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No millionaires, unfortunately

It´s Thursday! That means it´s soon the weekend! On Saturday we will go back to the house and start working on the garden and hopefully we will be allowed to start painting the walls inside the house. It is all very, ahem, colorful and I want it all white for a start. We´re still in the annoying state of "buying the house" because in Germany, after the contract is signed, it will still take about 4-8 weeks until the money can be transferred and the house finally belongs to you. So until then, the house is still not ours technically and we´ll have to ask for permission for everything we do. Annoying, yes?

The picture above shows the huge room that we´ll turn into a holiday apartment/space for visiting friends & family. When we thought about what we wanted our new house to be, this was pretty much on top of the list: To have a space for visiting family and friends. I love that I can invite my mom for a few weeks over the Summer and she´ll have her own apartment! Also, we hope to make some money with it as a holiday rental... because when you just bought a house, money doesn´t hurt.

Speaking about money. You all probably think we must be millionaires to be able to afford such a house. Rest assured, we are not. Real estate in Brandenburg (the area surrounding Berlin) is very inexpensive. This huge, refurbished house costs less than my friend just paid for a small 1-bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Munich. However, yes, Brandenburg is not for everyone. But this is a topic for another post.

Also, I think some of you may be irritated that we bought a refurbished house instead of a fixer-upper. I always imagined us buying a fixer-upper because I was - and am - not willing to pay for the terrible things people do to their houses when they "modernize" them. However, this house has been refurbished with great care and taste.  Apart from a few questionable color choices and the style of one of the bathrooms there´s nothing I would have done differently. Also, I have renovated three apartments/houses with my own hands over the past 8 years, and I´m sick of it. I´m very happy to be able to just move in. Which we´ll do in August! I can´t wait.

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Reader Comments (2)

hehe I was not far (flickr) !! so, you have a first customer on the waiting list for the rental ! we are nice quiet non-smocking people ;D and i understand the "I'm sick of it" = i'm singing the "if only I had known" song almost everyday of my life !!
again congratulations, it looks beautiful

July 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterValerie

It simply looks wonderful, congrats :) I wish you a good time in your new house. Looking forward to see more photos...

July 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKompromisslos Toll

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