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November light, sleepy animals and a wreath.

We finally did some garden clean-up this weekend and I brought some of the hydrangeas inside. They look so nice on our dining room cabinet, right? Also, more quinces. I am down to 15 at this point which seems manageable. I´ll make some liqueur next week and I´ve just found a recipe for port wine quinces (match made in heaven?) and also I´ll try and store a few so that I can make that Tarte Tatin again on Christmas. 

Saturday was gloomy but today we got some sun. I´ve said it before but this house gets the very best light in November. The sun is so low that it basically shines directly into our front rooms. 

Like so. I brought some of the potted plants inside the house for the winter and this one seems to enjoy her new place. The clay figure was made by a potter nearby, I love her dearly. I think she is supposed to be the Snow Queen from the Andersen fairy tale. So technically a bad character but she´s quite good at greeting guests. 

Lots of tired cats enjoying the sun today. I never take pictures of Lu because she is never around so here it is, the annual picture of our Lulu. The black blob on the sofa is Lutz. 

And here´s Marlene in my favorite chair. Apparently it wasn´t comfy enough so she made do with the blanket. Smart kitty.

Couldn´t decide which picture I liked better so you get to see both. Ludwig is a bit of a terror these days. Once the temperatures drop he is a different dog really. Lots and lots of energy (and mischief)! Also see how much light our kitchen gets? Heart eyes. 

Last but not least, I made a simple little wreath today with ivy, ivy flowers and some spirea branches that have turned reddish with the frost. I quite like it. It´s a bit large though, next time I need to measure first. Ah well. Have a happy week!

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Reader Comments (8)

Really beautiful pictures. I love the wreath. Can you post your quince jam recipe?

November 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterShelly

So schön ist es bei dir!
Und der Sessel ist ein Traum. Ich mag dein naturfarbenes Zuhause sehr.
Liebe Grüße,

November 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLinda

Thank you for the lovely photos! - They brighten up my gloomy day over here. Have a nice week.

November 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterCaroline

Lovely light, or should I say spotlight, on Ludwig and the photos of those sweet nesting cats capture the essence of autumn. There's a gorgeous moody colour combo going with your dining room tableau: hydrangeas, wooden boards, the painting and the dark paint on the dresser.

November 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSally

I'm late to post this, so you've probably used up all your quinces, but I had some amazing Quince Mustard on a recent trip to visit one of the German aunts. It was really smooth and wonderful. Anyway, it's so crazy to me that you've got an abundance of quinces, we can barely find them here!

November 7, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterEmily

I love the oversized thin wreath! It is very unique and looks very purposeful there! Have been reading your blog for years and 1st comment :) thanks for sharing.

November 8, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Your vignettes and photos are stunning. Love your green chair!

November 9, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterMelanie

Shelly - sorry for the late reply. The quince jam is just plain regular jam. I core and slice the quinces add the sugar and bring everything to a boil. You don´t need as much canning sugar though because quinces are loaded with pectin.

November 14, 2016 | Registered CommenterKatrin

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