kochbuch" (the vegetarian cookbook) which features, you guessed it, vegetarian recipes only. This time the gardening part is missing (probably something that works only once anyway), the layout/design of the book is simpler and the focus is definitely on the recipes. The photography is still gorgeous and I have already bookmarked a million recipes to try from the book (see first photo), which is saying something!

Like the first book this one is divided in seasonal chapters which makes it very handy for this gardener who needs to do something with her produce but needs a little inspiration in the kitchen.

A few more pictures from the book. I really love that we get to see her garden and even peeks of her home. It just makes so much sense and gives you a little glimpse in the life of someone rather than just a collection of recipes. I feel like this is a concept that could be taken further - for example, whenever I read a book about beautiful gardens I am always desparate to see the house of the gardener as well! Maybe someday I´ll write a book like this.

So in conclusion, big recommendation! Barbara Bonisolli´s new book has its own website which you can find here. Thank you Callwey for sending over a review copy!

PS: I think these books are only available in German for the time being so sorry for my international readers, but I thought you might enjoy this post anyway! (Update: I hear they are available in Dutch!)

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