Should this stay or should it go? 
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 12:27PM
Katrin in Our House

I realized today that my last blog entry is 3 weeks old. Oops! I had no idea! I thought.. a week maybe? Time is flying, and not in a good way. Or maybe in a good way, because in 3 more weeks, I will finally have a summer break. Or at least a break, we´ll see whether there´s much summer left by then.

Anyway. What have we been up to? Well, first of all, the house is now officially ours. Yay! Also, the previous owner has finally moved all her things out of the house and we have started to paint all walls white (we´ll get to that in another post). Oh, and we started working on the garden (yeah... we´ll get to that as well).

I would really like to show you some pictures of the progress, but I can´t. You see, I took a gazillion pictures over the last weekend, and then I left my camera at the house. Duh. So that will have to wait.

In the meantime, I´d like to ask you for your opinion. See this thing in the picture above? It sits in our kitchen which on a sidenote is not an acidic yellow anymore. Oh, and ignore all the stuff on top, it´s not ours and it´s gone by now. Back to the thing. It is an old kitchen stove which is unfortunately not working anymore. 

So, should we get rid of it? What do you think? I don´t think it´s very pretty, is it? But then again, it´s old? And you shouldn´t get rid of old things, yes? But it´s not working anyway? And yes we have lots of space in the house but the kitchen is the one room where I´ll take all the space I possibly can get? So should we get rid of it? Do tell. 

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