More about Ludwig.
Monday, April 8, 2013 at 8:25AM
Katrin in Life

Thank you for all your happy comments about Ludwig - I had no idea I have so many dog loving readers! Ludwig´s been with us for more than a week now. We are very much in love with him, but I am not going to lie, it´s been a bit of an adjustment having a puppy in the house. He needs a lot of attention and also needs to learn some, ahem, basic good behavior... Like, remember the fact that human beings aren´t made for chewing. (Sharp puppy teeth - ouch!)

Surprisingly, the cats are quite relaxed about the new addition to the family. Actually they are super interested in him - there´s a lot of sniffing going on especially when he is asleep. Ludwig himself would love to play with the cats (he misses his siblings!) but they aren´t sure about that just yet. All in all, this is going much better than expected. Phew!

He seems to love our garden. So much to explore! I am looking forward to having the fence up so that he can run free and be with us when we are gardening.

Also, he has huge paws. Love.

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