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Baking bread.

I have started to bake my own sourdough bread again. I used to do this all the time when we lived in Vienna, but I abandoned my starter when we moved and never got back on the train somehow. So we ate the mediocre offerings of Berlin´s bakeries and occasionally splurged on organic bread... which can cost you up to 5 EUR for half of a tiny loaf (yes, I am happy to pay more for organic stuff, but this is just ridiculous).

I´ve been thinking a lot about food lately. I´ve struggled with unexplained stomach problems since the beginning of this year. At times it isn´t easy to find anything I can tolerate. I found out though that industrial bread and anything that contains preservatives are very bad for me indeed. (Here are some insights on what is wrong with German industrial bread - sorry the video is only in German).

Anyway, all of this to say: Homemade bread is a good thing, and it´s not as difficult to make as it seems. Here´s a good introduction.

Also, Emma says hi. I love this little furball.

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Reader Comments (2)

Why thank you for the link :)
I've struggled with stomach problems for years too, trying just about every combination or substitution of things my husband recommends (Trennkost did nothing, eating less meat seems to help.) I've eventually found that Abendbrot treats my stomach well...so does not eating anything after around 8pm.
I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but cooking for yourself (which I also know is tough when you have a full-time job like you do) is the best way to guarantee that you eat lighter, slower, and know what's in your food.
And I'm sure I'll forever mark myself as German after this one, but when all else fails, Heilerde really does the trick ;)

December 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGiulia

Giulia, your comment got marked as spam somehow and I didn´t notice at first, apologies. It´s one of my resolutions to cook more in 2013... although yes, it´s hard to do since on workdays we only arrive back home around 7pm and by then I am starving. Must find a way though. I have yet to try Heilerde! ;)

December 29, 2012 | Registered CommenterKatrin

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