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Book club: House of plants.

So here´s the thing: I don´t really do house plants. I love them in other people´s spaces, but not necessarily in my home. I do like orchids (who doesn´t), and sometimes I bring indoor plants back from our nursery, but the majority subsequently dies from neglect. I know! I think I´m a good gardener "outside" but I just don´t have the patience for indoor plants. And yet, here I am to tell you that there´s a new book on house plants, and that I think it´s great. 

"House of plants" by Caro Langton and Rose Ray is an in-depth guide on how to select, grow and even propagate succulents, air plants, cacti and other tropical plants. The authors tell us everything about caring for different plant species, including how to plant a terrarium and make your own compost/fertilizer! However I particularly love the chapter on how to find the perfect plant for the perfect spot in your home. Although I have to admit that I won´t get any plants from the strange surfaces/strange plants section. Monkey´s Tail Cactus, anyone? But then again even airplants sort of weird me out. 

What I like best about the book is the gorgeous photography with lots of wonderful interior shots. It´s all a bit Kinfolk-ish but in a good way. It might just convinve me to get a few more indoor plants? Yes? We shall see.

House of Plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray, photography by Erika Raxworthy, is published by Frances Lincoln. The book´s website can be found here. Many thanks to the publisher for sending over a review copy!

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When I lived in a flat I had loads of houseplants, but when I got a house with garden I stopped having plants in the house....I have been bying cactus type plants of late because I got given some lovely victorian pots and I really like them dotted arround the house, they sort of soften the rooms, anyway looks like a lovely book and a nice review.x

November 11, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterHelen

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