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One of the reasons why I decided to write this blog again is that I wanted to chronicle my decoration adventures in the new apartment. We plan to stay here only for a year or two, so I guess it would make sense not to invest any money or time in this apartment, but this is just not how I roll. I don´t feel good unless I really like the space around me. In this apartment this is not difficult to achieve - we really lucked out with the flooring and all the built-ins and the stove - but still I needed to make it my own. In this regard we have accomplished quite a lot already and I am happy with the majority of the rooms. I plan to show you around in the next weeks and months and tell you what we did.

What you see here is our bedroom and behind that is my room with which we hadn´t done much so far. Can I tell you how much I love our bedroom? It´s huge! Our apartment used to be two apartments once, and our now-bedroom is one of the former living rooms, so that explains the size. One of my top priorities for our new apartment was a bigger bedroom - check! We have built-in wardrobes and shelves in here and while it´s not the brightest room, it´s perfectly cozy for a bedroom. I´ll show you more pictures soon.

When we first moved in I loved this view you can see here, but I thought the back wall in my room needed "something". I thought wallpaper first, and then stencils, but as we have the omnipresent German "Rauhfaser" wallpaper in here, neither was an option. Painted stripes, however, look like wallpaper and you can even get them right on Rauhfaser if you invest some time (I used this trick and it worked out really well).

So, here you are! Stripes! I love it.

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The paint color is beautiful. It so perfect for your bedroom and that other room! I hope it's okay - I was so enchanted by your bedroom photos on flickr that I posted some on my blog - with a link to your flickr pages and this blog. (and to Amy's blog Sweet, Sweet Life that mentioned you today!)

February 14, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersunny

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