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Spring Cleaning.

Yes I do realize these aren´t exactly pretty pictures. But still, this is what we did this weekend (keepin´it real, right?). We have five apple trees in our garden which need to be cut back in late winter (=now). So this is what we started with, and then things got messy. See, the lady who built the house and planted the garden had a major love affair with her privacy. She planted so many bushes and trees that our garden today is very secluded and mostly not visible from the the other gardens surrounding us. While I certainly appreciate this, it got a bit too much in the last years since we moved in. If we hadn´t done anything, there would not be much garden left in the long term. So we got to work and cut back this (not yet) green wall.

As we don´t have a car we´ll need to rent one to haul away all that mess. So that´s up for next weekend. And we still have to cut back the largest apple tree, and the pear tree, and the plum tree, oh and the cherry tree as well. Fun! Actually, it really is. It´s so nice to work outside again.

PS: Yes that´s our hammock in the background. We never bothered to put it down, mostly because it´s broken anyway. We´ll get a new one at Ikea soon. But still, shame.

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